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[Quest-M] In Westside We Trust

A big gasp come out of Jacket's mouth from a horrible nightmare he had, making him shot up from his sleep. His eyes blinked a couple of times and noticed he was fully awakened from his slumber. He looked back at the alarm clock sitting on his nightstand next to the bed reading 7:14 AM. There really wasn't time for him to sleep since it was almost the normal morning hour for him to wake up. His hand reached out for the alarm clock and set the alarm to never go off now. After that, his arm retracted back to the bed where he was still laying. Jacket didn't waste time anymore and got out of bed then headed out of his bedroom. The artificial morning sky of Tier Four shined through the window of the bedroom which gave lighting for Jacket. He slowly moved to the kitchen to take his time after an unnerving night.

The grieving prime plopped himself down into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. His elbows went on top the table with arms positioned so he could bury his face in his hands. The morning blond hair was messy and not very well combed down. He was too tired to shed any more tears since he let them all out from last night. His stomach growled from the bowels for breakfast, but depression weighed him down. It's tough reuniting with a loved one from a previous life than losing them on that same day. Life wasn't easy on Jacket and it has never been when he lived back in the previous century.

At some time, Jacket had a little courage to summon breakfast but just a simple meal that involved scrambled eggs and a piece of butter toast. The sparkling rich particles came out of the omnilium and formed the meal right in front of his eyes. It came off with a rich smell that anyone experienced when someone was cooking breakfast. The eggs steamed with a mouthwatering touch and the crunchy toast glistened with butter spread over the top. A fork was right next to the plate and Jacket's body made him eat something. He took the fork and pierced a piece of the eggs with it. The piece of egg moved toward his mouth and took a soft bite out of it. This food did lighten his spirits up just a little bit than Jacket wasted no time to leave his meal out longer.

After eating breakfast, he went off to do his daily hygiene routines that involved brushing his teeth, combing his hair, flossing, putting on deodorant, and shaving. Fifteen minutes later, Jacket sat on the couch fully cleaned and dressed for the day in his casual clothing. He turned on the flat screen television due to the boredom getting to him. The lonely prime flipped through the channels that some consisted commercials, political news talking about the Empire's daily politics, reality shows, sports, and drama shows. He decided just to see what the action news had to say about Coruscant's recent events. The female news anchor first opened with a story about the members of the growing "Avengers" were recently detained by the EPD from a crime they caused.

Jacket had enough watched the news for about twenty minutes and shut the television off. He got up from the couch and decided maybe he should get out and at least maybe visit a couple places here in Tier Four that isn't shady. Since after all, Jacket really hasn't visited or gone sightseeing in this part of the city yet. At least it didn't look or feel as bad as the other lower tiers. Imperial activity wasn't heavily here but it felt their presence on this tier was cut in half compared to the upper tiers. In his mind, he thought going to a local bar or somewhere would help get Luci off his brain, maybe. Jacket made his way to the apartment's door and opened it. An envelope laid in front of the door to his apartment. He picked up the envelope and felt it around for a bit to make sure there wasn't anything suspicious inside. The only thing he could feel was paper and decided to open the envelope. Jacket pulled out a folded paper than unfolded it to see what it said. It was handwritten and the letter read out in these words.

"Meet at this certain address. It's very important." - Chirpa

Chirpa sounded like a familiar name to Jacket but it took a moment to realize who he was. His girlfriend was friends with him and he appeared to be an aging short living teddy bear creature which locals call them Ewoks. Jacket fold the paper up and stuck it in his pocket to save the address. The ripped-up envelope was thrown away in a trashcan that was inside his apartment. Jacket walked through the complex and left the apartment building to enter the street. It was lively with people walking back and forth with different creatures wearing strange attires or normal clothing Jacket was used to. He brought out his omnilium and summoned his DeLorean in an empty parallel parking space. Once the car had appeared, Jacket opened the driver's gull wing door and shut it behind him. The sports car started up with the engine revving with a lively tune.

The prime drove out of the parking space and found a spot in the traffic for him to get on the road. Driving to the address took about fifty minutes due to the awful traffic jam on Tier Five. Once Jacket reached his destination, he realized Luci and himself were at this place last night going over plans for their mission. He pulled into the Junkyard that had piles of scrap and cars stacked on top of each other. Jacket slowed the car going about 10 mph, weaving around junk piles with his stainless-steel DeLorean. When he reached Chirpa's repair shop, the car was parked by him than shut off. Meanwhile, Chirpa was drinking black coffee out of a white mug with black letters over it saying, "Badass" while he monitored his security cameras for a minute. The scruffy Ewok noticed Jacket had just arrived and he exited the room to go to the front door.

Jacket got out of the car and shut the gull wing door behind him which he manually locked the car up. The smell of Tier Five came to his nose which was familiar with that old city smell he was used to in the 80s. Notably, here it smelt more like stinky exhaust coming out from diesel vehicles. He walked up to the door he could only find on this side of the shop. There was a doorbell that was installed, and Jacket pressed the button to get someone's attention. The door opened and Chirpa was the one that came to the door.

"Was there anyone that was following you?" Chirpa asked anxiously with his worn scruffy voice and but had a calm tone.

Jacket shook his head in a "no" response which made Chirpa relax a little.

"Alright then, come into my shop." Chirpa gave access to Jacket, letting the prime walk in.

The technician expert Ewok triple-locked the door behind Jacket than quickly followed him. Jacket noticed he was in a living room but not the best living room he has ever seen, the wallpaper was starting to fade, furniture looked pretty worn retro, one classic television box was set up on a wooden piece of furniture that had drawers, the couch and the recliners looks like parts of the once comfy furniture had rips with openings revealing the soft material they were made out of but still had use in them. Chirpa led Jacket into their underground kitchen which wasn't too big nor too small. The Ewok walked to the other end of a metallic kitchen table and pulled out an industrial chair. Jacket also joined him at the table that didn't have anything on its surface.

Afterward, they settle down at the table with Chirpa taking another drink out of his mug. He put the coffee down on the table following him clearing his throat.

"We need to talk," Chirpa said in a serious tone to the depressed prime.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

"I've got news that Luci is dead now and Omni knows when she'll show up again because in some cases when primes die off, some might take a long time to be revived and some may never return if Omni got bored of them. We don't know where her destiny lies but hopefully, she'll return. In the meantime, we gotta get things done and not mourn for too long because Westside is in chaos without Luci's presence. Two of our top leaders are now in the slammer and their people have become restless about their absence. Fightin' has been happening in the two gangs known as The Mighty Klingons and The Deathblades," Chirpa paused for Jacket to get all the information acknowledged.

Jacket nodded in a "yes" response to him listening to what Chirpa said.

"Now, if you're not familiar with the gangs yet. The Mighty Klingons is a gang that is made up of Klingon warriors and they are an alien race. They need to be taken seriously since they're not the typical street gangs that you see every day in Tier Five. Their boss was Koloth, a dangerous leader who's very strict with his ranks. He would severely punish ones who he called weaklings and cowards. It takes time to get proper respect from him and he'll give respect to ones he deems to be true warriors," Chirpa paused again for Jacket to obtain all the knowledge of this conversation.

"Lastly, The Deathblades is a group of orphans who dress up and act like their favorite cartoon tv shows they watch. I wouldn't really call these kids a joke since they are cunning to their plans. ‘Shadow-Kill' was their leader and was taken into custody. Without their leader, kids will be kids about taking leadership which we know there isn't a whole lot of maturity into that. The reason why I'm telling you all of this is that we need someone to fill in Luci's place while she's absent and I trust that you can fit the role since I see how she is around you," Chirpa explained about the situation and took a drink of his coffee.

"I'm sorry Chirpa, but I don't think I'm suited for this role. I have never been apart of gangs before so far as I can remember in my previous life. Plus, I never experienced being a leader. All I thought I would be is the muscle to help fight back your enemies. It's best for you to find someone else that is very close to Luci and who already has recognition with these gangs," Jacket announced about his thoughts and feelings about this topic.

"Listen, I'm afraid to give the leadership position to someone else because they could abuse their power. Not many people here have the same vision as Luci has for Westside but you might see the same way as she does," Chirpa said and was disappointed about Jacket's response to the situation.

Jacket got up from the table and thank Chirpa for the talk before he decided to leave but Chirpa caught his attention one more time.

"So that's it, huh? You just gonna leave your girlfriend's hard-built alliance and let it if fall into disaster. I had respect for you on just how Luci treated you. Your relationship looked like a strong bond you had with each other. Now, you're doing the coward's way out," Chirpa said in his upset scruffy voice toward Jacket's actions.

This made Jacket turn around immediately to see Chirpa again for what he accused him of.

"Well, why the hell you aren't taking actions since you been here from the start!" Jacket spit out the hostile remark toward Chirpa.

"Because I'm getting too old goddammit! We don't have any other primes here so when we secondaries die, all of us won't come back, permanently," Chirpa raised his voice back at Jacket which made the prime feel bad about his actions.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation as they grow quietly.

"Look, kid. All I'm asking is that you do the right thing and be a real hero. Luci would want you to do the same thing too," Chirpa finished while getting up from the table with his coffee mug.

The elder Ewok waddled his way out of the kitchen and said one last thing while standing next to Jacket.

"Please, for the future of our home," Chirpa asked Jacket in a low subtle tone while looking up to him.

Jacket thought for a moment about what Chirpa was offering to him. After a minute of collecting his thoughts, he had his answer.

"Fine, I'll do it." Jacket responded softly toward the elder Ewok.

His response made Chirpa smile with hope about Jacket's decision.

"Follow me." Chirpa requested Jacket to walk with him to his garage.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

They entered Chirpa's garage where he had a variety of cars he was working on. Some were simple projects and others were complex such as making it combat durable. Engineering droids surrounded some vehicles and a handful of Ewoks helped too. Most of them were greasy and blackened from working under the hood of the cars. Jacket examined the environment and could tell Chirpa had a nice operation center for undergoing maintenance on the Westside's transports. The leader of the Westside Ewoks led Jacket over to a certain red toolbox that held info to the gangs he was allied with. Chirpa opened the hefty toolbox's lowest drawer that had a holographic digital pad and he grabbed it. His fingers activated the data pad to boot up. This advanced technology's screen buzzed with life, showing files and copies Chirpa kept digitally.

 He searched through the device's hard drive for some files that contained more info about the Mighty Klingons and Deathblades. He tapped the holographic screen several times to pull it up.

"You got a Mobile Dataverse Device?" Chirpa asked Jacket but the prime replied with a no.

"Well, you have one now," Chirpa said grabbing a mobile device out of the opened lowest toolbox drawer and tossed it to Jacket.

The blonde headed prime caught it in his hand and examined this strange technological piece.

