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Name: Viola
Spent OM: 11600
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3200): Ranged (1000), Ranged Control (600), Ranged Materialize (600), Homing Proficiency (600), Buff Proficiency (400)
Powers (2700/8000): Foresight (1500), Time Manipulation (800), Telekinesis - Basic (400)
Moves (4500): Aetherblades (1800), Timekeeper (600), Chronos Convergence (300), Borrowed Time (300), Future Restraint (300), Sustain (300), Cradle of Time (300), Chronological Juncture (300), En Passant (300)
Super Moves (1200): T1SU - Immortal Game (600), T1SU - Infinity Mend (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 0
SPD: 1
TEC: 4

General Information

Source: Original
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Current/Physical age: 13
Real age: 815
Height: 1.41m (1.47m with her shoes)
Weight: 33kg
Eye colour: Red (Left), Turquoise (Right)
Hair: Dark/Light Blue - Darker at the top, Lighter at the bottom. Her hair is very long, longer than she is tall. Instead of braiding it, she does it up as two long tails.
Skin tone: Pale white.
Build: Viola is weak, light, and frail - even for her age. Her bones break very easily, she has poor physical stamina, and she's not physically strong.
Outfit: A gothic style dress with lots of frills that reaches down to her knees, black tights, black heeled shoes, and multiple ribbons with fake roses (such as in her hair and on the tops of her shoes).
Signature Weapon(s) and Spell(s): Aetherblades (Magic Floating Swords), Timekeeper (Boosts Viola's reactions and allows her to think and see fast, doesn't make her move faster)
Current Death Count: 4 (Including within Time Loops)
Enemies: Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.
Alignment: Close to true neutral, leaning towards good.
General Personality:
  • Quite: Viola speaks quietly, even though she isn’t particularly shy. She’s physically incapable of shouting or raising her voice. Thus, she only ever speaks in soft tones, making it hard for her to get noticed. 
  • Reserved: As a result of her voice, while she wants to socialise, she’s simply given up on doing so. Girls her own physical age are immature and rowdy, and everyone else tends to ignore her or simply not notice her. When she does speak, she tries to do so clearly and express herself with as few simple words as possible (unless specialist words are needed). Her statements are often short, and she rarely uses connectives. She's capable of forming long advanced sentences with difficult vocabulary (she reads a lot of books) but wants to make sure she's always understood. Often, she will slow time before speaking (see Timekeeper) so is rarely lost for words. Lastly, her voice isn't very expressive and she struggles to manage her facial expressions. She can still laugh and smile and frown, but it's very subdued - she often looks bored or stony-eyed even when she's happy or excited.
  • Wary: When Viola is spoken to more seriously - and not looked down on as a child - it's often because they learnt about her magic. So, when someone does actually open a conversation with her, she tends to be wary, expecting them to want something from her. Often, continued friendliness is the easiest way to breach this barrier. If she's sure someone has never heard of her before, she's more likely to trust them - particularly if they're not pushy and offer compromises. Being backed into a corner and only given one right answer to a question just makes her want to run away.
  • Cold: Viola works with numbers. If letting one person die will save two others - she'll do it. If there's only one way to save her life, she'll take it. All that gets tossed out the window the moment fear or friendship comes into play.
  • Easily Frightened: Back home, Viola was rarely scared past her first 100 years of life. That wasn't because she was brave - that was because she had magic and she was good at it. Here, much of that is stripped away and she doesn't even remember most of her missing spells until the moment before she relearns them. It may take some time for her to rebuild her resolve. That said, she's regained enough strength to not be scared of any old guy with a sword. It's more monsters and the supernatural that scare her at the moment - anything she can't get a read on or guess the capabilities of at a glance. Her mind is usually running on how someone could kill her, from what she knows about them, at least when she first meets them or when she learns something new.
Aims and Goals: 

Physical Description

[Image: dDUa8Xb.png]

(will add words later, but this full body image should be good enough for now)

Moves and Combat Tactics


ATK: 5
Viola's magic is incredibly strong, however, it's entirely disconnected from her body. She's not proficient with melee attacks, so physically she is very weak and her magic does nothing to make her stronger in that regard.
DEF: 0
Viola is very frail - more than most thirteen-year-old girls. She's skinny and weak, and definitely cannot take a solid hit.
SPD: 1
Unlike many other weaker primes, Viola does not have speed or agility to back it up. Physically, she clumsy, and runs about as fast as you'd expect from a little girl. Her physical stamina is also very poor, so the average adult could chase her down with a brisk walk and catch up once she'd tired herself out.
TEC: 4
Besides her magical prowess, Viola's main strength comes from her skill. She's hundreds of years old and has had a very long time to train with her magic. Because of this, she's able to use her large magical strength expertly.

