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The emperor of mankind

Name: The Emperor of Mankind
Spent OM: 6300
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (4600); Remote Control Proficiency (600); Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Buff Proficiency (400), area defense proficiency (400)
Powers (1500/8000); Telepathy (1500)
Moves (600); Summon bucket (600)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items (0);
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 0
TEC: 5

CHARACTER HISTORY: The Emperor of mankind was born around 0 AD, his soul was created when 1000 nearly immortal shamans committed suicide together to make a soul powerful enough to be immune to the powers of chaos and protect humanity for the countless millennia to come. In the year 30,000, Horus fell to the ruinous powers and joined forces with the other traitor primarchs to attempt to destroy the Imperium, after a battle on Horus’s ship the emperor almost died and was sent to the golden throne which is where he has sat for the last 10,000 years. While protecting humanity from the terrors of the warp that would storm terra from the webway, a bit of his soul fractured and fell away as it normally did. Omni stole this piece before the chaos gods could and brought it into the omniverse.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The emperor is on a giant golden throne covered in skulls. On it is a giant human skeleton who is still intact. Small amounts of rotting flesh can be seen hanging around bones. On his left eye is a red eyepiece which most likely allows him to see as his previous eye has rotted away. The emperor used to have a right hand but it disappeared when he heard about the Inquisition and has not been seen since. Normally, the emperor would not be able to speak but thanks to the technology of the 21st century, he can now talk to all of his loyal subjects through a text to speech device. The emperor’s throne hovers 30 cm above the ground, allowing him to move. From base to skull, the emperor is 12 feet tall.


summon bucket: After a 5 second charge, a small bucket flies out of the emperor's throne, it will fly at the speed of an arrow over an enemy and dump water on them, possibly stopping a move from channelling as long as the emperor's TEC is higher than the enemie's TEC. It will then fly into them and deal a low amount of damage. He can also leave the water in there to deal slightly more damage but the water effect won't happen. The move takes a low amount of energy to aim and use. It will continue going for up to 50 metres (164.042 feet). The bucket will change size and shape but it will always be metal and contain around 5 gallons of water. The bucket can not get smaller than 10 cm wide and no bigger than 50. It can be used while moving and will home in on an enemy within 5 metres of it after the inital launch, getting within at most two metres of them before it flies at them like a normal projectile, dropping to the floor after it hits or travels 3 metres. The emperor can use other moves along with the bucket as long as they don't take too much effort. It can turn reasonably tightly but it will have to slow down or get flung in the direction it's turning, often overshooting an enemy.



NPC Name: Bob

NPC Source: OC

Character history: A man that spammed so hard on Club Penguin, made so many accounts and got banned so many times. That he was turned into a penguin in the afterlife. While he was waddling around in heaven, dressing very smartly and engaging in rather cool dances he was picked up by Omni.

Physical Description: https://thumb1.shutterstock.com/display_...180867.jpg and standing at a metre high.

ATK: 4
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 2

Starting Proficiencies:
Physical (1000), Ranged (1000)

Starting Powers:
Mimic (2800), fusion (1000)

Starting Unlocks:
Tier 1 stat upgrade

Starting Moves: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid131128 http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid130997

pocketsaw (300 OM, requires physical proficiency)


A 55cm sawblade comes out of Bob’s pocket pocket, similar to a switchblade. To trigger this, it takes a button press and a 1 second wait for it to come in or out of the pocket pocket. The blade is strong but can be broken if a prime with an ATK higher than Bob’s DEF tries to snap it and they have physical proficiency. If the blade is broken, Bob just needs to press the button, only it takes 1.5 seconds. It can’t stab but can saw, making it slightly better at cutting off limbs than a normal bladed weapon. It’s very light and can be wielded competently by Bob.

AK-47 rifle (300 OM, requires ranged prof)


Bob pulls out a modified AK-47 rifle, shooting 6 bullets a second which deal very low damage. It can hold 30 rounds and reloading takes 5 seconds as Bob takes out a new mag from his pocket pocket. It has a holographic sight on it and a grip but still has severe recoil, losing medium range accuracy after 2 seconds of firing.

This bitch full of deadly projectiles, YEET (900 OM, requires ranged prof)
Bob opens up a pocket pocket the size of the pocket of a pair of jeans and completely absorbs an enemy projectile, still taking 80% of the damage through the movement of the pocket pocket. It can then send the same projectile back at its original speed within a minute of catching it and at a press of a button. Opening and closing the custom pocket pocket (which is just velcroed together) takes up both of Bob’s flippers and he has to stand still for .5 seconds to do it. Bob can spend up to 10 seconds charging a return shot (where he has to stand still), which is announced by a vacuum like sound. The damage will will change proportionally to Bob's charge time, potentially becoming weaker or stronger than the original move strength.

Writing guide/personality and fighting style: Try to write Bob as doing flashy moves, only resorting to brutality or dirty tricks when his life is majorly on the line or no one can see him. He wants to show an audience that Pocket Pockets will make you better/faster/stronger and should always be trying to work in ways to advertise them when talking as well. When it does come down to the wire or no one is watching though, he will resort to any method to survive for even a bit longer, death makes it a bit hard to advertise after all. Write him however you want, go crazy, just stick to those basic rules.

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