"I'm going to transfer you the data to that device, so you can have it on hand when you first encounter the two gangs. Just think as it more like a study guide before you take a test or something," Chirpa told Jacket on what to do with the information.

Chirpa tapped on the holographic screen more and sent the information to Jacket's new mobile gadget he had in his hands.

"Turn it on and see if the emails came through," Chirpa requested for Jacket and of course he followed through.

Jacket turned the cellular device on and searched for this thing so-called "emails". He's hasn't been familiar with all the advanced technology yet. After two minutes of getting comfortable with the Dataverse gadget, the prime found the new emails and checked them out. When he was finished making sure, he turned off the device and it now had a connection with his omnilium, making it disappeared than transfer back to the colorful orb that was in one of his pockets. Chirpa was glad that Jacket was following along with the plans so far.

"Now, there isn't no particular order about which gang to go to first. Just meet with the one you feel most comfortable with. Oh, before you go, watch your back while you are out on those streets. Apparently, This Hulgom Fisteye guy has put out a bounty with your head on it and he's a member of The Orc Mafia." Chirpa finished the discussion and Jacket nodded in a yes response.

Jacket turned away and walked across the shop, toward an exit where he can get outside. Chirpa watched Jacket leave his shop and spoken softly to himself.

"I hope I counted my eggs right to give this man a responsible position. May Westside live." Chirpa said softly to himself with the thoughts of his actions that ran through his mind.

Jacket arrived at his parked sleek stainless beautiful DeLorean that awaited him. By unlocking the car manually, he opened the driver's gullwing door with it swinging upward in a satisfying fashion. The blonde prime stepped into the car and shut the door behind him. He started the car with the engine bursting with a successful startup tune. Jacket shifted gears and drove his way out of Chirpa's complex.

Before getting out on the street, he parked at the edge of the road and read the emails once more. The Mighty Klingons were the ones that Jacket was interested in and plotted to go there first. His hand reached out for his GPS system and set a destination to arrive at where the Klingons' hideout was.

The car accelerated onto the street with swift speed, but other advanced cars would be faster compared to this factory base DeLorean. He drove away from Chirpa's property and followed the directions that his GPS pronounced to him.


Somewhere on Tier Five in a ghetto apartment complex…

An alien bounty hunter lived in one of the living spaces that wasn't well maintained or up to date on Coruscant's futuristic appearance. A scraping noise can be heard throughout his apartment, with a machete that was being sharpened. He sat on his ruff couch that looked to be old and parts of it were torn, showing the cotton material it was made of. In his hands, was the machete he was preparing for any upcoming jobs he was planning to attend to. This alien's species was a Gromflamite, an insect humanoid with amber arthropod eyes and a pale green exoskeleton that was similar to a fly. He didn't wear any clothes, showing off his insect well-maintained body. A soft humming tune was being made by him as the machete was sharpened to be deadly. Suddenly, his mobile Dataverse device buzzed with a notification.

This made him stop sharpening his weapon and pick up the mobile gadget. The notification belonged to the bounty boards and he unlocked the screen. He scrolled through and found the Orc Mafia's bounty that was placed on Jacket's head. To him, this prime didn't look tough, but he knew that primes can be full of surprises. The hunter saved the bounty's information and locked his device. This was the kind of bounties he loved doing since it involved with the underworld of Coruscant. His preference for clients was usually anybody that isn't involved with Empire since half of the things he owned are illegal.

The insect bounty hunter got up from the couch and walked across the living room to get to one specific wooden floorboard. There was a crowbar that was stashed near that piece of floor. He used it to pry the plank of wood to open and after removing the plank, his hidden weapon cache was revealed that had advanced blasters and equipment. The weapon stash reflected in his eyes while his mind thought about the possibility of more money.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

At the far end of the Fifth Tier, Jacket parallel parked outside of an alleyway that the certain address led him to. Apparently, the Klingon's main headquarters was earlier confiscated by the EPD so the remainder of the gang fled to one of their minor turfs. Strange, Jacket thought they would be located at a bigger building complex rather than this small run-down neighborhood of apartments where the working class of Coruscant would live at. The lustrous driver side gullwing stainless-steel door was opened by him, swinging upward in a swift motion. He got out of the car then locked it with his keys. Jacket walked to the littered alleyway that had trash cans and dumpsters on both sides. The alleyway didn't go far since it had a dead end. Without hesitation, Jacket began to make his way down the dirtied alley.

He kept an eye out for anything that would give out a clue that it was a hideout. It didn't take him too long to find a steel door with a sliding peephole for the guard to see who was at the entrance which was on his left side. The blonde headed prime faced the door and proceeded to knock heavily on it to get someone's attention. After a split second when he finished his knock, someone responded immediately and slid the cover from the peephole.

"Get lost, creep! You know any better than roaming around this part of town," the Klingon guard spoke behind the door while he kept his eye on Jacket.

"I've come here representing Westside," Jacket tried to persuade the stubborn alien guard.

"Anyone can say that. You could very well be a spy. Get lost now or you'll get a one-way ticket to visiting death," The Klingon brute warned Jacket but that didn't make him fear for his life.

"I was sent here from Chirpa and I have unsettling news… Luci is dead," Jacket flat out said to the Klingon.

"Yeah right, no one can kill that little graffiti queen. Many have tried before." the Klingon chuckled off the news he thought was fake.

"I'm being dead fucking serious right now and I know your leader has been taken into custody by the Empire. All I want to do is help out. I don't intend to take your leader's place. My purpose here is to get Westside back on track and focus on our goals." Jacket mentioned in a serious tone he is meaning that there was no joking around.

The guardsman growled at Jacket's words he spoke with persuasion. Their gang was in a mess right now without their main boss around.

"Fine, I'll let the others know about your arrival but don't think that your out of the woods yet thinking you have our respect. In our own ways, we have grand expectations for anyone willing to stand with us to be our ally." the Klingon stated and shut the peephole closed in a rough manner.

Jacket stood at the door for almost four minutes to get a response from the gang. The same Klingon came back and opened the door for the prime. He proceeded into the Mighty Klingons' home for the time being. Behind him, the door was shut hard by the guardsman as he kept an eye on him. There was no trust that Jacket felt coming from the first Klingon he contacted but that didn't bother him. He started walking down a hallway that led to somewhere. Soon enough, the place he entered was a rustic old town bar that had Klingons filled the room. Nowhere was another species that wasn't Klingon which did make Jacket feel alienated. By the time he set foot toward the center of the room, the gang members stop conversating and were distracted by Jacket, making him feel like he's gotten everyone's attention.

An unsettling silence filled the place to which Jacket's mind was racing with possibilities that may turn out bad for his next move.

"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Jacket and I come here on behalf of Westside. Everybody at this point should know who Luci is. I'm sorry to say she has passed recently and it has broken my heart too. Do not be let down by this news. Instead, let it fuel the rage you have currently going on now from your leader's disappearance. I come here not to intend to take your boss's place nor Luci's place. I've come here today to step forward with Westside and help with our mission to take these streets away from our sworn enemies. We-" Jacket was interrupted by a particular Klingon who entered the room from an opposite direction where the prime came from.

"That's enough human, we've heard enough from you." a Klingon said standing with two other ones that wore a Mighty Klingons officer uniform similar to him.

The rest of the gang members present in the bar seem to be others that don't have a high ranking.

"Follow us," the high-ranking Klingon commanded Jacket by his voice filled with authority.

Jacket nodded and proceeded to follow the trio to another room in their home. A couple minutes later, they all sit at an oval table in a private room that had only one light source which was an electric lamp hanging above the table. The room's atmosphere felt like it was a place to bargain on certain topics. Jacket sat at the other end and they allowed him to smoke a cigarette. An ashtray was placed in front of the human prime that had some remains of the tobacco he's currently smoking. The cigarette glowed with a fiery amber color each time that Jacket inhaled the substance. A puff of smoke escaped his mouth, making the room hazy. One Klingon warrior stood outside of the room on guard for his higher-ups' sake. One Klingon lieutenant spoke to start their interaction on this new character who claimed he's a part of Westside.

"We can tell that you aren't an ordinary weakling human and agree that you are a prime that Omni has brought forth into the extraordinary Omniverse. You are not an enemy to us since we predicted that they would do something for desperate measures to destroy us at any time now. What you are to us is nothing but an outsider to our clan. There is a way to transform an outsider title to an ally one." the Klingon offered to Jacket who continued to smoke while listening.

He nodded to let them know he's paying attention to they ask him to do.

"Yes, you must prove to us that you carry a tremendous warrior spirit like all Klingon carry." A different Klingon lieutenant said with his voice filled with a bold tone.

"We will put you up for a trial to take out one of the enemies that have been well, a burden to us lately on progress. Eradicate them and you will have a start in a responsible brotherhood to partake of for the Westside Mighty Klingons," The Klingon lieutenant spoke, sitting in the middle of his other two brothers.

"Deal." Jacket agreed with while puffing out the last smoke cloud from his mouth than smothered the burnt cigarette into the ashtray.

"Very well then, your first blood to pour onto the streets in the Klingon name is the Third Street Fangs. Our recon has found where they're hiding out. They are nothing but degenerate rats infested in our operations that we are trying to continue while our boss is gone. Come back here with the leader's head for proof that you have completed your task. As promised you will have an introductory into the Westside Mighty Klingons. Now leave and don't come back here unless you have the evidence." The Klingon lieutenant instructed him in a bold tone which Jacket nodded to and made his way out of the room.

The address of the rival gang's hideout was given to the blonde headed prime. Afterward, he left the premises of the Klingons' hideout and headed toward his parked Delorean at the street. Jacket got into his car and shut the driver's gullwing door behind him. The eighties stainless steel sports car started up and hummed with life. While parked, Jacket added the address to the GPS so it can aid him on his trip. He shifted into gear and began driving down the street to wherever this gang was hiding out.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

The DeLorean rolled down an empty street of the poor modern architect that was once bustling with life that the upper tiers have taken. Jacket kept one hand on the stirring wheel while shifting gears to slow down. He cruised down the street while he was hundreds of feet away from his destination. The GPS gone off with a robotic female voice announcing Jacket was at his destination. Jacket parallel parked the car and killed the engine from turning his key away from the ignition. His gullwing door swung open, revealing him his identity covered up with his chicken mask. He shut the door behind him as he moved across the empty littered street with no life. Across the street was an abandoned Victorian Hotel that appeared to be left in the dust for eternity. Graffiti signatures covered parts of the building that vandals made. Half of the windows were shattered and boarded up with little signs on them saying "No Trespassing".