Viola's Moves:

Aetherblades (1800) Requires: Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Control

Reference image (the shape and decor match Viola's swords, the colour does not):
[Image: rh0yZxd.jpg]
Viola can create up to four floating magical swords appear within 3m of her. Each sword takes 2 seconds of concentration to create, during which she can move. The swords are created one at a time, so it would take 8 seconds to make all 4. Creating the swords is lightly fatiguing. The swords have 0.9m long blades and 0.15m long handles, are straight and have a crossguard. While they have handles, Viola is not physically strong enough to use them so has to control them with her magic. Her Aetherblades are very versatile, and can be created with various different parameters (see below). The velocities of the swords are relative to Viola's own (non-rotational) movements. So if she was somehow moving 10m/s one direction, her speed would be added to the sword's if they move in that same direction, and subtracted if they move in the opposite. When turning, the swords pivot about the crossguard. Her swords are capable of spinning fast enough to potentially deflect/block normal bullets (400m/s speed) fired from ~3.66m (12ft) away or further, but she can't actually do that consistently - even with foresight. Under normal conditions, she wouldn't even be able to see her own swords move at this speed - just a blur. Receiving a vast boost to her reactions could allow her to block/deflect easily, however, but without a specialised move, she can't reflect something back at someone. Thrusts with her swords usually tend to be stronger, due to being harder to land than a swing and carrying a bit more force.

Viola can destroy the swords with 2 seconds of stationary concentration per sword. They also disintegrate if Viola falls unconscious, or if they are ever moved more than 60m away from her. She can also destroy one instantly by touching its handle. When her swords break, they shatter into polygons of their colour, which disintegrate harmlessly into the air. Her swords also have three main mechanical properties she can modify, with the fourth being a consequence of these. As well as a fifth, more subtle, property. She can choose each of these parameters upon creation, or recalibrate her sword by focusing on it for a fraction of a second and expending a small amount of energy, then leaving it inactive for a full second (which leaves it vulnerable to being broken, and unable to be used to attack). During this time, it will appear grey-white and translucent, brightly glowing its colour (not bright enough to blind anyone). This is the default appearance of a sword with no properties. This doesn't cost any energy or concentration, but the sword will stop moving relative to Viola (so if she moves further than 60m away from it, it will disintegrate). Recalibrating a sword also repairs it fully.

Durability. Viola can create swords on a varying scale of durability. A strong hit to the handle will always cause the sword to disperse into the air, but she can vary the strength of the blade. At its weakest, it will shatter after hitting an enemy or blocking an attack a single time. This varies up to being able to attack without breaking, but shattering if hit by any force, and slowly getting damaged over time, or simply being able to take a few good hits. Then, at its peak, her sword blades are basically indestructible. Only breaking if they get hit by a very strong attack (or by one of the reasons mentioned above). The more durable a sword is, the less translucent it is. The least durable option is not translucent enough to be hard to see, and will still glow.

Speed. Viola can adjust the speed of her sword handles (not impacting the rate they can spin). At their slowest, the handles can only move at 2m/s when not spinning or twisting quickly, and at a third of that if spinning and twisting quickly. At their fastest, Viola can move them up to 60m/s, and at a third of that speed when twisting or swinging quickly. This is all based around a property of the sword binding, so moving and spinning the slow ones at max speed takes just as much concentration as doing the same with the fast ones (at their max speed) - and is just as tiring. The faster a sword is, the bluer it and its glow become. The slowest sword option gives no colour change.

Strength. Viola's swords are naturally sharp and have a good cutting edge, but she can boost their damaging potential by adding additional magical energy around them. At their weakest, there is no extra energy and they damage opponents in a 'death by one thousand cuts' fashion, so she needs to harass someone to do the damage. This will build up quickly if they simply ignore them, however. Especially if Viola's ATK is much higher than their DEF. When at their strongest, the magic makes them very hot, damaging to even Viola upon physical contact. They're hot enough that, with enough time, Viola can pierce most reinforced walls and doors by stabbing and twisting the sword into them. Combat-wise, this will vastly increase the strength of her swords, but this will usually still be light-moderate damage (based on Viola's ATK and the target's DEF) with a lucky stab doing a bit more - if it hits. These damage descriptions assume the swords have the minimum mass. For increased mass, see further below. The heat tends to amplify how well they can cut, partially or completely incinerating things the sword swings into, but can lead to wounds cauterising. Only the blade gets hot, the crossguard and handle do not. The stronger a sword is, the redder it and its glow become. The weakest sword option gives no colour change.

