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[Image: 8a0c1b32b9fbb3d962e86eb7849140fb7770a1d5_hq.gif]

Name: Shantotto
Alias's or Titles: Doctor Shantotto, Professor Shantotto
Spent OM: 11,200
Consumed OM: 0 (for OM spent on items items, or OM permanently lost from respecs or refunding purchases)
Proficiencies (3200): Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Debuff (1000), Ranged Materialize (600)
Powers (0/8000): (list your powers and their prices)
Moves (2400): Freeze (300) Tornado (300) Flare (300) Burst (300) Quake (300) Flood (300) Stardust rod (300) Cloak of midnight: (300)
Super Moves (600): Chainspell (super utility) Earthen Tomb (Super defense) Dimensional Break (t1 Power up)
Transformations (0): (just the names and prices. You should give full details of each transformation below your base character stats, or on other pages)
Assists (0): (just the names and prices, same rules as transformations)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device
Artefacts: (just your currently held artefacts, if any. If stored in a base, indicate as such here)
Bases: (enter locations of bases you own here)
Unlocks (2); First Stat Upgrade, Second Stat Upgrade
Base stats:
ATK: 5 (+1) = 6
DEF: 1 (+1) = 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

About Shantotto:

CHARACTER HISTORY: Born in the Federation of Windhurst to two well known and respected mage parents Shantotto’s life of in the lap of luxury was almost assured.Shantotto’s rise to power came as she demonstrated amazing magical talents at an early age, able to produce spells in rapid succession seemingly without even a hint of fatigue. Her skill with magic made it easy for her to obtain the title of professor in the Windhurst magical academy where she taught for several year. Her teaching skills however came into question as multiple students over time were sent away with substantial injuries administered by the good Doctor herself.

Exiled from Windhurst she wandered Vanadiel and gathered followers. Following the outbreak of the Crystal war Shantotto fought with her followers against the true enemy of the world, while the petty nations fought amongst themselves. Over time Shantotto’s prowess in battle along with her keen tactical mind won the day as the combined forces of the three kingdoms and her own following won the day. Restoring Vanadiel back to a state of peace.

Regarded as the main contributor in the victory, the Federation of Windhurst reinstated Doctor Shantotto and hailed her as a great hero. Still the cost of life by her own hand was too staggering even for the black mage. This led to her creating autonomous puppets of herself. Each with a small fraction of her magical power she left on a short excursion to find herself and repent for the many lives taken by her hand. Upon her return to Windhurst Shantotto was shocked to find that one of her puppets had risen to power, claiming to have founded the Shantotto Empire. Once again Shantotto was tasked with protecting the lands of Vanadiel as she along with a single adventurer took out the pretender and set things right once more.

Not long after these events Shantotto studied interdimensional travel and found study material as she was summoned by the Goddess Materia who was locked in near eternal combat with her brother Spiritus. Tasked with protecting Materia Shantotto confronted the God killer Gabranth as he approached Materia in an attempt to judge the Goddess of Cosmos. It took no time for the tarutaru to overwhelm the judge with spell after spell.

Shantotto returned back to Vanadiel where she once again was summoned a few years later. Her magical expertise once again proving to be a tide turner as the forces of Spiritus once again attempt to overtake the forces of Materia. This time not only serving as a tactician but also as a guide for both of the Celestial siblings forces as they overtook and ultimately destroyed the world dragon. A small portal spawned at Shantotto’s feet, her interest in studying it she stepped into it…. Finding herself inside of an intense blackness with a single white Celestial body sitting grinning before her


Shantotto is a Tarutaru a short race or people native to Vanadiel She has blond hair hept in twin pigtails. Her eyes are a light shade of brown that seem distant at all times. Shantotto is a mere 2’6” tall and seen almost exclusively wearing the relic armor of a Black Mage.
Her weapon a relic weapon of her own creation called the “Stardust Rod” is a long rod scepter with a opalescent focus.


Freeze: (300) OM  Ranged Materialize Proficiency / Debuf Proficiency.
Shantotto channels her magical powers for 6 seconds creating a small 5 foot wide maelstrom at target location this maelstrom does little damage as it swirls around the target. After 2 seconds the maelstrom flash freezes dealing moderate damage. It does not track the target and can be evaded by leaving the area of effect.

This attack applies a debuff to target on hit that increases the damage dealt by the next spell Shantotto uses. This debuff lasts 10 seconds.