Jacket continued to walk toward the three-floor hotel which gave it away to be the Fangs home since the graffiti signature had their names all over it. While walking, the omnilium in his pocket began to glow to summon one of his weapons that he desired. A wooden bat showed up in his right hand while he held the sports weapon at a low angle with the top pointing toward the asphalt surface of the street. He went toward the little flight of steps leading to the wooden antique double door entrance. The doors were opened by him which surprised one of the Fangs gang members that stood guard at the door. A male human Caucasian wore a grey hoody with painted yellow letters spelled on his back "Third Street Fangs". His hood from the sweatshirt covered most of the gang member's head but his face was exposed.

In a staggering fast motion, the gang member grabbed a metal pipe that leaned against a wall to defend himself from the intruder. Jacket ran up and attacked first with his bat, but the gang member followed in to block it. The prime hit his bat against the metal pipe that his opponent held. A grunt came out of the gang member's mouth from the vibration of Jacket's brutal move. After a split second of fighting for strength, Jacket kicked with his right foot which caused the gang member to hit his back against a pillar with a hard impact. Still, the metal pipe remained in his hand with a tight grasp but was lowered to his side after colliding with the pillar. The gang member was dazed from the kick but gathered his senses back to move out of the way from Jacket's bat that was swung in a harmful motion.

A loud bang noise was made with the wooden bat hitting the wall so hard. Jacket's enemy faced him with his pipe raise to make a move to stop him, but Jacket turned quick to meet eye contact and made another quick swing to the gang member's head. Jacket's attack was successful and knocked his opponent on the ground from the critical hit. The Fangs member's hands by instinct went to cover his head from the painful hit that he took. He screamed in pain, but Jacket didn't waste any time and finished him off by smashing the bat violently on the victim's skull, repeatedly. After Jacket was finished beating the gang member senselessly, the identity of the victim was unrecognizable and horrifying, appearing as if it was a scene from a slasher flick.

Blood covered the lower part of  Jacket's body and half of his bat was soaked from gore. Suddenly, yelling could be heard coming from further down of the trashed main lobby where the masked killer stood at. He realized that there were other gang members that witnessed the scene. Most of them drew their firearms out and opened fire on Jacket. The masked prime made a quick dodge roll toward another dirtied pillar for cover. His omnium began to glow from the pocket to retrieve his bat back in the orb. This time, Jacket summoned a desert eagle for his choice of firearm. He slid part of the gun back to cock the hammer into place. Apparently, the gangs' firearms consisted were some having guns that fired bullets or black-market blasters. From the bullets impacting, parts of the pillar began to chip off making his cover crumbling apart. When the Fangs members had to reload, Jacket got out of cover and aimed down the iron sites to land his shots.

Four shots were fired by him and three members died from his precise shots. Others grabbed for cover quickly behind anything that was solid and durable. Some of them reloaded quickly during Jacket's turn and shot back at him before he could empty his clip. This made him duck behind the decaying pillar again, but he had a goal and that was to move up closer to get a better range. Soon after the Fangs members had to reload again, Jacket moved up with a burst of quick movement. While moving, one gang member got his weapon fully reloaded and fired back at Jacket. Blaster bolts whizzed past his head before he ducked down for cover behind the front dusty wooden desk. The material was decaying from how long it sat here and possibly not protect him for a good period of time.

Jacket poked his head out again to get a couple of shots. The trigger was pulled at a fast rate, causing four more bullets to become airborne at his targets. Inside the clip, no bullets remained so he reloaded his gun. Two of the bullets hit one guy causing him to go down on the floor while bleeding out. The two other bullets killed one gang member in a similar way as the previous one. Three members remained left in this lobby, making them feel tension and nervousness about their lives. They laid suppressive fire upon the desk, causing it to shred up even more. From his cover becoming destroyed, Jacket summoned another desert eagle to go dual wielding. He leaped over the desk quickly with two pistols in his hands. He simultaneously opened fire on the three remaining gang members that stood out in the open from their covers. They weren't too far away from where Jacket stood now which was in the middle of the main lobby. Everyone from the Fangs dropped dead from Jacket's guns and bleed onto the floor with motionless expressions that were filled with death.

The masked killer hurried toward the end of the main lobby that led to the main stairwell of the hotel. He ran up the rotten fabric steps that had parts of it ripped out. After a minute ascending the stairwell, Jacket arrived on the second floor of the hotel. Gang members on the second floor talked back and forth at each other about tactics to encounter this single murderer. They get into their positions fast as they hear him coming up the steps. Jacket held his desert eagles straight out in front of him to fire at anyone on sight. As he set foot on the second floor, one lone Fangs member stood out in the middle of the hallway and began retreating with his melee weapon that appeared to be a cricket bat. The masked prime pulled the triggers on his guns and fired off a total of six bullets with three coming from each gun.

At the second he fired off his weapons, other Fang members unleashed hell upon Jacket with such sheer number of firepower from their guns/blasters. This made the prime dove for cover in an open hotel room on his right. The gang member he shot at earlier fell dead upon the floor with blood pouring out from the bullet holes that pierced his flesh. Jacket couldn't tell how many Fangs members were on this floor.  After there was a pause from the Fangs members trying to reload their weapons, Jacket got out of his cover and ran down the hallway to the closest room where he recalled that an enemy was taking cover at. When he turned to the room with a Fangs member was taking cover at, his sudden appearance startled the member but was shot down fast by Jacket.

The masked prime took cover in that room while the gang members shoot continuously, making their fresh clips run dry faster. He decided to change his weaponry again by summoning an Ithaca shotgun due to this environment becoming close quarters. When they had to reload again at the same time, Jacket pumped his weapon than moved out of cover with his shotgun aimed in both hands. He ran quickly down the hall in a menacingly way while on the lookout who will peep over their cover. When they all aimed at him, Jacket fired off his shotgun that filled the building with booms. His aim pinpointed the targets swiftly, making them become a gory mess between each pump. Four members were killed by him that were the remainders on this floor.

Jacket wasted no time and went back toward the stairwell, eager to kill more of these degenerates.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

The masked maniac prime kicked open the third-floor door with his shotgun reloaded. This hallway had the last remaining members of the Fangs and their leader was also present here. There were seven remaining gang members, counting the leader also. Jacket couldn't catch a good glance at the leader since they all opened fire when he entered. For his reaction, the prime did a quick dodge roll to a nearby flipped wooden table that could be used as a cover for the time being. He would blindly shoot his shotgun down the corridor while holding it over his head because of the intense firefight that could obliterate him. The desk that was his cover wouldn't last long so Jacket figured he will be forced to move. After firing all his shot from his Ithaca, the weapon was consumed by the omnilium rainbow orb and he summoned a silenced mac-10. The charging handle of the SMG was slid back by his left hand and he raised the gun upward, pointing towards the roof while he stayed crouched.

All the gang members on this floor were smarter compared to the ones below since they are reloading in a rhythmic way, so others concentrated firing upon the killer. With the table breaking, Jacket rolled tactically out from his cover and sprayed at any exposed gang members while crouched for a second. He didn't stop in a crouched position and sprinted to the nearest hotel room to protect him. During the process of firing his weapon, two members were killed by him. Once he entered the empty hotel room, Jacket reloaded his weapon in a quick pace to be on the lookout for anyone trying to catch him off guard. Two other gang members were ordered by their leader to go after him where he's hiding. They followed his orders proceeded down the hall while all of them ceased fire. Jacket was smart enough to figure out what they were doing. He saw this plenty of times back in the war when they were in close quarters combat with the enemy.

Jacket remained hidden in the darkest corner of the room with his silenced SMG aimed at the doorway. His grasp tightened on the gun with the climax filled his mind. When the two were at the opened doorway with their fingers about to pull the triggers, Jacket had the quickest draw and filled them with bullets from half of a clip. The two corpses fell on the floor and bled out from the bullet holes. Jacket was counting how many he has killed and knew there were only three left. He knew he had enough bullets to kill the remainder if used in a certain way. They all eagerly wait to see the next move from this masked murderer. His next attack, Jacket sprinted out of the room and down the hall with precise aim before the others fired their guns.

He pulled the trigger to do quick bursts to divide up his bullets on the three targets. Bullets and blaster bolts whizzed past him as he dodged in the hallway. Two gang members get killed by him, but the only survivor got wounded. One member slouched against the hallway wall, leaving a smeared blood trail while the other fallen back in the room he was once used as cover. The last one that remained was the leader of the Third Street Fangs who fallen after being shot and was in pain from the bullets that pierced his legs, making him immobile. Grunts and groaning could be heard from him while Jacket started walking closer to him with an empty gun. The Omnilium consumed his gun after Jacket desired for a fire ax that appeared in his right hand, with the weapon's blade heading hanging close to the ground.

The gang leader feared for his life as he tried to reach the black-market blaster rifle he dropped when his legs got shot up. With each effort, his hands got closer to the blaster but so was Jacket as he approached him. Before he was about to grab the weapon to save his life, Jacket kicked the blaster away. The weapon was out of reach and the leader had nothing to defend himself. As Jacket loomed over him, he could see the appearance of the leader now. A reptilian scaly skin tattoo design covered his entire body, but he was a Caucasian human under it. His eyes had contact lenses that made the pupils look like slits, just like a snake. Ring piercings were on his nose and one bead piercing in his tongue. Jacket could tell that fear had engulfed this leader who was once a predator of the streets above other smaller gangs but now became the prey of Jacket's killings. Before he was about to speak his last words, the masked primed swung his ax overhead and slammed the blade down upon the leader's neck that nearly chopped his head off but was still clinging on.

From the swung, the gang member already died with a big gash in his throat and amounts of blood pouring out of his neck while his eyes became lifeless. Jacket chipped at the leader's bald head for one more time and successfully decapitated the corpse. The fire ax was dropped by Jacket but when he let go the weapon, it vanished back into the omnilium. Since there was no hair on the head, Jacket thought he would carry out the evidence while using the leader's sweatshirt like a bag that became bloodied.  With everyone dead, the masked murderer went back downstairs of this abandoned hotel to the main lobby. Once he got on the ground floor, Jacket walked through the carnage he made and left the crime scene while carrying out the head in the gory mess sweatshirt.

When Jacket arrived at his DeLorean, he got in from the driver's side and shut the gull wing door behind him. He put the sweatshirt with the severed head in the passenger's floorboard to hide from the public. Once he hid it away, Jacket took his mask off and let his orb of Omnilium to store it. Afterward, the car started up by him and drove away from the scene. The DeLorean moved toward the direction where The Westside Mighty Klingons hideout was.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

A Fangs gang red stained sweatshirt was thrown on the table with that kept the leader's head. The Klingon Lieutenants looked back up to Ash as they sat at the table, inside the same room they were discussing in earlier. They were impressed how fast Jacket killed them and knew that he didn't have any magical powers to rely on. The Klingon who sat in the middle of the trio spoke out about Jacket's return.