With all of these traits maxed out, using all four swords at once feels like sprinting in terms of fatigue, so Viola cannot do it for very long without severely tiring herself out (30 seconds tops). This is based on controlling and moving them though, so having the swords exist and not using them to do anything doesn't cost any energy. Alternatively, Viola can have 'one and a half' of these traits maxed out (e.g. all of them at half strength, or one at full strength and one at half strength, or any other distribution) to reduce the fatigue cost down to her prefered 'light drain', with swinging and moving two swords at max speed only being about as tiring as swinging her arm to hit someone with a light weapon - so unless she goes really overboard she could use them like that for a whole fight easily. Viola could reduce the swords parameters further, but this is mostly pointless unless she's incredibly tired or intentionally holding back. The fatigue scales between the 'easy' and 'like running' levels linearly between the 1.5 and 3 traits maxed out. So if Viola capped out two traits and used the other as a 'dump stat', using them would probably feel like a light jog. A general list of configurations Viola prefers is listed at the end of this move. It is perfectly possible for each of Viola's swords to behave differently, and this can up the concentration requirements a bit. The more fatiguing a sword is to use, the blacker its colour and glow (capping out at dark red/blue/etc. never fully black, just dark). The easier it is to use, the more vibrant, and brighter, it and its glow is.

Viola can also increase the mass of her swords. This is done during reconfiguration (or during creation) but has no impact on the fatigue to use. In short, Viola trades out the swing speed of a sword for damage. By default, they can spin fast enough to block bullets. Viola can adjust the mass all the way up to the level of, 'can only spin in a full circle once per two seconds', or anywhere between the two. This makes the sword much easier to dodge, and much harder (or near impossible) to block with. But, in doing so, it vastly increases the blade's cutting power allowing even a weaker sword to deliver a good slash (but particularly if the blade was also made hot). Swinging a heavy sword at its maximum speed effectively requires the same concentration as swinging a light one at its maximum speed. In general, assuming every attack hits, a heavy sword can do more damage than a light one during the same time frame. Viola can choose to make all of her swords heavy, or just some of them, all by varying amounts. Increasing the mass of a sword also makes it harder to control, meaning if also made fast it will tend to have a larger turning circle, and there might be a bit of a lag before they get moving. Heavier swords don't have any visual change but leave little ripples in the air behind them (corresponding to their colour). Heavier swords leave larger ripples (these look similar to a heat haze over a fire, but with colours added).

The swords don't inherently require a lot of focus to move - no more than one has to focus to move an arm. But, in intense combat, using all four at once quickly and effectively does require her to stand still and dedicate all her concentration towards them. In a slower drawn-out fight, however, she can usually move and use/charge less demanding attacks while still controlling her swords - and using one or two swords at once doesn't notably inhibit her at all unless she is being very aggressive - or forced to put all her efforts towards defending from a fast attacker. Simple or repetitive actions are not mentally demanding, like simply telling a sword to move in a straight line or to spin (but this won't change the associated fatigue cost). Beyond 30m, wounds caused by the swords tend to be weaker, dropping off in strength until they reach 60m away where they can barely replicate a paper cut. They also tend to make audible whirring noises while moving through the air, halfway between how a lightsaber and helicopter blades sound.

Someone could technically grab the handle of one of the swords and try to use it against her as an incidental weapon, or as an actual weapon if they have mimic - although they're unlikely to find it an effective weapon. Enemies cannot, however, use the base telekinesis power to manipulate them (unless they have a move allowing them to manipulate others or their weapons). The swords are usually very light to hold (almost like a feather), so a normal swing as opposed to a magical one by Viola is not going to have the same potential. That said, if they get a heavy one, it will feel about as heavy as a sword of twice its size (made of steel), so it could be useful to some - but it'll still be incidental. In addition, Viola would still have control over the weapon, so unless they're considerably stronger than her (their ATK against hers), she'd likely be able to make their attacks miss, or wrench the sword from their grip if she focuses.

