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Name: Aello

Spent OM: 5100

Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (2000): Range Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000)

Powers (2200/8000): Stealth (1200), Suppression (1000)

Moves (900): Kroztech 25mm Javelin Pistol (600), R.O.N.I.N. Mk IV Cyberkinetic Arm (300)

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):




Unlocks (0):

Base stats:

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

Character History
[Image: cyberroom_nautical_gif_by_moofart_moof-daurm51.gif]

Born to a wealthy family on the planet Melkor, the crown jewel of the Saccadian Empire, Amelia proved to be a gifted child at a very young age. Her parents, being the affluent socialites that they were, enrolled her in the most prestigious schooling money could buy, as well as hiring legions of personal tutors. The girl was inherently gifted and the deluge of opportunity thrown at her only compounded her success. As Amelia entered her early teens it seemed the world was opened before her and whatever path she chose would lead her to a prosperous and fulfilling life. However as her life seemed destined for political and scientific greatness fate seemed to spin a different web.

Two-hundred and seventy-four years before Amelia’s birth a strange comet passed by several planets in the Saccadian system, including Melkor. This comet, known colloquially as “Jule’s Star”, bathed whatever planet it passed in an exotic energy. Not much is known about the machinations behind said energy, but it seemed to kickstart a change in human evolution. Less than one percent of the population developed psionic capabilities, some more pronounced than others. These psionic traits did not seem to be genetic and were instead randomly expressed in any human born on one of these planets. Even centuries after the passing of Jule’s Star psychic abilities would manifest themselves in children anywhere from the age of three to twenty. Amelia happened to be one of these star-touched kids.

To the Saccadians psychics are held in the highest regard, lauded as champions of the empire. Before Jule’s Star had blessed the Saccadian system they were on the backfoot of a particularly vicious war that threatened to wipe them from existence. It was thanks to these gifted individuals that they were able to fight back and establish their modern empire. Any child that displayed even the slightest hint of psychic prowess was immediately forfeited to the military and enrolled into the several conditioning programs they had available. While that may seem like a dystopian nightmare, the reality of it was that there was no higher honor for the family than to produce such gifted offspring. Overnight Amelia’s family went from being well-off aristocrats to celebrities, and Amelia herself was overjoyed to serve her country in such a unique and impactful way.

Amelia’s grip on her newfound powers was strong and her education gave her a unique advantage over her peers. It was due to this consistent excellence that she was transferred to an experimental branch of the psionic programs known as EXODUS. This program aimed to elevate a mentalist’s already impressive powers by integrating a highly advanced AI into their body allowing them to interface directly with a state-of-the-art mecha. Amelia underwent intense physical and mental conditioning as well as a series of surgeries to install biomechanical implants to augment her body. Once she was considered prepared the AI was installed into her chest and linked to her nervous system.

High-level AI tend to develop personalities and are for almost all intents and purposes considered sentient and autonomous beings. Her particular AI, known as Kilroy, was an abusive being, demanding nothing but absolute perfection from her. Day in and day out Kilroy whittled away Amelia’s confidence berating her for every perceived failure and providing little in the way of positive reinforcement. Having no other recourse than to grin and bear it Amelia continued her training and strived for perfection. However it was during a particularly strenuous training session that her psyche faltered and she suffered a catastrophic failure. This catastrophe resulted in her left arm getting shredded and her mecha being totalled. As she lay trapped beneath several hundred tons of metal Kilroy laid into her, declaring that he would rather be dead than trapped within her body.

Amelia’s world began to crumble around her. With Kilroy’s refusal and her own failure looming over her head she was unable to fully grasp her psychic potential again. Her body was ravaged from the incident and the higher ups within EXODUS had neither the time nor money to invest in what they viewed as a lost cause. She was told that she would be discharged and returned to her family after Kilroy was removed from her body. The disgruntled AI was extracted from her chest through a surgery that would leave her physically scarred for the rest of her life. However rather than being returned to her family Amelia awoke to find herself aboard a space station in an unknown section of space.

As the girl came to learn she had been declared dead and transferred to a RONIN black site for experimentation. Psychics were a rare breed and little was truly understood about them. RONIN, despite being largely billed as a weapons-grade prosthetics manufacturer, had a vested interest in psionic research and, unbeknownst to the general public, would often purchase psionic individuals from the Saccadian Empire in exchange for various armaments. Subjected to constant and often agonizing experimentation Amelia suffered for many years. She eventually underwent an experimental type of brain surgery designed to nullify her psionic capabilities. The surgery was a success to the extent that her powers became nearly impossible for her to properly manifest and control, however it also had the nasty side effect of wiping away most of her memory.

Having outlived her usefulness she was discarded at Helios, a city-sized space station at the fringes of space. Her first few days aboard Helios were hell and she wandered around like a zombie, unsure of even her name. Were it not for the kindness of a stranger she surely would have died. Visili, a long time resident of Helios, took pity on her and took her under his wing. He gave her the name Aello, which meant whirlwind in his native language, and set out to teach her the ways of Helosian life. Helios was a bastion for criminals and pariahs alike, and so Aello learned the ways of criminals and thieves.