"I'm impressed human, most impressed. You managed to kill a growing amateur gang under a few hours. You very well do contain a true warrior's spirit on completing our task. All of us agree that you do have potential to become a powerful addition to the Westside and the Mighty Klingons. I am pleased with what you have just done but we still have many things left to get on the table to become the top of the streets. On our behalf, we welcome you to the Mighty Klingons. Now, let us combine our brotherly blood." The Klingon lieutenant spoke with pride and loyalty to Jacket who stood at the table.

The lieutenants stood up too in a confident stance as they faced Jacket. While standing, the lieutenant in the middle pulled out a Klingon-made dagger and slashed his right hand, leaving a cut that opened with seeping blood. Jacket reach out his right hand and knew what they were doing, offering to be cut too. The Klingon torn Jacket's palm with the dagger but not in a brutal way since the slice made in his hand was a light one to draw blood. Both of their hands clasped together with a firm handshake that now has bonded a new brotherhood. Afterward, Jacket felt humble of what has been done and announced he must be on his way to meet the Westside Deathblades.

They allow him to leave the premises and do more for Westside. Now, Jacket has full access to their official hideout and was welcome to come back anytime. The blonde headed prime exited the Mighty Klingons hangout and proceeded to his parked DeLorean at the opening of the dirtied alleyway. Once he got to his car, he entered on the driver's side and shut the gull wing door behind him. His car started from his key switching to ignition and pulled out of the parking space. Jacket drove down the street that didn't have too much traffic on and set his GPS on where the Westside Deathblades were located according to the information that Chirpa gave him.

His radio continued to play the 80s radio station he always listened to when he was driving. The artificial afternoon sky of Tier Five lit up that help to tell the time of the day for citizens down here. He kept his eyes on the road as he drove forty miles per hour down the road with no hurrying on his mind. While driving, Jacket decided to switch his driver's window down. The centerpiece of the window began to slide down by the motor as Jacket pressed his finger down on the switch. When fully down, Jacket pulled a cigarette out of the pack that was in his letterman's pocket and put it in his mouth, with his lips holding it steadily. He opened the center console and fished around for the lighter while he drove straight with one hand on the stirring wheel. After finding the lighter, the center console was closed by him and he flicked the metallic lighter's top open. He messed with it a for fifteen seconds to get a little fiery flame going.

At the time when the lighter ignited, he put it close to his mouth to light the cigarette and puffed it a few times to get it going. After fully burning, Jacket closed the lighter up and put it in another letterman's pockets to hold on to. As he smoked, he held the cigarette out the window with his left index finger and middle finger. Jacket reached to a highway ramp that the GPS was telling him to turn at and which he did. At the time he was on the highway, Jacket pressed down on the gas pedal a little harder to pick up speed along the rest of the traffic and headed toward more downtown where the Westside Deathblades reside at. He kept watch of his rpm on the instrument cluster and pressed the clutch to switch gears. From one gear to the next, he was passing traffic while he turned up his radio little louder that played "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil.

Twenty minutes later, Jacket became stuck with the impatient traffic and was trapped there. Horns were blasting at each other and some yelling or cursing out their windows. On the other hand, Jacket was a little irritable by this situation but remained calm and had some patience left in him while the cigarette in his mouth was still burning. He blew smoke out of his mouth as he took the cigarette by the two same fingers and laid his hand outside of the car's window. From sitting there for a while, his eyes sort of became heavy and filled with boredom due to his car not moving an inch. As he closed his eyes for ten seconds, a voice was heard in his car while the radio was turned down since it was playing commercials.

"Hi, baby," a familiar woman's voice spoke and Jacket's car, that caused him to wake up instantly to see his twisted brain's image of Luci sitting in the passenger seat with red vibrant colors, covered her entire body and her hair was also red.

Jacket looked back with that same bored expression he had earlier that was in his eyes. The Luci figure stared back in anger as if she was going to kill him.

"You still haven't avenged me yet from the horrible death I have suffered from. You're still a useless piece of shit like you were just yesterday!" the image of Luci fumed with anger and hatred toward him, but Jacket kept his cool.

"You're not real." Jacket said softly as he turned away from the imagination of Luci while he looked out the driver's window.

"Don't you shut out on me you fucking pig! I'll drag you along to hell with me if you don't listen to me!" the twisted thought of Luci screamed at Jacket while her hair was becoming messier, less than straight.

Her eyes were filled with torment and wrath as if she was ready to kill Jacket. The blonde headed prime smoked calmly with his cigarette that was about to die and blew more through his nostrils while the butt was in his mouth. He got the finished crummy cigarette out of his mouth and flicked it out the window while the traffic was still present. His head turned back to her with his eyes locking up with her's, ready to speak once more.

"Luci wouldn't say those words to me. I just realized she wouldn't get mad at me if I had to move on with no choice. She didn't just save me to live another day but to make sure at the moment that Westside was in good hands. However, what you are, you're nothing more than a fake screaming psychotic bitch that plays more with my mind that has already been tainted." Jacket responded coldly at the anger version of Luci.

She screamed once more in fury and pulled out a handgun from her hip and fire a bullet at Jacket. Suddenly, a blaring horn coming from a hover car behind his DeLorean woke him up. He realized there was room for him to move forward. His foot pressed down on the gas pedal for his car to move forward. The same cigarette from before was still burning in his mouth as he focused on the traffic. He realized after all that, it was just a sick dream. However, Luci was on his mind now and hoped that Omni has redeemed her with life once more.

After thirty minutes, Jacket finally passed the congested part of traffic and continued onward. Shortly after getting away, his GPS told him to make a turn on an exit ramp now. Jacket followed and exited the freeway, down to the city below him. This district of Tier Five appeared to be an urban neighborhood/tourist area with apartments and houses that take up the area along with stores even restaurants. He made a right turn at the red light that awaited at the end of the exit ramp. Traffic here was average and was easy to navigate through. Twelve minutes later, Jacket arrived at the destination which was Central Park of Tier Five.

The atmosphere wasn't bad here, people visited the park to go exercising, enjoy a day off, family outings for the citizens that afford to live on this tier, and hooligans that are present in the darkest or less visited places in the park. Jacket parked in a parking lot of Central Park and got out of his car. By the landscape, the playground wasn't present here. This made Jacket had to go deeper into the park to find the Deathblades' Playground.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

(04-08-2018, 02:59 PM)Luci Wrote: Crouched on a rope strung between two glittering skyscrapers, a hundred feet above 110th Street, is Batgirl Skywalker.

The eight-year-old orphan Twi’lek was once known as De'ialia, but upon the untimely murder of parents years ago she donned the mantle of Batgirl Skywalker. She made herself a purple cape and mask, and trained herself in lightsaber combat via Omnitube tutorials, and has been striking fear into the criminals of Tier-5 ever since. Well, some of the criminals anyways.

De'ialia “Batgirl Skywalker” is a member, and currently Acting President, of the Westside Deathblades, a gang of deadly orphans with a penchant for anime. President Shadowkill himself had recruited her after hearing of her heroic exploits. With Princess Hellstabs’ untimely death, and President Shadowkill arrested, the Presidency falls to Batgirl, at least until Shadowkill breaks out.

A frown crosses the bright red Twi’leks face. She is a lone wolf, uncomfortable with leadership in any capacity. She only joined the Deathblades for access to new targets, anyways.

Batgirl stays crouched on her taught rope, balancing as perfectly as she balances her inner conflicts. A hundred feet below her the Westside ghetto is alive, seething with human and alien detritus even in the darkest hours of the artificial morning. The poor and the hopeless shuffle into corners to die, the drug-addicts veering pushing forward as their desperation grows, and the ruthless predators slink in the shadows eager for their next victim.

It all makes De'ialia sick.

She longs for the days when she could stalk the predators without considering the bigger picture, without the complex gang politics and long-term strategies, when she could kill a pimp instead of letting him operate for weeks so they could find his boss.

The tiny Twi’lek lets herself fall backwards, hanging onto the rope with just one foot, swinging above 110th Street upside-down, brooding. As she swings back and forth, she notices a squirrel made of shimmering silver start to cross her rope.

De'ialia sits up quickly, crouching on her rope again as the squirrel scurries over to her. She recognizes the squirrel as a Patronus, the primary means of contact among the Westside.

“Hey Batgirl,” says the squirrel. It speaks in the deep voice of Lil Peevz, the wizard who has summoned it. Lil Peevz is a Westside Hufflepunk, but De'ialia requested him for her team specifically. They had worked together before, and De'ialia liked him because he was sober, a claim few Hufflepunks could make with a straight face.

“It looks like there’s some Tuskies in the alley’s behind the Pokemon Center,” the squirrel continues, licking it’s silvery paws quickly. “We got one of them identified as Gorrgush the Finesser. They’re probably scouting out new spots to sell heroin. The bad kind of heroin, not like you. Anyways, if you wanna go introduce yourself, Jacket says it’s a green light light for any orcs west of Hover Ave.”

For the first time all night, the little orphan Twi’lek smiles.


“The Naruto Kids, representing as well the Dragon Ball Kids and the Nintendo Kids , don’t want to play with the Westside Deathblades anymore.”

The solemn proclamation is made by Dark-Smoke-Punch, First Lueteniant of the Westside Deathblades, his adolescent voice echoing around the Council Chambers deep below the Deathblade Playground. The wiry seven-year-old boy is defiant, his black kimono tight, a pink-and-blue toy hammer hanging casually from his belt.

To his left stands Justice-Man, Second Lieutenant of the Westside Deathblades, representing the Superhero Kids, as well the Lord-Of-The-Rings Kids, and the Good Pirate Kids. His face is stern and solemn as ever. His yellow cape flows behind him despite the lack of air in the underground chamber.

The children stand in before a throne occupied by Batgirl Skywalker, defacto President of the Westside Deathblades, representing the combined forces of all the Anime Kids, the Superhero Kids, the Lord-Of-The-Rings Kids, the Good Pirate Kids, the Bad Pirate Kids, the Star Wars Kids, the Young Ashen Blades, the Cowboys, and the Hopscotch Glitter Gang.

The seven-year-old red Twi’lek girl known as Batgirl Skywalker glares down from her throne, her lip curling under her mask. Her fingers clench into fists and then unflex. The weight of leadership lies heavy on her shoulders; she had told President Shadowkill as much when he bestowed the mantle upon her.

The three youths are alone in the large chamber.

“We hereby make our own gang,” Dark-Smoke-Punch continues, unabashed. “The Deathswords, and claim all of the Jungle Gym below 3rd street as our territory. We declare every weekday to be Taco Tuesday, and demand a Taco Tax from the Westside Deathblades amounting to-”

“Shut the frick up!” Batgirl screams finally, her voice rising shrilly and causing her Lieutenants to flinch. “You aren’t leaving; nobody is leaving. And you can’t take our name, we had it first. And no one is paying a fricking Taco Tax, you dumbie.”

Dark-Smoke-Punch sneers at the fuming President.

