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Name: Pennywise the Clown
Spent OM: 8600
Consumed OM (1200); Senzu Bean (1000), Mega Mushroom (200).

Proficiencies (2000); Physical Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000)
Powers (4800/8000); Master Acrobat (400), Shapeshifting (1400), Malleability (1000), Survival (2000)
Moves (600); Vortex of Teeth (300), Claws (300)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);

Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 3
[Image: tumblr_inline_ox9oq2UNpf1v9qbbn_540.gif]

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

[Image: another_pennywise__it_2017__by_gessygero-dbjkvfx.jpg]
Image Source.

[ "Everything down here floats." ]

CHARACTER NAME: Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It)
AGE: Over 15 billion years old
SPECIES: Interdimensional Entity


CHARACTER SOURCE: Stephen King’s It. Borrowing from the novel and the 2017 movie.


Upon entering the Omniverse, It was trapped in one of Its most favored of physical forms: Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Pennywise is a silly-looking figure that stands at about 7'7", with long, spidery limbs, chalky white skin, and bright red tufts of hair sticking up around the top of Its head. Its eyes are yellowish-silver and cat-like, though they sometimes turn sky blue to lure in unwitting prey; they are prone to drift out of alignment when focusing on multiple things at once or when confused.

This creature also has on clown makeup, cherry red paint covering the mouth, dabbing over the nose, and streaking over Its eyes in spikes. The clothing It wears appears almost antiquated, silvery-blue with funny ruffles around the wrists, knees, and neck. There are silver bells attached at the sleeves, jingling merrily. It has puffy sleeves akin to a Victorian doll, colorful clown shoes, and orange pom-poms in place of buttons.

CHARACTER HISTORY: It came into being while in an empty space surrounding the furthest reaches of the universe. This void was called the Macroverse. Its true form was that of a mass of glowing, pulsating orange energy, or "deadlights". It was an abstract and immaterial being drifting through the ether of outer space— a force that was driven to consume. For millennia It fought against the forces of conception, viewing the Guardian of creation, Maturin the great cosmic turtle and feasibly It’s “brother”, as endlessly lesser and stupid.

At some point, It was spat out from the Macroverse and landed in what would one day become the town of Derry, Maine, causing natural disasters from Its earth-shattering impact. After sensing the incoming occurrence of humans in the area, It fell into a pattern of hibernation and lived underground, awaking in cycles every twenty-seven years to feed on the fearful denizens of the area. The physical form It assumed was usually that of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, designed to both lure in and frighten its preferred prey: children.

Every time It awoke, vicious massacres, suicides, and mass deaths would occur, and as It went back underground something of similar brutality would lull it to sleep. For many years It’s influence darkened the streets of Derry, the unsolved disappearances of children and a general sense of being played with haunting the people in their everyday lives. Everything changed, however, once a group of children known as the Losers Club became aware of Its sinister power.

Following the first Ritual of Chüd, a psychic, metaphysical clash used by the Losers Club to defeat It in the year 1958, It was sent to what the children assumed to be a permanent doom. This was not the case, as It would soon awaken someplace else entirely, with a brand-new food source to seek out and exploit... Omnilium.


It is a Solitary Hunter. It does not make friends and will try to eat any being It perceives as vulnerable to attack. However, if given the opportunity and if it ensures the creature's continued survival, It will grudgingly partner with others.

It is Malevolent. It is outright cruel, and like a cat, will toy with Its food. It torments Its chosen prey (usually children or ostracized, weak adults) relentlessly and delights in tears, pleas, and fear.

It can be Silly. Due to Its long-term masquerade as a circus clown named Pennywise, It has a tendency to prance about and generally act goofy, at times working in Its favor to befuddle strong opponents or the unwary. This ploy of innocence is entirely false.

It is Arrogant. As It believes Itself to be a mighty being without equal, It is prone to waste time on teasing Its opponents... a decision that can be unwise.

It is Cowardly. Resistance to Its efforts to devour an opponent, if successful or if they cause pain to It, will both infuriate and frighten the creature. Its greatest fear is starvation; the prospect of going hungry will make It desperate, weepy, and eager to escape beings stronger than Itself.


FIGHTING STYLE: Direct assault paired with intelligent avoidance. It often resorts to biting, clawing, and scratching... straight-up animalistic behavior, getting in close to an opponent and attempting to maul them, all the while performing insane twists, flips, and bends to avoid damage. Its attitude during battle oscillates between fiendish delight/taunting and outrage at being wounded at all.

ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength (1000), Debuff (1000)

POWERS: Master Acrobat (400), Shapeshifting (1400), Malleability (1000)


Vortex of Teeth (requires Physical Strength, Shapeshifting, Malleability) – 300 OM

It is able to unhinge Its jaw not unlike a snake in a second’s time, revealing the frightening number of bone-breaking teeth hidden behind that friendly grin. It has strong lip and jaw muscles, allowing for Its maw to open wide (roughly wide enough to consume a baby antelope whole) and bite down with a strong bite force. These teeth erupt from the beast’s gums as it swoops in to take a mouthful out of an opponent, resulting in the upper portion of Its face tilting backward at an ungodly, horrifically-stretched angle and causing the eyes to roll back in Its skull. This awkward position leaves Its front side and neck area vulnerable to attack. It takes a small amount of effort to do this, but It can only maintain the gaping maw look for a short amount of time (no longer than a minute) regardless.

Claws (requires Physical Strength, Shapeshifting) – 300 OM

Despite the goofy Mickey Mouse gloves covering the hands of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, It is able to instantly sprout wickedly sharp five-inch claws that are greyish-white in color. The claws are curved, allowing for It to latch onto prey more easily as they attempt to flee. While the claws make it a bit awkward for Pennywise to scamper after a prospective kill on all fours, they ultimately do not hamper It too much. The claws take a small amount of effort to manifest and can remain indefinitely, but they are physically taxing on It and slow Its speed. They can do medium to heavy damage dependent on a target's DEF stat.

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