Despite her newfound friendship Aello was still haunted by her past. Traumatic memories came crawling back in the form of night terrors. Nothing she remembered stayed for long, as RONIN’s implants regularly purged her memories, erasing anything that took place before her time on Helios. Her body, having been ravaged by countless surgeries and procedures, was subject to frequent states of agony. Suffering from both mental and physical anguish Aello developed a nasty addiction to whatever drugs and booze she could get a hold of. Visili stayed with her and did his best to look out for her, as he said their bond was stronger than blood. Life on Helios continued as normal and it was on no special day that she was taken by Omni.


Standing at a modest 5’ 6” Aello is the kind of girl that radiates danger. Sporting a fohawk and a rough and tumble demeanor she all but embodies a punk aesthetic. Arguably her most striking feature is her absent left arm, which has been replaced by a high-grade cyberkinetic prosthetic. Pockmarks and heavy scoring cover her metal limb, revealing the raw silver underneath the anodized black paint. The letters R.O.N.I.N. are engraved across the bicep of the arm and it appears that multiple attempts to scratch them out have been made. Beyond her arm other, more subtle, hints of biomechanical enhancements are present. Metal rivets run parallel to her spine and a connection port is affixed to the back of her skull. A circular metal plate, about two inches in diameter, is embedded into the top of her breast bone


Belligerent - Aello is the kind of person that has a hard time holding her tongue, if she doesn't like you or a situation she'll make sure everyone knows loud and clear.

Amnesiac - Due to the implants in her brain her memory tends to be foggy and fractured at times. She has a hard time remembering names or specific details of events.

Guarded - Having lived amongst cutthroats and criminals of the worst kind Aello is cautious and generally acts under the assumption that everyone is out to get something from her.

Loyal - Aello's loyalty is hard earned, but if she trusts you she will throw down for you in a moment's notice.

Shady - Aello knows the ways of criminals and is not above breaking the law or stealing.


Aello is a brawler, able to take and give solid hits. In melee combat she tends to be a striker rather than a grapple, using her cyberkinetic arm as both a defensive and offensive tool. A large portion of her fighting style revolves around her prosthetic and should it be damaged or destroyed she is at a massive disadvantage. At range she is competent with guns, but far from a perfect marksman. While her temper and pride can make her bullheaded she has no problem fleeing from a losing fight. When put into a sketchy situation she will often use her cloaking device in conjunction with suppression to either bail or turn the tables on her attacker.

Tips on writing as Aello
  • Aello has a very laid back manner of speaking, and will often use sarcasm to try an lighten a serious situation.
  • When presented with an intimidating situation she often boasts about her own strength to hide her fear
  • Unless she is close to someone she won't stick her neck out to protect them, if they can't handle themselves it's not her job to protect them.


ATK: 3
Ruthless in combat and armed with a robotic arm, Aello hits hard.

DEF: 2
No stranger to pain, this girl is tough as nails and able to roll with the punches.

SPD: 2
Being in prime physical shape helps her move and react faster than the average human.

TEC: 3
Having lived a life in the military Aello’s hands still remember their way around a gun.


Thanks to a Celare-brand stealth field generator Aello can enter a state of almost perfect invisibility. This stealth field generator is located in the wrist of her mechanical arm and is susceptible to damage.

Not only do the implants in her brain scramble her memory they also shroud her mind from any prying telepaths. She is not able to consciously control this power and it is always active.


R.O.N.I.N. Mk. IV Cyberkinetic Arm (300) Requires Physical Strength

Once considered the pinnacle of cyberkinetic prosthetics, the Ronin Mk. IV was designed with longevity in mind. Aello’s particular model has been stripped of nearly all auxiliary features, leaving behind a bare bones piece of equipment. The access bolts have been welded in place, making internal maintenance damn near impossible as taking it apart would require damaging a good portion of the casing. As such the limb has become worn and slightly sluggish over the years. The limb allows Aello to throw some devastating punches and block attacks that would cripple her organic arm, however due to the sheer weight and age of the arm it moves slower and is slightly more tiring to use than its fleshy counterpart. Additionally a strong enough strike can sunder the limb, especially if the strike is directed at the joints.

Kroztech 25mm Javelin Pistol (600) Requires Ranged Proficiency

The Kroztech Javelin embodies an elegant aesthetic that exudes equal parts sophistication and lethality. Capable of firing six gauss bolts up to a maximum range of about 50 meters in quick succession. These energy lances break apart atomic bonds, literally tearing targets apart molecule by molecule. Its original incarnation would be able to punch 25mm diameter holes in all but the most hardened of targets, however the Omniverse has rendered this weapon but a shell of its former glory. These bolts are largely mitigated by shields and only leave painful surface burns on bare flesh. The projectiles travel quickly, reaching their target almost instantaneously. Once all six bolts are fired the user must eject the expended energy cell and replace it to begin firing again, a process which takes about five seconds.

Alternatively the wielder can choose to overload the energy cell and fire all remaining shots as one bolt. This overheats the safety features built into the gun disabling it for 10 seconds for every bolt expended this way. Once the safety features are disengaged the wielder must spend three to five seconds reloading the energy cell.

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