“We’re not gonna play with you no more, De’ialia,” Dark-Smoke-Punch declares, using her given name like a slur. “Luci is dead. Princess Hellstab is dead. Shadowkill is in jail. The Westside is dead, and if you and the Deathblades ain’t gonna leave the Westside then we’re gonna leave the Deathblades.”

President Batgirl Skywalker breathes in through her nose, out through her mouth. Her fingers clench the armrests on her throne tightly. It does not calm her.

“Those aren’t my orders,” she says through gritted teeth. Shadowkill is wrong, she can’t handle this. He should be here for this, him or the Princess. “My orders are to keep us together, and stick with the Westside until Luci or Shadowkill gets back. And that’s what’s gonna frickin happen, because I’m not frickin failing my frickin mission. If you guys go off on your own, killing orcs, you’re gonna get real dead real fast. This ain’t a frickin game.”

“What about you, Justice-Man?” Dark-Smoke-Punch asks, ignoring his President. The eight-year-old superhero beside him is silent, solemn as always. “Will you bring your gangs with us? Will you bring the fight to the orcs, or hide down here with this potty mouth?”

President Batgirl rises from her throne at the insult, her hand on her lightsaber.

“I challenge you for control of the Anime Kids,” President Batgirl whispers as she moves forward step by careful step, her eyes seething with barely restrained hatred.

A look of disgust crosses the face of Dark-Smoke-Punch, and then he steps forward with a swagger, his hand resting casually on his inflatable hammer.

“Oh De’ialia,” Luteniant Smoke-Punch says. “You’re about to make a big mistake.”

The two gangsters rush forward.

“STOP,” booms the voice of Justice-Man. The superhero floats a few feet above his superiors, his yellow cape billowing with his yellow hair, his eyes shining with fire as white as his leotard. De’ialia and Smoke-Punch stop in the their tracks, staring at each other guiltily.

“This is not what Shadowkill would want,” Justice-Man says, more quietly this time.

“Shadowkill wouldn’t want us to die protecting drug dealers!” Smoke-Punch spits.

President Batgirl Skywalker is silent.

Justice-Man is silent.

The door to the President’s chamber creaks open.

Johnny R. pokes his head in.

“Uh, hey,” he says, his eyes downcast. “Jacket’s here.”

President of the Westside Knife Ear Warriors

[Image: V4Dvvfy.gif]

Westside: Join or Die


The chamber room's only door opened afterward when the kid announced Jacket's entry. That kid moved out of the way for the blonde headed prime to enter the President's chamber. Most of the orphan gang leaders slowly backed away to give Jacket space while his face had an unamusing and tiredness expression. Some of the kids in the playground chamber whispered among themselves about rumors of Jacket they heard off the streets. Mostly the rumors were about horrific things he has done to the Orc Mafia which made them gulp about the gruesome images, left in their heads about him. They were thankful enough he didn't cover his identity with that signature chicken mask that gave nightmares for anyone who fell victim to him.

Some were surprised he didn't look like an average sick serial killer they seen in the media in some cases. Jacket did appear to be a normal looking adult male that you wouldn't think would do these gory stunts. Whenever Jacket eyed at one of the kids as he walked across the chamber toward Batgirl Skywalker, they would look away and pretend they weren't staring at him awkwardly. When Jacket got near her throne, he stopped and kept his eyes on where she sat. The red Twi'lek child's eyes focused on Jacket and silence filled the chamber with the kids hushing themselves to hear what they were going to talk about, but the president had a certain request before they started their first conversation.

"This council meeting is adjourned for now and we'll continue this topic at a later time when I see it as appropriate." Batgirl Skywalker ordered the child chamber committee and with Jacket's presence, they agreed with her and exited the president's chamber.

One by one, the children left Jacket and the president in private, so they can discuss matters seriously.

"So, this is the Jacket I been hearing on the streets. I thought you would be taller in appearance," Batgirl Skywalker giggled a little in a childish manner, but Jacket remained silent in response.

 "Excuse me for getting off topic, you realized you're becoming an inspiration down here in Tier Five. There are some members here who are making you into their role model as if you were from a popular comic book or manga." Batgirl Skywalker explained about the impact his presence has made on the Deathblades in delightfulness.

"Things have been tough since I took Shadowkill's position when he went into detention, but things may turn brighter with your arrival and I have good faith about it," Batgirl Skywalker said in an uplifting spirit about the situation.

"As of now, the Deathblades hasn't really been able to do much outside of the playground since their spirits haven't been in the right place lately and the Orc Mafia has been making sure that Westside will stand down. Word has been coming out that we will be disbanded for good and if Westside tries to join forces to stop them again, everyone dies." Batgirl Skywalker explained in a depressed tone and hope that Jacket could turn around the war for good.

"They won't get away with this. No one will." Jacket spoke with courage and vengeance in his voice while his expression remained serious, willing to slaughter the crime family of orcs.

"That's what I been wanting to hear someone say finally," Batgirl Skywalker said with a smile on her face from Jacket's words.

"We still are keeping a close eye on our enemies with spies that Luci has trained from each Westside gangs or willing street dwellers that have been wanting to make quick money. Recently, there is something that has caught our attention from what one of the spies has gathered." Batgirl Skywalker mentioned about their surveillance.

Jacket awaited eagerly to hear what she has to say about what the enemies of Westside were cooking up for this time.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

De’ialia Batgirl Skywalker sighs, a weight too heavy for her age resting on her shoulders. She removes her plastic Batgirl mask and shows a young, forlorn face hardened by battle.

“Do you play chess, Jacket?” the little Twi’lek asks suddenly, her eyes on the wall.

The handsome killer shrugs. “Not really,” he admits.

De’ialia nods sadly.

“Yeah, me neither,” she says. She still focuses on the right wall. A simple white tapestry hangs limply, with dozens of blood-red names stitched into it. Names like Face-Puncher, Deaths Assassin, Mikey F., Katana Boy, and Princess Hellstab.

At the top of the tapestry, in large print, is the word ‘MARTYRS’.

“President Shadowkill and Princess Hellstab loved chess,” the girl continues. Her sad eyes are still fixed on the tapestry “They used to play against Weasle and Kilgrot, but they would always lose to Chirpa. Chirpa was the best chess player in the Westside, until Luci came along. That’s what this war is to them, a chess game. You can’t play it with your heart, you’ve got to play it with your head, or people die.”

De’ialia Batgirl Skywalker, President of the Westside Deathblades, fixes her cold eyes on Jacket’s surprisingly warm face.

“You don’t seem like a chess player,” the little president says, crossing her arms.

Jacket nods.

“Yeah, I’m not,” he says, a healthy smile crossing his face. De’ialia wonders how much of the psychopath’s personality is real, and how much is a calculated move to make the young girl feel at ease.

“That’s what I told Chirpa,” he continues, running a hand through his blonde hair. “But Chirpa seems to think different. That’s why he gave me my mission, just like Shadowkill gave you yours.”

De’ialia blinks, but does not uncross her arms.

“Chirpa’s been wrong before,” President Batgirl says. “Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Westside Ewoks?”

For the first time since he entered her chambers, Jacket frowns. He closes his eyes.

Slowly, two lines of war paint appear under his eyes.

They glimmer with the unmistakable irridescent glow of Luci’s blood.

On his forehead, a single bloody cross appears.

“I don’t only take my orders from Chirpa,” says Sir Jacket, First Knight of the Westside.


The superhero and the psycho have retired to the Tea Room.

Every inch of the room is covered in pink, lace and frills, or crammed with stuffed unicorns and pixies.

De’ialia and Jacket sip fake as the sit at a knee-high (to Jacket) plastic table, a map of Tier-5 in front of them. De’ialia has drawn three X’s in green crayon.

The X’s are three intersections between Prohibition Alley and the border of the Northside.

“What do you know about drugs, Jacket?” asks De’ialia calmly.

Jacket frowns again. “More than you, I hope,” Jacket tells the young girl.

She smiles sadly. “Yeah, I don’t really think so.”

The Twi’lek pulls out a small bag. Inside is a glowing green worm, about the size of a thumb.

“This,” she says as Jacket examines it. “Is Grub. It makes you see the world in claymation.”

Jacket nods.

De’ialia pulls out another back, this one of glowing purple powder. “This is Pixie Dust. It makes you talk really fast and float.”

Again, Jacket nods.

“This,” says De’ialia as she slams a bag of dark brown powder on the table. “Is heroin.”

A silence fills the room. When De’ialia is satisfied, she continues.

“Weasle and the Hufflepunks, they sell things like Grub, Pixie Dust, and weed. The orcs sell heroin. They sell crack,” the President says, her voice starting to tremble with righteous rage.

“They distribute it,” she continues when she has control of her voice. “Here.”

She marks a spot on the map with a big red X, just to the east of of the three green X’s.

Jacket looks over the map, and recognizes it as an abandoned warehouse formerly in Westside territory. The only way to get to it is to pass through the green X’s.

“The green X’s,” explains the Twi’lek. “Are roadblocks. They have spies and snipers all around. We can’t get anyone within five blocks. If we could get through, the Deathblades would kill every orc in there in five minutes. The Hufflepunks would set up shop there, and hold the territory.”

Jacket nods again, his brow furrowed. Slowly, after much consideration, the prime pulls out two Pikachu-shaped ice-creams from his pockets, somehow still cold.

“You like ice-cream, President Batgirl?” Jacket asks.

De’ialia nods and reaches wearilly for the ice dream. She unwraps it and takes a big, toothy bite, the hardened gangster not concerned at all about brainfreeze.

“Not bad,” she says, still looking at the map. “Little heavy on the sugar, but that’s what you come to expect from the Nintendo ice-cream. They spend a lot on packaging, you’re really paying for the brand.”

Jacket nods, licking his own Pikachu. “Yeah, Chirpa told me the Deathblades make their own ice-cream?”

De’ialia nods. “Yuss, Death-Pops. We’ve kinda stopped operations though; the orcs are busting up any shop that carries us.”

Jacket nods again, his tongue turning yellow from the ice-cream. “Chirpa said that too. So I had an idea, and Chirpa liked it.”

De’ialia’s head perks up. Jacket grins.

“I think I can solve both your problems,” the Prime says, eyes on the little Twi’lek.

“Lets go upstairs," Jacket suggests. "I got a present for you.”

Jacket and De'ialia progressed through the playground structure to the highest point that overlooked the entire Deathblades playground and parts of the park. Their ice cream pops were already eaten before they decided to go upstairs. When they got to the top, the artificial sky over them was in a late Afternoon mood. There are a group of kids below them that wore the cosplay attire that was usual for them to wear. Their outfits ranged from their favorite cartoons, comics, manga, video games, and anime. They're roleplaying around the monkey bars and reenacting as if they were primes that built the Omniverse. The imagination was heavily involved with them and pretended that they were in a situation that would make them heroes for saving the day. Jacket looked down at the group of kids and so did De'ialia. She thought it was cute what they were doing, and that put a warm smile on her face.