Viola's perfered setups (if not mentioned, assume a parameter is at 0%):
Group Defensive (for group fights) - Bright Blue - Durability (100%) - Speed (50%)
Standard Defensive (for 1v1s) - Bright Purple - Durability (100%) - Speed (25%) - Strength (25%)
Agressive - Vibrant Red - Durability (100%) - Strength (50%)
Mixed - Bright Translucent Purple - Durability (50%) - Speed (50%) - Strength (50%) - Mass (25%)
General Grevious - Darker Purple - Durability (100%) - Strength (100%) - Mass (25%)
Anti-Tanks - Translucent Vibrant Red - Durability (50%) - Strength (100%) - Mass (100%)
Death Swords - Translucent Darker Purple - Speed (100%) - Strength (100%) - Mass (100%)

But if you think something fits a situation better, go wild!

Timekeeper (600) Requires: Time Manipulation, Foresight

Viola can drastically slow down her perception of time, almost enough for everything else to appear at a complete stop. However, while doing so, she still physically moves at the same speed from everyone else's perspective. In other words, if she slowed time down to half speed, from her point of view she (and everything else) would be moving at half speed. There is no theoretical limit to how much she can slow time, it just takes varying amounts of energy, and she can't completely stop it. This can be used with all of Viola's moves or powers and requires no concentration. It's instinctive; she can start using it the moment her foresight warns her of something. While this can't help her dodge a fast-moving attack, or allow her to charge a move faster, when paired with an appropriate move or power it could allow her an opportunity to prepare or avoid damage another way. She may also use this to get a moment of thought in on the battlefield - or to simply calm herself.

The more Viola slows time, the more tiring it is for her. From Viola's perspective, every moment of slowed time feels like a light jog. So, if she slowed time down to half speed for 1 second (from everyone else's perspective) she would feel about as tired as she would be after 2 seconds of jogging. But, if she slowed time down by 1000 times for 1 second (again, from a bystander's POV), at the end she'd feel like she'd been jogging for 1000 seconds. And, typically, jogging for more than a few minutes would leave her out of breath. If Viola is not doing anything during slowed time (i.e. not using a power, attacking, dodging, using a move, etc.) and just thinking, the fatigue cost is a lot lower. As such, she can essentially use this to clear her head at will (note: she can't use this to waive away a mental debuff).

Chronos Convergence (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Foresight

Viola can protect herself from attacks by merging two timelines together. If an attack is ever made at her that she could block, dodge or evade, she can ignore it and instead take aspects from the alternate timeline where she didn't get hit and cast them on the current. When Chronos Convergence is used, Viola is still hit by the attack - but instead of taking damage or being effected as usual, she instead suffers a wave of fatigue proportional to how much energy it would have taken her to block or dodge (so if she could only avoid an attack through the use of a tiring move, this will be more draining). This is slightly more tiring than actually choosing to dodge/block an attack, but can be used multiple times at once to defend herself from multiple foes at the same time. In short, this allows Viola to protect herself from multiple moves at once, or hold her position at an important moment. If Viola ever tries to use this against something she wouldn't have been able to avoid, she is affected as usual when the attack hits her and suffers the fatigue cost as well.

Borrowed Time (300) Requires: Aetherblades, Time Manipulation, Foresight

When there comes a moment that Viola is in dire need, for a small amount of energy, she can instantly call upon her future self to aid her. When this happens, all of her Aetherblades start acting of their own accord for five seconds, allowing Viola a change to get out of harm's way or concentrate on other moves. They make full use of her foresight where possible. If any of her Aetherblades weren't summoned, they are all temporarily summoned at once for an increased fatigue cost, then shatter after the duration. If any break during this move, they are resummoned automatically one second later (again for an increased fatigue cost). While seemingly acting automatically, the swords fight as if Viola was dedicating her full attention to them. At the start of this move, the configuration of all of Viola's Aetherblades are instantly changed to better suit the situation. Any resummoned ones are made with whatever settings Viola may find useful. Afterwards, any remaining swords are kept and given to Viola to control normally again, keeping their new calibration. Utilising this move is moderately draining overall, and every second the swords fight like this is tiring. She is unlikely to use this more than once per fight.

To be able to use this again, Viola has to concentrate intently for five seconds, during which she has to stand still and can't use any moves or power (including non-passive ones that don't require concentration). During this time, she 'loans' her mind to her past self, although none of her experiences bleed over.