Shantotto is slightly strained using this spell.
Freeze has a 60 foot range.

Tornado: (300) OM (Ranged Materialize Proficiency/ Debuff Proficiency/ Area of effect) Shantotto roots herself for three seconds where she is unable to move but can defend herself with her Stardust Rod to summon a gust of wind in the target location, the gust gradually grows to a full scale tornado spanning 15 feet over the next three seconds where anyone, friend or foe takes moderate damage and is tossed up into the air. The duration of time in the air is determined by the difference between the ATT of Shantotto and the Def of the target, allowing up to 5 seconds of air time max (with a difference of 5 points in stat)

This move is moderately draining and can not be cast twice in a row.
This attack has a range of 60 feet

Flood: (300 OM) Ranged proficiency/ Debuff proficiency.

Shantotto channels for 3 seconds before unleashing a torrent of high speed water from her stardust rod, this water stream is 3 feet wide and can be maintained for up to 6 seconds. It does low damage but can push an opponent away to provide distance to Shantotto. This attack has a 60 foot range and applies the “Wet” Debuff making the opponent uncomfortable and more susceptible to lightning based attacks such as “Burst”

This attack has a low stamina drain.

[Image: ele100_b_g_03.gif.66eb185cf76b26b3e8e51ebdef8185c4.gif]
(300 OM) Ranged materialize/ Debuff proficiency/ Area of effect Proficiency.

Shantotto channels for 5 seconds, during this time she can move around at a walk and defend herself, as well as cast a secondary spell if it requires little focus (5 second charge or less) allowing Shantotto to chain spells. After 5 seconds of focus Shantotto devastates the ground below the target in a 7 foot wide area, the ground is turned into an unstable mess of rotating stones that damage the legs of the target slowly over time for 15 seconds during which the target’s legs are shaken up and therefore slower to react, the ground is reformed into columns of shattered stone pillars. This spell does lower damage than her other spells but also takes less energy to use. This attack hits friend or foe in the area, but can not hit flying targets.

This spell has a range of 60 feet.

Burst (600 OM) Ranged materialize/ Debuff proficiency.

Shantotto channels for 10 seconds where she is unable to move or defend herself for the first 5 seconds, after the initial 5 seconds Shantotto can defend herself with her stardust rod. After channeling Shantotto calls forth three lightning bolts that strike down from above the target.

This attack does a great deal of damage. But requires great deal of stamina to cast (like running a 100m dash), If the target is under the effect of the “Wet” Debuff (from spell: Flood) this attack stuns the target for 2 seconds and deals extra damage.

This spell has a range of 60 feet.

Flare 300OM (Ranged Materialize/ area of effect/ debuff proficiency) Shantotto roots herself in place for four seconds where she can only move her arms. After a half second delay the air around a target location compresses rapidly in a power vacuum that draws the air inwards towards the detonation point. For another half second the air compresses until it explodes outward like a high explosive bomb right after. The area is then instantly engulfed in liquid fire that shares a lot of similarities to napalm. This liquid fire coats and burns anyone, be it friend or foe in the 15 foot blast diameter. The burn lasts for ten seconds but can be ended prematurely if action is taken to do so. The initial damage of this spell is very high towards the center and gets weaker towards the edges of the effective area, the burn effect deals little damage and can cause enough of a distraction to interrupt anyone who is channeling. This spell requires a great deal of Shantottos mana to cast and leaves her greatly drained after using it. This spell has a 75 foot range making it effective as an artillery style attack, but Shantotto can not use this attack more than twice over the course of a battle.

Cloak of midnight: 300 OM (Ranged Proficiency / Debuff proficiency / Area attack /ranged materialize ) Shantotto focuses her magic for four seconds to create a ring around someone with a diameter of 15 feet. This ring is static and does not move. A wall of jet black magic shoots up 25 feet along the ring obscuring anything inside the ring from view. This ring lasts for an initial time of ten seconds. during which Shantotto can only walk and use her stardust rod. Any friend or foe passing through the wall is would feel nausea and slight weakness similar to if one had the flu. This effect last for 5 seconds. Living things are blinded for three seconds after passing through the wall. This spell has a 45 foot range.

This spell does no damage.

The initial charge of four seconds takes a moderate amount of mana to use and it drains Shantotto as if she performed a 50m dash.