"I wish that Westside could have the same positivity coming off from my friends down there," De'ialia spoke softly while Jacket tried to stop himself from having a smoke since he was around children.

The words that came out of her mouth made Jacket perk up a slight smile.

"Me too," Jacket responded quietly but the child Twi'lek still heard his response.

"What was the present you wanted to give me?" she questioned, looking up to him since De'ialia was half of Jacket's height.

"So, not too far from this park, there's a vehicle depot that the Orc Mafia is occupying now. It's basically a fleet shop where they repair cars and vehicles that are owned by the mafia. Someone spotted that they have at least several ice cream trucks there. They aren't just your run of the mill type normal Ice cream trucks you see on some corners of the street. The body of them was armored and heavily reinforced since the orcs use them to deal drugs and black-market equipment. I'm planning to make a stop by there and sneak into the facility to steal the truck for your gang. It would give you guys the upper hand on the streets even for Westside." Jacket explained his plan which built up excitement inside De'ialia.

"Oh, thank you thank you thank you! It's been forever that something extremely epic has come our way!" De'ialia replied barely keeping her hype inside and ran up to hug Jacket tightly as if he was like a big brother to her.

This surprised Jacket a little of her hugging him tightly, but he followed along with him wrapping one arm around her but not tightly. She regained her composure from hugging him by the and they stood there normally with a bright attitude.

"Sorry if I couldn't keep in my excitement." the twi'lek child giggled a little while Jacket accepted her apology.

They continued to gaze at the scenic view of the central park that had some civilians present on the sidewalks that were walking, exercising, or sitting on the benches. The forestry here was surprisingly green to Jacket since the park was located on a low tier. He thought this park wouldn't be living with the plant life and people. Jacket could see why the Deathblades felt safe here since they don't have to handle the threatening street life with their home grounds. It's always playtime here and seems like an orphan's paradise.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

The young Deathblades' head leader walked along the concrete pathway with Jacket as they stroll while greenery surrounded them. There weren't many people visiting the park since it was getting late in the afternoon time. No one was in the area to hear their plans but Jacket and De'ialia still talked softly.

"I think it's best to bring the truck back to Chirpa since he has enough size in his garage to keep it hidden. If the Orcs realize that one of their prized warfare-built vehicles just disappeared suspiciously, they would be out on the streets looking but I'm inspecting that it wouldn't be their main priority, but someone is going to start asking questions sooner or later." Jacket talked about their strategy while the little twi'lek girl listened closely.

"Good call on bringing it to Chirpa, he could make a few modes that would suit us." De'ialia expressed positively about Jacket's thoughts of the mission.

"But one question that I'm concerned about is that you guys know how to drive?" Jacket was curious if anyone of the Deathblades' kids had experience with driving.

"Most of us are orphans, of course, we know how to drive. Well… there are some of us who are not so skillful when it comes to maintaining something big or very fast." the bright red twi'lek girl mentioned while they get closer to the parking lot where Jacket left his car.

Jacket let out a little sigh of disappointment but that didn't bother De'ialia about his belief on them. They continued to walk casually along the concrete pathway that led to the mostly empty parking lot. De'ialia had a wonderful time getting to know Jacket and would be happy to see him again, helping the Deathblades. As they reached the end of the path, the twi'lek child had one more thing to say to Jacket.

"Keep doing what you been doing. At this rate, we can make the streets a better place without those tusk bullies." De'ialia said in a positive manner that was warm enough to touch Jacket's heart.

"I will." Jacket responded in a slight smile while looking down at the Deathblades' leader.

"I'll catch you later!" the bright red Twi'lek spoke with a friendly attitude and did a little salute to him.

When Jacket started walking away toward his car, De'ialia grabbed a homemade smoke bomb from her toy belt that was tightened around her waist and threw down the bomb. The smoke engulfed her and hid her appearance well enough. She dawned her purple cap and a toy batgirl mask that she had somewhere underneath her clothes. A purple toy grappling gun was unhooked from her belt and she held it firmly in her right hand. The twi'lek child superhero shot her grappling hook at a nearby tree limb and she flew out of sight in quick timing. After a couple of seconds, the smoke settled, and she left without a trace. Jacket still walked to his parked DeLorean that had personality wherever it went when people see the car. He opened the driver's gull wing door and got into the vehicle while he shut the door behind him. The car started up and backed out from the parking spot in a quick time. Jacket steered the car toward the exit of the park and went back out on the streets.

His GPS was set with the coordinates of the Orc occupied vehicle depot's location. Gears shifted while Jacket was picking up speed, but he wasn't traveling way over the speed limit. The once modern city structure towered over him while litter was everywhere in the streets. There were locals walking the sidewalks, but it was a small number compared to the upper tiers. Down here, it felt like there wasn't any fresh air at all from how far underground Jacket was in this verse. He was used to it though due to his home city having the same atmosphere, sort of. He smoked a cigarette while driving to his destination and realized that the pack of tobacco was getting light with only 3 cigarettes remained. The omnilium glowed in his pockets as another pack was summoned but it appeared in his center console.

Eighties music continued to play on the radio that comforted Jacket while driving. An electronic female voice spoke from the GPS, directing where Jacket should turn. As he got closer to the destination, the next district he entered was mostly storage/warehouses buildings that were on every block of this area in Tier Five. On the map, it showed Jacket coming up on another turn that led him to the front entrance of the depot. Right on the spot, there was an Orc Mafia member standing next to the guard house while keeping an eye on Jacket passing by. The tusked thug looked at the car suspiciously with a burner hand blaster holstered at his hip. Jacket felt like he was being watched as soon he was in viewing distance of this complex. A perimeter of an electrified fence surrounded the depot along with guard dogs patrolling the junkyard of cars. The blonde head prime instincts kicked in thinking that it's best to not stay around at the front entrance for a long time so he wouldn't catch anyone's attention.

So, he drove by the entrance and headed down the street. After the prime past the Orc Mafia's property, a feeling came across him that he was no longer being watched where he was driving at. Although, Jacket was tempted to make another lap around to take notes of this place he was about to infiltrate. His eyes looked all around while driving slowly to find a less-watched area of the depot. Since there was an electric fence, Jacket also needed to look for transformers around the area to sabotage and cut power off to the facility. This process took over ten minutes to take notes and plan to trespass. Jacket parallel parked somewhere on the block that was within walking distance from the depot. No life wondered this part of the street so the intruder wouldn't have to worry about bystanders.

When the DeLorean's engine was killed, Jacket sat in the car for five minutes to go over his plan mentally. A tobacco haze slightly filled the car from his burning cigarette but most of it exiting out the already slightly down driver's side window.  First, he would destroy the transformer that powered the whole block with electricity. Second, he will climb over the fence and enter the vehicle depot with stealth. While going in, Jacket will try not to alert anyone and reduce his attempt at killing everyone. If anyone stood in his way, he will still end them with no mercy. After finding where this armored ice cream truck was, he will make a getaway and most indeed kill any Orc Mafia members in this armored vehicle to make sure no witnesses were left. Surely enough this should aid Westside to one step closer to defeating their enemies.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

Quote: Meanwhile in the vehicle depot…

A radio in a lounge room was playing a crime rap station that was only available in Tier Five. There were four orcs that sat at a wooden round table in plastic chairs that had steel legs. They were all playing a card game to kill time with while the simple clock that was hanging on the wall, ticking away the minutes. There was no conversation happening as each one focused on their next move in the game. One short goblin that was wearing some dirty clothes that made him appeared he has been working on vehicles for a long time today, passed the lounge room while the door was open to show that the experienced members were not really on duty. This made the goblin stop for a second and stepped back to peer into the doorway due to the sight of the unproductive group of orc guards.

His concern risen about their lack of work around here and the safety security to protect him while doing tasks for the crime family. The goblin walked into the room and caught the group orc's attention.

"Didn't you guysssss already took your fifteen-minute break jusssssst about twenty minutessssss ago?" the goblin said while tapping his right foot with impatience of their lazy attitudes.

All the orcs looked down at him from the table and comparing their size with the goblin, they were way bigger than the short skinny grease covered goblin.

"Give it a rest shorty, it's been dead tonight with no such little activity. We already made sure that every single spot here didn't have an intruder nor someone trying to break in. An expensive electrified fence that was placed here about two weeks ago has also been doing our job as well. Camera feed and guard dogs been covering all the ground outside." an orc said turning around to face goblin since he was the one that sat closer to the creature.

"Yeah but happenssssss if that precious technology getssssss hacked eassssily or an emp bomb obliteratesssss it." the goblin said in a paranoid manner and feared the worse that the masked murdering prime that was being talked through the mafia could show up here.

"We're located in one of the lesser known districts of Tier Five. Most of the places here are abandoned." the mafia member fired back at the goblin mechanic to get off their backs.

"That sssssstilll does-" the goblin was talking but was rudely interrupted by the same orc that was talking to him earlier.
"Oh, I'm sorry! Do I need to transssssslate for you?" the orc jokingly made fun of the goblin's speech which made the orcs started chuckling and grunted along with the joke.

The goblin was getting frustrated with these mafia members and was ready to throw a punch at one of them.

"I had enough of you tussssked fuckssssss!" the goblin yelped in anger but covered his mouth with both hands quickly realizing he didn't have a filter to what he said.

A shock expression was on the mechanic's face and the orcs that heard his insult stood up from the table with some cracking their knuckles in a threatening way. Their cards were dropped from their hands, during the process. The orc that was talking to the goblin stood in front of the creature than soon, they surrounded the tiny being in a menacingly way.

"You wanna take back what you just said about us, tiny dick." the orc mentioned while ready to clobber the goblin.

The tiny goblin was shaking in fear with sweat dripping down from his forehead.

"L-lissssten fellassss I-I didn't mean to call you that. I-I'm s-s-ssssssorrry." The goblin apologized while trembling before them.

"An apology isn't gonna get you out this time shorty, we had enough about you too." The orc replied a menacing attitude that rejected the apology.

Before the first punch could be thrown by anyone, the power to the facility was cut off and they're now in a blackout. Darkness surrounded them, and they couldn't see anything in front of their faces.

"What in the fuck!" the orc roared in a rage about the power outage.


Jacket finished destroying the transformer that powered the whole block with his knife that cut all the wires that were inside the metallic box. He could see the street lights were going out, including the vehicle depot's security lights. The prime was wearing his rooster mask while holding the K-BAR Knife. After seeing the power being cut from the orc-occupied facility, he moved in closer to the property. In his mind, he hoped that the electrified fence was off but the only way to test it was to touch it by himself. If this didn't work, he would be in deep trouble. As he came up to the fence, the knife was put away in the letterman and his right hand reached out to grab a hold of the fence. Luckily enough, there were no guard dogs to see him on the outside. The hand slowly crept closer to the fence while hesitation was on his mind. While getting over the feeling, he finally grabbed a hold of the metallic wiring.

