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Hecate Rothchild

Name: Hecate Rothchild
Spent OM: 9400
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (2600); Debuff Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000) Ranged Proficiancy (1000) Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (1800/8000); Burst Movement (800), Super Speed (1000)
Moves (1); Summon Saishu Sasayaki, Shard Storm
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (1); Summon Ice golem
Items (1); Combat knife
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0); 1 statpoint
Base stats:
ATK: 2 (+1) [3 total]
DEF: 2
SPD: 5
TEC: 1

History:Hecate's life was quiet and uneventful even for a peasant of Vestura, walled city of the west. That is until the day she turned 15, her parents wailed with terror as they opened the door of their small home to find Armed Vesturan Guards and a letter of conscription . Both parents protested loudly as the Men stepped through the threshold of the small home and seized Hecate, striking her with a large blunt object, knocking her out cold.

When she awoke she found herself bound, surrounded by other children of the same age. Eyes filled with despair, defiance and fear filled the room. Despite this Hecate remained calm, her deep blue eyes seemed to watch everyone as though studying the different feelings in the room. Her thoughts were interrupted by a tall slender fiery haired woman no older than 30 who strode into the room with a strong aura of authority. "From this point forward, you are all soldiers of Vestura. Any insubordination or disruption shall be met with appropriate force. Look to those around you and realize this, only one, possibly two of you will survive the training.

A young girl stood up and began to speak, as if asking a question "What if we do.." she was cut off as the Woman who was presumably in charge glared at the girl. Flames erupted in a geyser at her feet consuming the young girl in flame, her question replaced by screams of pain went deathly silent as the flames disappeared as swiftly as they had appeared. Where a young woman once stood, a charred husk of a human being now lay collapsed on the flood, charred black. The putrid scent of burnt hair mingled with burnt meat filled the small room. The woman didn't even seem to notice "Any more questions?" she said spitefully as if daring another child to speak. "As I was saying , You will be separated and tested one by one and moved to where you shall be training. A word of advice." She said as she paused "Dont make friends with anyone whom you cant kill later." And with that she walked off into a dark hallway.

Hecate was pulled into a room and a sharp blade drawn against the palm of her hand. As crimson liquid pooled up in her hand she stifled a cry. The blood in her hand was poured into a small vial and some clear liquids were added to the vial. The blood in the Vial turned to ice right away.

Separated and isolated from the other kids Hecate felt something stir inside the depths of her mind almost as if she was watching herself. The next three years Hecate spent every waking moment training her body and mind. Between the beatings and rampant sexual abuse That feeling deep in her mind became more and more potent, often times Hecate felt herself shifting with whatever it was inside her.

The day of the graduation ceremony was the final test, she had been accepted into the Witch Corps, a band of women capable of controlling the various elements and bending them to their will. Hecate had learned to control Ice, scorend by her fellow cadets for this Hecate had retreated into a self absorbed bubble, keeping to herself even more. A battle royale, where in order to graduate the cadet was forced to kill two or more of her former comrades. Something snapped in Hecate as she watched her body summon Saishu Sasayaki, her spiritual swords of ice and immidietly cut down one of the girls, the out of body feeling bothered her but who or whatever was controlling her body thirsted for more and more carnage. She watched as one girl snuck up behind her aiming for a deathblow in the back. Hecate screamed to her body as a flash of white blasted around her.

When she opened her eyes, she was back in control of her body, in a place she had never seen before

Physical Description/ imagry

[Image: FLWpGXg.jpg]

[Image: KvmQ1no.jpg]

Age: 19
Skin Color: Pale White
Eye Color: Blue / Pinkish Red (Depending on personality)
Hair Color: White
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 112 Lbs
Attire: Hecate is often seen wearing a white military style uniform with grey accents. On her right arm is a thick cloth in a dark grey. Her clothes are often stained with blood despite her reputation as a neat freak.
Her weapons of choice is a pair of long daikatana that she has dubbed Saishu Sasayaki (last whisper) these blades channel her abilities in the same way a wizard might use his staff allowing her to use her Ice attacks .
The blades are both pale white with black embellishments and black wrapped handles, notably they are missing any form of guard. Hecate keeps these weapons on her back and right side, and is able to draw the one on her right faster than the back sheathed one due to her left hand being dominant.