Stardust rod (300 om):
Shantotto’s personal mage staff, this two foot long weapon is nearly the same size as the mage who wields it. This weapon serves as a conduit to channel her spells.

It is best described as a polished wooden staff with gold embellishment holding a large opal like crystal focus on the tip held in place by more gold.

Summoning the stardust rod takes only the blink of an eye but requires a small bit of stamina to do multiple times, Shantotto can keep the weapon on her back at all times to reduce the need to summon it. The rod itself is a fragile tool and can break if struck hard.

The stardust rod is capable of being used to create a small shield of dark magic at the focus of the rod to block or deflect incoming attacks away from Shantotto’s body. The shield activates prior to the incoming attack or projectile makes contact with the rod or Shantotto so as to prevent any damage to the rod itself. The shield is a two-foot wide circle. Shantotto will usually create it at a slant to reduce the shield strength needed to deflect an attack. Doing so requires enough time for Shantotto to react and a 1/4th second to focus. As well as a small amount of her stamina, however constantly using this to redirect incoming blows can quickly tire her out. Once created, the shield does not move with the staff and if unbroken lingers for up to half a second (or until a new shield is created).

Blows that manage to strike the Stardust rod will often shatter its focus (the crystal orb on the tip, and heavy strikes risk breaking the rod entirely. Forcing her to resummon it should it be broken.) Due to the fragile nature this weapon can not be used as a melee weapon.

Bio (600 om) Ranged proficiency / Debuff Proficiency

Shantotto channels for one second, staying stationary and unable to defend herself with her stardust rod, before launching a ball of swirling green and black liquid at her target, the ball is roughly 4 inches in diameter and continues to swirl around as it flies. It travels faster than an arrow but slower than a bullet at roughly 200m per second.

This ball splatters on impact coating any surface or person struck by it with a corrosive compound deals stings the target but does no real damage, however the next attack that hits deals moderately increased damage. This debuff lasts for 7 seconds giving a narrow window of opportunity.

This attack takes a moderate amount of stamina to cast and can be cast consecutively up to 5 times to stack up the increased damage effect up to 5 times for the next attack that hits. The Duration of the debuff gets increased by 3 seconds per successful hit up to a maximum of 7 seconds. Using all five uses is very tiring. In addition if all 5 shots are used up Shantotto has to wait ten minutes before being able to use the attack again.

Super moves:

Chainspell: T1 Super Utility. (600) OM (1SP cost) Shantotto channels her focus for ten seconds where she can move at a walk and defend herself with her stardust rod. After completing the channeling she is able to cast the next six spells (that she has purchased) with a one second cast time. (this effect is limited to spells with a 10 second or less cast time) with a slightly higher stamina cost.

This utility move lasts for ten seconds forcing her to fire the spells off one right after another

This effect is draining on Shantotto, and can be blocked by a Super defense.

Earthen Tomb: T1 SD (600 om)

Shantotto summons the combined might of the elements creating a physical barrier between her and an incoming attack. This spell activates and disrupts the ground below Shantotto creating a crater that lowers her by two feet, The crater is 3 feet wide, around the rim of the crater raises up over the surrounding area making a 6 inch thick solid stone wall at the edge of the crater facing the incoming attack that is 3 feet high and three feet wide. It can stop incoming T1 attacks and weaken t2 or higher attacks. The crater is persistent but the wall crumbles after receiving a super attack, the wall can be damaged by normal moves but is resistant to weak attacks and will crumble if struck by strong moves three times or if thirty seconds pass.


None as of this time


Power ups:
Dimensional Break .01% (1000 OM) 1SP per post. (T1 Power up)
Shantotto uses her vast understanding of magic and how different universes operate to "break" the very rules of the omniverse, granting her .01% of her true combat potential. As it is an unlock of her own power there is no physical/mental change.
at most she may taunt her opponant

During which she has an increase of



Quick Shantotto Guide.

Shantotto's Combat style:

Shantotto prefers to keep ehr distance, however will not shy from targeting her current location in order to hurt her opponant. Her spells are powerfull with a wide area of effect. Should her opponant close the distance, the mage will use the shield from her stardust rod to midigate damage incoming to her.

Playing as Shantotto:
Shantotto is cocky, but with good reason, she knows her own strengths very well. She will taunt you while pummeling you with spells. Diolauge is very important when playing as Shantotto.


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