He didn't get electrified which calmed him down greatly. Soon after, Jacket started climbing over the fence quickly and dropped down once he was on the other side. The prime reached for his knife in his jacket and brought it out firmly. Jacket started moving cautiously in stealth while he was in the junkyard. The dogs didn't know yet that there was an intruder, but they continued to sniff the area for anything. Orcs could be heard talking loudly to one and another outside about the power outage. One said to patrol the outside perimeter fence of the depot and find out what caused this. There were two orcs that agreed and went on their way to scout. Jacket hid between the junked cars to not be seen while he held his knife in a ready position.

He waited for a minute to hear if someone was coming his way. Sure enough, there was a guard dog sniffing out the place. A Dobermann sniffed the ground while walking closer to Jacket. The dog kept patrolling normally and couldn't notice Jacket hiding. Once the dog turned a corner and vanished, Jacket got out between the cars and continued to move closer to the garages where he suspected that the ice cream truck would be in one of the bays. He carefully walked quiet but suddenly heard an orc grunting while walking which made Jacket hid quickly in one of the cars. The orc had a flashlight since things were starting to get dark in Tier Five while the afternoon was switching over to the evening. He shined around the area to be able to see. The flashlight was aimed at a couple of cars across from Jacket. Suddenly, the flashlight moved along the rest of the cars that was able to spot Jacket.

Now, the orc started to walk between the rows of cars while shining back and forth. Jacket stayed low as best he can to stay hidden. When the flashlight shined on the vehicle he was hiding in. He was nowhere to be seen and the orc continued to walk past Jacket. After the orc walked farther away toward the end of the path, Jacket got out of cover quickly and was back on track to head toward the garages. He still looked around carefully for him not to be spotted. As he walked across a big opened area with barely any hiding spot, an orc smoking a stogie stood at one of the doors to get inside of the depot's garage. The gangster held a flashlight and guarded that door for precautions. Jacket crept quietly to keep his distance away from the light. There was a soda can that was laying on the ground which Jacket realized he walked a crossed it.

He picked up the can and came up with idea throwing it far would spook the thug, making him walk away from his post. Jacket threw the can like a baseball pitcher and when the can land on the ground, it made a loud enough ping that the orc could hear. He grunted and walked away from his post to investigate what caused that noise. The masked prime moved toward the door quickly before the orc would return. Jacket twisted the nob of the door and opened it quietly than shut it softly behind him. It was pitch dark in hear and he hoped that there were no orcs to bump into unexpecting. Himself realized that he had a lighter to use as a little source of light. His hands searched every pocket for the lighter and it only took eleven seconds to find. The lighter was flicked after an of couple times than suddenly, a little fiery flame appeared.

Jacket could sort of seeing what was in front of him and he realized he was in the garage. He walked around still in stealth mode to find the ice cream truck of warfare. Some Mafia owned black cars and SUVs were parked on lifts or lifted in the air. There were large and medium tool boxes that scattered around the room. Some tools were laid on top of them and a couple of drip pans were present on the floor. Jacket walked to each bay and investigated for the truck he was looking for. After searching for a minute, he finally found it. The armor-plated truck that once was a family friendly service was placed in front of Jacket. There were little compartments on the side of the truck that could hold weapons and the front bumper had a push bar with spikes at the bottom poking out. The paint on the truck was sprayed matte black all over the body and the windows were reinforced with armored bars covering it.

Jacket was a little thrilled he found it but didn't express it. He went to the back of the truck to open the back double doors. Before opening the truck, he put away his knife then unsecured the doors. When the doors opened, the interior was remade to smuggle weapons, drugs, spices and other illegal things around on Coruscant. This was going to be a terrific addition to the Westside was all that Jacket could think. Luci would probably be thrilled about having this piece of a vehicle too. He shut the doors behind him quietly and walked up to the front seats with the lit lighter. Once he got to the front, Jacket sat down in the driver seat and looked for the ignition. Luckily the key was still in the ignition which relieved Jacket he didn't have to worry about finding.

He turned the ignition to start the engine and the truck rumbled with the engine cranking than roared with life. Jacket brushed his hands across the steering wheel and looked for a gear shifter. When he found it, he shifted the truck into drive and rev the engine a couple of times. Suddenly the orcs close to the depot's garages could hear something suspicious going on inside.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

A large group of orcs surrounded the garages from the outside with burners, blasters, and guns. They aimed their weapons at the garage door that was closed in front of the armored ice cream truck. Fingers were on the triggers, getting ready to tear down that door and kill the intruder. Meanwhile, Jacket sat in the driver's seat and looked around the instrument cluster. There were a couple of small buttons that looked like they wouldn't normally be on an ice cream truck. The masked prime picked randomly and pressed one red button. That action caused one of the side compartments on the outside of the truck to open and exposed missiles that were armed and ready to be fired. Jacket pressed another button to see if it would get him out of this situation. With luck, he pressed the fire button which caused the missiles to launch and exploded the garage door opened. Some of the orcs jumped back in shock to get out of the blast radius. Smoke covered the area to make it hard to see what caused that explosion.

Jacket put the vehicle into drive and began rolling out of the garage. He turned the headlights on to see his way through the smoke and darkness. One orc began opening fire after the explosion than soon after, the rest joined in. Headlights could be seen coming through the smoke and their firepower pinged or ricochet off the armored vehicle. After firing those missiles, the vehicle withdrew the arms automatically and closed them up inside the side compartments. When the smoke cleared, they could see their target and it left a butterfly feeling inside their stomachs. Some backed up slowly and realized it was one of their most prized vehicles on this property that was being operated. Jacket slammed the gas pedal down very hard to cause his tires to squeal and spin. The truck gained fast speed and ran over a couple of orcs that couldn't get out of the way in time.

All the remainder continued to reload and use all their ammunition up to stop this ice cream truck of destruction. Jacket turned the steering wheel in a strong and fast manner to cause the vehicle to drift a little than face toward the orcs. The engine revved two times before Jacket slammed the gas pedal hard with his foot again. His driving was exactly in the style of a lunatic behind the wheel. Orcs kept opening fire on the armored truck with hope to pierce the armor. There was no luck in that and Jacket ran over a couple more orcs that didn't jump out of the way in time. Bones and flesh were crushed under the truck's wheels along with terrifying screams coming from the tough thug mobsters that are now under the truck. They were killed in the process as Jacket passed over their gruesome corpses. Many began spreading out around the complex to destroy this unstoppable vehicle. Jacket raced around in the maze-like mini Junkyard to hunt down the remainder orcs.

Some climbed up high among the tower of junk hover cars and vehicles to get an advantage of not being hit by the massive ice cream truck. Jacket ran down one larger orc that got in his way which caused the truck to bounce up and down after crushing the mobster under his wheels. He drifted around the curves of the junkyard as he caught up with a couple more orcs that were running for their lives. As Jacket was on their tail, the group jumped out of the way into the rusted cars for safety. The maniac missed them, and Jacket continued to drive around the complex to find any more that stood in his way. While driving, he was still being shot at the orcs that stood at higher ground. To get rid of those thugs, Jacket looked at the buttons again and pressed another random one. On top of the vehicle, there was a large ice cream cone with a swirl on top that was bolted on and painted black to go along with the rest of the truck's color.

Once the certain button was pressed, the ice cream transformed into an automatic sentry gun that had a minigun mounted to it. The barrels spun as the machine detected the above ground targets. A series of bullets were continuously fired out of the sentry gun with the superior technological accuracy that tore the orcs up. Any orc that was sighted in front of the sentry gun was torn by the bullets and immediately dead. The sentry kept aiming back and forth in quick precision response. It made a lot of noise from the barrels firing rapidly. Soon after, most of the orcs were dead from the mounted sentry gun. The smart ones hid from Jacket and even made calls on their Dataverse devices for reinforcements.

Jacket patrolled the area several times to see if any orcs were still alive while the sentry beeped each time it moved the minigun from left to right. He drove slowly through the compound to see if any still wanted action.

"I can't take it anymore, we're dead if we don't make another move," A thuggish orc said quietly while hiding with his pal, underneath a junked van.

Fear came across his face and foul thoughts began mentally playing with his mind that he had a good chance of escaping.

"Are you fucking crazy, you'll turn into ground beef if that crazy-ass lunatic comes across you. I say the smart thing to do as of now is waiting here until help has arrived." The rough looking orc with tattoos down his arms and neck disagreed softly in the conversation.

"You're wanting to rely on help?!? Well, what happens if that is the same damn masked murdering prime from the past. I guarantee you that's him behind the wheel. When help arrives, they might not still help this situation," the thug orc stated in a quiet tone again while wiping his nose.

"Fine, it's your funeral then," the tattooed orc replied quickly while they hear the truck humming off in the distance.

"This is the right time to start running, that monster isn't close now," the feared orc said while readying to make his way out from underneath the van.

That was the final sentence to their planning and the thug moved quickly out from their hiding spot, leaving his colleague behind. He made a sprint toward the perimeter fence to climb over and escaped. His heart pounded faster and faster with sweat forming around his body. The orc's eyes focused on his surroundings for caution. From twenty-five yards away, his mind was thinking of home free. Closing in at fifteen yards, the truck's engine grew louder than before. Suddenly, the thug's hopes started to decline from the unwelcoming noise. Around the corner, came Jacket in the armored ice cream truck. He swerved and blocked the path of the mobster in the nick of time. The headlights from the vehicle blinded the orc's eyes and his life flashed before him. Barrels of the sentry began to spin with a series of bullets, tearing the orc apart by bits and chunks of flesh. Blood and gore spread the ground after the sentry gun identified the target was no longer living. The truck drove over the gory corpse as Jacket made another round to search for any more survivors throughout the depot.

Soon enough, reinforcements have arrived in blacked out Mercedes sedans and Range Rovers. It was a convoy of them that clogged up the front entrance gate. The vehicles were put into park and loads of weaponized orcs got out of the cars. Jacket drove to the front entrance and slammed on the breaks from facing the overwhelming force. They all shoot at the armored vehicle but Jacket stomped his foot on the gas pedal to cause the truck's tires to smoke and screech as it accelerates toward them, quickly. The sentry gun fired the remaining bullets it had left in its ammo box that was attached to the side of the gun. When Jacket was just a couple hundred feet away from the mafia roadblock, the automatic sentry ran dry and could no longer shoot.