Future Restraint (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Buff, Ranged

Viola focuses for five seconds, stands still, closes her eyes, and turns off all her senses outside of her foresight (so, she'll only have a small time to stop charging this move and react if someone attacks her). Once she opens her eyes, she drastically accelerates herself (and any allies of her choice that are within 30m of her) through time causing the world to appear at a standstill. This effect lasts for up to one minute, during which she suffers a slow continuous drain of energy - totalling at a more moderate drain by the end, but unless she's using this (or similar fatigue moves) one after another, she won't be too debilitated. Furthermore, despite their bodies appearing to get rest, Viola's allies don't actually recover energy, so will be just as tired afterwards as they were beforehand. They (and Viola) also don't continue to bleed, and only need to breathe in if they continue to breathe out (e.g. by talking). Future Restraint will end prematurely for someone if they do one of the following actions. And for everyone, if Viola does one of them.
>Start charging a move or power.
>Use a move or power to impact their 'frozen' environment.
>Moves further than 30m from where Viola was where she used Future Restraint.
>Tries to effect their 'frozen' environment (e.g. breaking an object, punching someone, picking up something, etc.)
Or if Viola chooses to end this move.

Sand, grass, and dirt are still shifted beneath everyone's feet. And, naturally, the air and other fluids will move around someone as usual. It's only objects that someone couldn't casually walk through that can't be disturbed - unless they actively try to manipulate something, when the move simply ends early for them. This move is very useful for repositioning and coordinating in the middle of a fight as it essentially stops time for everyone but her friends. It gives them a minute to rally and prepare and can help them get the jump on an enemy once time resumes. Lastly, during the 'stopped time', any lingering effects (e.g. buffs, debuffs, etc.) are halted. They resume once time starts with no effect on their duration. Tactically, Viola has to be careful when using this move as using it on an ally will disrupt any moves they are currently charging. 

RP Notes/Fodder: Viola can also use this move easier in non-combat situations, allowing the duration to be longer, the move to be less tiring, and her to influence the surroundings to a limited extent. The high concentrations of magic/power in fights prevent her from doing this in battle. (She also can't do this to stop time and steal all of someone's stuff or something like that without OOC permission - Omniphysics)

Sustain (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Ranged, Buff

By focusing intently for one second and expending a small amount of energy, Viola can 'freeze' wounds. This prevents it from healing naturally, but also partially stops time in that area of the body having the effect of also stopping blood loss completely. Viola can use this on herself or anyone within 30m of her - although she needs to be able to see or sense the wound and her target needs to be roughly still relative to her. Anyone with a 'frozen' wound can cause it to start healing naturally by focusing on healing it (but it will also start bleeding again). Wounds targeted with this move slowly shift into a 'frozen' state over the next two seconds, so this won't immediately stop blood loss. This requires a small amount of energy to initially use and doesn't need any energy or concentration to maintain. Viola can only target one wound at once with this, or multiple smaller cuts. But can use this multiple times consecutively and have many uses of Sustain active at once.

Cradle of Time (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Buff, Ranged, Homing

By warping the progression of time and splitting cause and effect, Viola can delay the impact of attacks made against her and others. Whenever she or someone else is hit by an attack, she can choose to expend a small amount of fatigue to delay it - allowing an opportunity to get away from potential further harm before taking any deliberating effects. This will initially make it appear like the attack did nothing, and the target won't even stagger or feel any pain - although they will after this move ends. Viola can use this move multiple times at once, and it requires very little concentration (but with multiple uses at once this adds up), however for every attack she delays, Viola suffers a constant strain of fatigue depending on the number and strength of the attacks. This would be almost nothing for a small scratch, but for more cuts or stronger attacks, this quickly adds up. Typically, multiple strong attacks can usually be delayed for up to 5 seconds if she's not doing much else, potentially longer if she pushed herself. This move cannot delay the effects of super moves. Lastly, Viola can use this to delay the impact of non-damaging moves, such as debuffs (where the potency of which determines how hard they are to delay). 

Each use of this move is individual, so Viola could stagger it and choose to allow each attack to take effect one after another rather than all at once. Notably, the target of this move does not need to be willing, so she could also use it offensively by delaying damage against an opponent to a more opportune time - and make them feel the impact of multiple smaller hits all at once. Viola has to choose to use this move the moment an attack lands, so some combat awareness is needed to use it on an ally.

Chronological Juncture (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Aetherblades

For the cost of a small amount of energy, Viola can partially jolt some aspects of time forward, making certain events from the future come to pass earlier than they would otherwise. She chooses a target she can see or sense, then focuses briefly for about a second considering how to attack them, during which she cannot move or use/charge any other moves/powers that require concentration. After the second is up, three wounds appear on her target in areas of her choosing (e.g. shin, arm, chest). Viola has thirty seconds to replicate these attacks with her Aetherblades. Each time she successfully copies one, her hit does no damage and has no impact on the target, simply serving the purpose of keeping time consistent. If the time passes and she hasn't duplicated every one of these attacks, she takes a large chunk of damage from the inconsistencies in time. For every attack she failed to replicate, she takes double the damage her opponent took (based on their DEF and her ATK) - these will usually take the form of similar wounds to the ones her target suffered, but if that's not possible the damage becomes internal (making her cough up blood).