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Hecate is a young woman with an affinity for manipulating ice, her abilities match her personality, cold and harsh. Hecate has a mental disorder that has given way to a second personality, one that warships bloodletting and mutilation.
Hecate is cold and calculating, but both personalities are loyal though the more violent one has a messed up perception of loyalty.
Hecate is considered a neat freak by everyone around her, as well as a control freak. Due to her dual personality the few who know of her second personality can tell which personality based on her eye color.
Notable traits:
Normal Hecate: Cold, quiet, calculating. Avoids contact with unknown people.
Dark Hecate: Lusts for blood, This personality will literally bathe in blood if allowed.

Summon Saishu Sasayaki: (600) Physical/Debuff Proficiency.

Hecate can quickly channel her spiritual energy into her hands bringing forth her twin swords. These blades serve two purposes, Allowing Hecate to channel her powers through them to unleash her ice magic. They are also functional weapons allowing Hecate to engage in melee combat.

The swords are both 5.5 feet long with curved blades. White steel with black leather wrapped handles. The swords lack any form of guard making them less effective in defensive application. The swords are heavy and long making blows behind them more powerful but also more straining to Hecate forcing her to rely on other abilities for long drawn out battles.

These swords maintain a constant temperature of -60°C and can freeze any cuting or stabbing wound inflicted by the blades on contact. This thin layer of ice, slightly slows any limb cut by it. This ice melts overtime starting slow at 30 seconds and melts faster overtime before being completely melted at 1 minute Any wounds caused by these swords do not bleed reducing the overall damage of a strike. This effect does not discern friend from foe and effects Hecate as well if she cuts herself.
the freezing effect is effected by the relationship of target's DEF vs Hecate's ATT

Shard Storm: (300) (Requires Ranged Prof, Area Attack Prof) - Hecate Focuses for 10 seconds, during which she can move at walking pace, and defend herself, but use no other moves, as she forms a ball of ice in the air. The ball of ice is 2 feet in diameter and hovers roughly 8 feet in the air above Hecate. After the 10 seconds of focusing her energy are up, the ball of ice explodes into 24 pieces of sharp, blade-like, icicles that cover an area of 10 feet in diameter in an area up to 40 feet away (but always miss Hecate). These icicles travel at the speed of a crossbow bolt and are slightly stronger than a crossbow bolt. The move only requires a moderate amount of energy to use and using it too often will tire Hecate out.

Combat Knife (600 OM, Physical Strength) A simple combat knife that can be used while moving that was created by Warren Zimmer, and given to Hecate. This knife is gray, with purple highlights on the hilt of it, and has a blade that appears to be made out of purple energy. Using it is moderately draining on the stamina of Hecate, but it is still a useful knife. This knife can also transform into a rapier for her to fight with, should she wish to use it. The act of transforming from one form to the other requires a small degree of focus, and takes about 3 seconds to complete, making changing it in combat ineffective. Hecate can be mobile while the item changes form.
The rapier form adds some usable distance to the weapon as well as increases the stamina used to wield it. It loses its ability to be used as a slashing weapon focusing on only thrusting attacks

Combat knife form 8 inches in length
Rapier form 3 feet in length


Super moves:

Super Defences:

Super Assists:

T1 Assist: Ice Golem (1000 OM) -2 SP

A large 12ft tall Golem made of ice. This golem lasts for one round and can use all of Hecate’s Ice attacks, It’s weapon is a large battle axe made of the same ice it’s body is made from however it does not freeze the wound like her blades. As such its semi fragile but it is built with the sole purpose of protecting Hecate. Its reach for melee is almost ten feet thanks to the length of it’s weapon.

Hecate forms a small hand sized shard of ice in her hand and plants it. This shard is imbued with a large amount of her spiritual power. After 15 seconds the shard exploded and the golem bursts forth from the ground leaving a crater where the see was planted.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 0
TEC: 1

Super Utility

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