Some orcs ran away from their parked vehicles as Jacket got dangerously close with the armored medium size duty ice cream truck, but others held their ground, stupidly. The truck ran straight through the mafia's cars and SUVs as if it was an unstoppable freight train. Cars went flying backward and rolling over from the sheer force. There were some that spun out of the way as the armored truck made its way straight through. The orcs that stood in the way got either killed or life-threatening wounds on the scene. Survivors of this continued to fire as the ice cream truck drifted out of the entrance and headed the opposite direction, away from the mobsters.

They called in an emergency response on their walkie-talkies that their warfare-built vehicle just got stolen. Jacket continued to make random turns at each corner to see if he could get the mafia off his tail. Not much traffic was present in this district still but soon enough, he could see a group of headlights that were speeding up closer in his side mirrors.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

Gunshots and Blasters could be heard in the streets that terrorized any poor civilians that were caught during the fight. A deadly high-speed chase was happening within the downtown streets of Tier Five while the night was upon them. There was a convoy of six vehicles that were tailing the stolen black-market ice cream truck. Orcs stuck out halfway through the opened windows to aim their weapons to stop this chase. Bullets and blaster bolts ricochet off the armor that was slowly wearing it down. Jacket had no way to fire his guns back at them since the windows and windshield of the truck was heavily fortified and impossible to take apart. He drove with his foot mashed all the way down on the gas pedal but was still not outrunning the angry mobsters. There were more buttons to try out on the instrument cluster that could change this current situation. Coming up at a four-way stop traffic light, Jacket was going to make a right turn at the traffic light.

Some cars were present there, but none were stopped in front of the masked vigilante and the orcs. A red light soon switched on right when Jacket made a hard right turn that caused the truck to drift around the corner. Tires squealed from the truck and so did the mobsters' cars too. Still, the mafia vehicles peruse him while breaking the traffic law. Jacket could still tell they were right behind him. He picked another button to press and see if anything would help. Sure enough, the truck activated a trap to set underneath the vehicle. A Road spiked strip was left in the road by the ice cream truck for the enemy to run over. The orcs did run over the spikes, causing their tires a blowout. This made a car pile up in the street from the sedans and SUVs running into each other simultaneously. From the scenario, the masked prime was able to escape from the engaging orcs.

After leaving them in the dust, Jacket started to slow down a little while almost leaving downtown. Paranoid came across his mind of any orcs patrolling the street for their stolen ride. His eye focus on the road and his surroundings in case he came across the same kind of cars that the mafia drove. He wouldn't be out of the woods yet until he reached Chirpa's repair shop. The truck soon made way onto a highway ramp that led to an interstate. Jacket thought this would be a faster route to avoid any orc mafia vehicles. As he started blending in with the traffic, a suspicious black Jaguar sedan started to speed and switch lanes quickly to pass the slow cars. Jacket could notice the suspicious black car catching up from his driver's side mirror. He slammed the gas pedal hard once again to get away. The Jaguar still was following the truck skillfully while avoiding collision with the slow traffic. Suddenly, it felt like half of the traffic turned against him since there were more blacked out cars and SUVs following in pursuit. When the highway was less congested, the mafia vehicles sped up quicker than before. The windows from their cars start to roll down as orcs took aim at the Jacket's truck.

Now the prime was in the same situation as before except this time, they are now on a more open road than before. Bullets and blaster bolts pelted the truck's armor, making it weaker than before. Jacket had to build his hope back into the untouched buttons to see what they would do. He pressed an odd one that activated a turbo mode, making the truck faster than before. The speedometer started climbing faster to the top speed that showed the truck can able to make. All the orcs were starting to be left behind but little did Jacket know that a deadly barricade trap was being made further down the highway to stop him. This barricade consisted some armored black-market trucks and pickups with that are equipped with repeating blasters in the beds. Many orcs surrounded the barricade with their weapons held tightly in their hands.

As Jacket got closer, he could see the highway blocked off from mobsters that were ready to kill Jacket. There was no way around them since the opposite lanes were cut off from cement dividers that could easily stop this truck. The doomed prime looked any possible way out from this grim situation. Soon, he was going to be sandwiched in between deadly firepower that would make his armored ice cream truck not last much longer. Coming closer to the roadblock, Jacket noticed a piece of the railing on the far right side from the highway bridge they were on was torn apart from a recent car accident that made a clean sizeable opening. This was the only exit he could rely on and it was better than being caught by the mafia. Jacket grew the courage to become a stunt devil to run off the bridge and steered his car toward the opening. The orcs kept in pursuit until most of them realized what he was about to pull off. Their vehicles slammed on their brakes, causing their tires to squeal loudly. Jacket now was a couple hundred yards away from the road hazard.

One dedicated Mercedes sedan still followed Jacket, no matter the cost. All the orcs inside the car yelled at the top of their lungs for the driver to stop but the driver was stubborn as a mule. Jacket drove off the bridge with the fastest speed the truck could make on top of the turbo. Suddenly, he's airborne above the city below him and this was indeed a big scary drop but the armor from the ice cream truck could take the impact. The vehicle descended to the street below with all four wheels, pointing toward the ground. That one Mercedes went airborne as well and still followed him. Jacket felt the impact when the truck landed and it shook him enough to cause the bones in his body to vibrate like nothing before. The single mafia car nose dived off the edge of the bridge along with Jacket and landed with the front of the car hitting the ground brutally. This caused the car to do a couple front flips and landed upside down.

Gas started to leak out of the damaged line from within the car and pour out onto the paved street. As Jacket drove away, he could see the car explode in a fiery blaze from his side mirror. The successfully stolen black market ice cream truck drove away into the concrete jungle of Tier Five. Orcs got out of their vehicle and ran up to the edge of the bridge to see if they can spot their stolen property. It was too late, Jacket blend within the dirtired outdated city and left without a trace. Defeated expressions were upon their faces and humiliation from this terrible event. The honor wasn't made today within the family's name.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

Chirpa sat in his home that was built and connected to the shop. The grizzled Ewok sat in the living room on a cushioned used couch as he watched television. On the older looking television box, this year's Dante Abyss was live on the channel for millions to watch. A cold beer bottle was in his right hand with half of the alcohol beverage remaining. He took a drink of the beer and relaxed from a hard day of working while being alone in the living room. Suddenly, his Dataverse device buzzed off with a ring tone that he received a message. The Ewok reached for the device that sat next to him. His fuzzy fingers typed the password to unlock his screen. He looked at the notification and it was from Jacket.

Come outside and meet me, I got something useful for us. – From Jacket

Chirpa immediately got up from where he was sitting and left the tv on as he headed for the back door to his house. He opened the wooden door and shut it right behind him to walk outside to meet the prime.

The Ewok decided to smoke for a bit as he lit a small skinny cigar from a plastic package he brought outside. A hefty hand blaster was holstered at his hip for the time being. Most of the time if he walked outside to do something, he rather had a self-defense weapon in case something escalated if being targeted or drive-by shootings. Sometimes, he will get intruders on his property such as salvagers and the weapon helped to scare them away. He puffed a smoke from the natural tobacco as he waited for Jacket's arrival. The night was quiet with no one stirring in the junkyard, not even stray animals. While the synthetic sky was blackened like the night, light posts were littered on the Junkyard to help with lighting. The bulbs had an orange hint color to them that lit up the area underneath them.

Just another quiet night to Chirpa as he thought while the only sound he could hear where the lamp posts buzzing with power from his generators. His cigar dwindled down each time he smoked it. The wait was a while for Chirpa. At parodic times, he would check his digital watch on his wrist to see what time it was. 9:36 PM showed up as the time for Coruscant. The day was getting late and his body felt sore from all the labor he put into fixing up cars. His ears heard a medium size duty truck pulling into the junkyard. He could see headlights lighting up the gravel-made road that was leading to his repair shop. Chirpa figured it was Jacket pulling in but as Jacket drove up to him, his eyes widen what the masked prime drove. He never thought tonight he would see a stolen orc armored vehicle parked in front of his shop. The truck was put into park and the engine was killed by Jacket.

Chirpa walked behind the ice cream truck to meet Jacket as he opened the double heavily fortified doors. The prime still wearing his chicken mask jumped out of the vehicle and showed Chirpa the truck.

"Holy shit! I wasn't expecting a big delivery today!" Chirpa said in shock as he ran his fingers across the expensive made truck.
"Make sure you get this prepared for the Deathblades," Jacket demanded as he tossed the keys to the Ewok.

Chirpa caught the keys in his small hands and looked back up at Jacket as the two faced each other.

"You're going to give the rascals this behemoth of a truck?!?" the elder Ewok was confused at Jacket's request to fix the truck and hand it over the child gang.

"Trust me on this ok," Jacket spoke about his choice that made Chirpa sigh of disbelief.

"Your call then since you're taking charge," Chirpa replied, throwing his used cigar on the ground from finishing it.

"So, I take it that the Klingons and those orphans took you seriously?" Chirpa raised his brow about the outcome of Jacket's interactions with them.

"Yeah," Jacket spoke flatly and was completely drained from today's work.

"Good, well it's best to get some sleep now since we got a big day tomorrow ahead of us," Chirpa announced as he finished talking to Jacket.

The still masked prime nodded and was fixing to summon his car. Before he could concentrate on the omnilium, a blaster shot was heard far away from them and an incredible fast deadly heated blaster bolt shot through his chest. Jacket looked down to realize there was a burnt flesh hole coming from him. His mind couldn't gather quickly what just happened but Chirpa screamed with mixed emotions. The Ewok ran to catch Jacket in his miniature furry arms. He successfully caught him in his arms but Chirpa pulled out his blaster and fired back at where the shot came from. Three blaster bolts were made but it was too late, the sniper already vanished into the darkness. Chirpa dropped his blaster and had no time to believe Jacket was dead. He carried him to his house as quickly as possible. In fact, the Ewok almost dropped him several times while trying to get to do the door with Jacket's body.

At this point, Jacket was barely hanging on a thread to live. His vision became blurry for a few seconds and couldn't grasp what just happened. The prime's breathing slowed down with each exhale and when Chirpa managed to get into his home while screaming to the top of his lungs about Jacket dying to wake the others up, blackness filled Jacket's vision. He fell unconscious and was dying from the brutal blaster shot he took.


A Gromflamite bounty hunter armed to the teeth weapons and high tech armor, ran fast to escape after taking the shot. The alien was on top a roof of the five-story building that did have a good advantage point of the whole junkyard. It wasn't far away from Chirpa's property, but the insect didn't take any chances on Westside reinforcements being called and showing up to the scene. He ran down the stairs quickly to get to the ground floor. When he got to his beaten-up car parked in the street, he slid across the hood and opened the driver's door then slamming it while starting the engine. Once the car started, he shifted the transmission into drive and drove away quickly from the scene.

He got out his communicator that was in a cupholder and called up the one who was responsible for placing a hit on Jacket.

"Mr. Fisteye, it's been done," the alien bounty hunter said calmly through the communicator.
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