In short, Chronological Juncture allows Viola to hit someone before actually hitting them, with a strong risk of hurting herself if she fails to do so.

En Passant (300) Requires: Time Manipulation, Ranged, Ranged Control, Homing

By expending a small amount of energy, Viola can distort attacks through time. Whenever she (or an ally) attacks the positions an opponent was, she can send the attacks backwards in time and then map the damaging effects onto the present, essentially meaning she and her allies can still hit someone who barely avoided their attacks (so if they'd been a fraction of a second faster it would have hit). However, in doing this, the damage is notably weakened. While this isn't particularly tiring, if used for every quick attack the fatigue will add up quickly. En Passant requires no focus, but the decision to execute the move must be done the moment an attack misses. This doesn't work if someone blocked the attack - only if they avoided it (and that it would have hit if they hadn't dodged).

Viola's Super Moves:

T1SU - Immortal Game (600) Requires: Time Manipulation, Foresight

Viola stands still in complete focus, closing both of her eyes for one second. When she opens them, they both glow their respective colours. For the forty seconds, she can act, use moves, and attack as usual with no restrictions. However, once this time has passed, time resets back to the point where she opened her eyes. Viola keeps all her memories from the initial "loop" but no one else does (although telepathy/insight users may be able to glean that something had happened if they take the time to analyse Viola's status or look into her mind). The second loop passes as usual, and then resets once it reaches its end. As does the third, and then the forth - in each consecutive loop, the glow in her eyes starts to dim slightly. Once it reaches the fifth loop, however, when Viola opens her eyes they no longer glow. Furthermore, the fifth loop doesn't reset once the forty seconds are and Viola suffers a heavy wave of fatigue upon the its completion. Viola can only use this move once per fight, and has to meditate for five minutes (or simply rest for a while) to gain use of it again.

Once this move has been used, nothing can force it to end it prematurely - not even a super attack to the face. Time will still reset at the end, and Viola will simply experience taking that attack to the face multiple times unless she has her own available super defence to avoid it. From the perspective of everyone else in the fight, Viola simply gained detailed visions of multiple futures (as they'll only remember the fifth loop). From her perspective, time was reset multiple times - each 'vision' is fresh as if she experienced it - so what actually happens is up for debate.

Throughout the use of this move, Viola doesn't gain any abilities or powers. She's still the same. Thus, even with knowledge of attacks that are coming, some are simply unavoidable. Lastly, if Viola dies during one of the first four loops, time resets early and she keeps all memories up to her death. If her death happened to be unpreventable (such as a bomb going off 30 seconds from when she used the move) this can lead to a painful experience.

Other comments: if someone happens to copy and use this move with mimic, or two people happen to use this move at the same time by a different means, all 5 loops will happen as usual but both users will keep their memories.

T1SU - Infinity Mend (600) Requires: Time Manipulation, Ranged, Buff

Viola closes her eyes for one second. Once she opens them, a blue-violet sweeping wave of magic flows outwards in a 30m radius sphere, forcing the most desirable future upon the land. Even deserts or steam-punk workshops will find nature quickly taking a hold. Grass, shrubbery and flowers all grow, bending around any obstructions rather than damaging them. It's as if many years pass for the terrain at once, but rather than it being left to its own devices, it's more akin to the whole area being gardened for years. As a result, changes are more aesthetic than chaotic, and Viola has a fair control over the rough décor - although any new plants won't be noticeably disruptive to anyone's movements. But, the most notable effect of this spell is how Viola's time magic permiates the air, giving a lush and rejuvenating feel to her and all of her allies so long as they remain in the area. This magic lasts for one round (~10 minutes out of combat), and all moves, powers, abilities, and actions cost half as much stamina/mana/etc. as they would normally (sp costs remain the same). Even simple actions such as walking are easier. After the magic disperses, the changes to the landscape remain. While most of the changes happen at the start, new flowers and plants bloom and grow throughout this move, just not as fast (a rose bush might slowly grow over a few minutes, for example). Viola can choose to continue spending SP to sustain this effect (1sp = 1 extra round).

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