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Taloc Sa'Koro

Name: Taloc Sa'Koro

Spent OM: 19000

Consumed OM (0):

Proficiencies (3400): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Defense Proficiency (400)

Powers (10500/12000): Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400), Foresight (1500), Advanced Super Jump (500), Stealth (1200), Telepathy (1500), Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Insight (1600), Suppression (1000)

Moves (3000): Ire and Woe (900), Koro Memoria (1800), Void Walker (300)

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):

Items (100):  Mobile Dataverse Device (100 OM)

Artefacts: None

Bases (0):

Unlocks (2000): Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)

Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 4
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.


'The target is dead the moment the contract is accepted, the time between then and completion is little more than a formality. Leave no traces you were ever there and let them know the fear of death...'
This is just one of the tenants passed through the hidden village of Koro... Very few know of its location, but its always been easy to make contact. Death is a very lucrative business, and Taloc has always been a very good businessman. Still... There must be honor among the death dealers, that has always been a known fact, else they would ultimately end up destroying themselves.
When something beyond the realms of human come to call, however, there is only so much the best dealers in the realm can do. For a village who has never bent a knee to anything...

'When you cannot defend your own... Always be sure to avenge them.'

(More to come)


Well built from a long life of training, Taloc has an athletic body that has its fair share of scars. In terms of overall appearance, he looks utterly average and unremarkable. Standing at 5' 10" and having a simple, if slightly unkempt, hairstyle, he is a face very easily forgotten.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Usual clothing: Faded mottled black tunic and pants, darkened leather boots, deep forest brown cloak and scarf, dull black featureless mask


Generally calm, cool, and collected, Taloc strives to deal with others as professionally as possible. There are very few people he is willing to let his guard down around, and as a result, he tends to be a man of few words. In all things, he is very cautious and meticulous.


Despite his leaner build, he has trained his body long and hard, allowing him to stand toe to toe with just about any normal human.
Well… He is human after all. Wearing minimal protection forces him to rely on dodging and deflecting.
Pushing the limits of human speed, his reflexes and footwork have gotten him out of many a situation that should have killed him.
A true prodigy when it came to the blade, there wasn’t a man alive who could match him in a one on one fight. Before the Omniverse at least...

Fighting styles

It is worth noting, in all of his fighting styles, one thing never changes. He only ever attacks when he knows he has an advantage. Should that advantage start swinging into his opponent's favor, he will almost always pull back and wait till the next opening reveals itself. He is not afraid to play the long game, and can almost give the impression of sadism as he appears to play with an opponent when most fighters would have gone for a killing blow long before.

An acrobatic and incredibly skilled fighter, Taloc knows his tools intimately and uses them effectively. Rarely will he ever overextend himself, rather, relying on attacking the extremities and rendering the target helpless before ever considering moving in to actually finish them off. After all, if you cut the target 20 times you can let them bleed out. Dead is dead, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Unfortunately for him, his only working enchantment is the paralysis, which he will use liberally. Keeping a  near constant countdown going on in his head, this practice allows him to deal heavier blows at a steady pace, using the brief openings to land more vital hits. Exposed tendons and muscle groups in the arms and legs are prime targets that he shoots for. With the addition of the darts, he will wait until an opening presents itself before using the ranged options, and always mask his movements to try and catch the opponent off guard.

In terms of defense, Taloc prefers deflection and dodging, only actively blocking if there’s no other choice. He will use his speed and tactical prowess to his advantage, performing acrobatic feats if necessary, and always looking for a chance to counter-attack. To this end, he will actively try to keep his feet on the ground, knowing all too well that it’s almost impossible to dodge in midair.

A fighting style developed post-Omniverse, Taloc has developed a good feel for when he is in command of a fight. This fighting style revolves heavily around the use of a state he has dubbed 'Omnipresence' and has him using all of his sensory powers in tandem in order to gain a near-perfect feel for the battlefield. This, when used in conjunction with his burst movement power, allows him to fight far harder and more aggressively than normal without much fear of retaliation. He can see everything his enemy is doing, in most cases several seconds before they actually perform the action, and makes a point to take full advantage of this.

The biggest drawback of this style comes in its extremely high concentration cost and, when used for long periods of time, can easily exhaust him. This style is best used in short bursts before dropping back out of combat to wait for his next opening. 

A fighting style culminated by a lifetime of experience and mastered in the Omniverse. Taloc has always been taught the usefulness of sticking to the shadows and masking one's movements from prying eyes, though even he never would have dreamed of reaching true invisibility. Now that the power has been attained, he is allowed more liberal use of aggression while still remaining hidden.

A fervent admirer in the art of ambush, this style relies heavily upon hit and run, dancing through his foes like a wraith. Always moving, rarely striking the same place twice, the greatest aspect of this style comes not from the actual strikes, but what it does to an opponent's psyche. Keeping them jumping at shadows with small noises or subtle movements, to truly embrace the stealth fighting style is to rob your foe of their chances to rest, harassing them until they either collapse from exhaustion or leave enough of an opening for a fatal strike to be dealt.

‘From blood are we born, and to blood, we shall return.’


Ire and Woe (900 OM): Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency

Taloc's weapons of choice, Ire and Woe are a short sword and dagger, respectfully. Truly rare to see one without the other, the 20 inch long slightly curved blade of Ire was forged from the same billet as the 12 inch Woe and were designed to be used in tandem. The blades are naturally light and easy to swing, doing little damage, but boasting a high speed and requiring little effort to swing them.

In their hilts are several enchantments designed to deliver poisons into the target, though as of yet, only one is currently working. While he's not sure why the others aren't, Taloc is happy that the one that does is the paralysis poison, even if it is to a drastically reduced degree. The poison is activated by changing his grip on the hilts, pressing down on a series of hidden buttons along the hilt and, while complicated at first, it allows near instant activation and changing amongst the enchantments. Upon contact with the target the paralysis poison will cause muscle spasms throughout their body, effectively breaking the concentration of his target as well as leaving them stunned for one second. Once the poison has been used, it requires five seconds for the blades to recharge enough energy for the effect to happen again.

Nestled in the cross guard of the weapons are a series of darts as well, six per hilt, along with a crossbow-esqe firing system. Fired with a simple thumb release, these darts are linked to the enchantments every bit as much as the blades are, but offer a ranged delivery option. While looking to be little more than 6 inch long needles, albeit slightly larger and spiraled, they are honed surprisingly well and allow for good distance despite their size. Doing negligible damage on impact, but flying as fast as an arrow, these darts have a max range of 30 meters with each point in tech offering an additional 5 meters to effective distance. Reloading is a simple matter and can be done while still fighting without much difficulty, only requiring a catch to be pulled back. In addition, due to the small size of the darts, they could potentially escape notice during flight.

Writers note:  If the poison activated for the darts has a charge, the charge is used regardless if the target is hit or not.

'Your only friends are your weapons, and even they should be kept at arm's length.'

Koro Memoria (1800 OM): Physical Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency, Stealth, Telepathy

A spiritual weapon, concentrated and given shape thanks to Celeste’s pendant, Koro Memoria is capable of taking several forms. These forms do require energy and concentration, though the actual drain is essentially negligible.

The pendant itself takes Taloc's need to protect his people as well as his late wife's desire to help him, giving this weapon form. While inherently invisible, any weapon made with the pendant cannot easily be seen with the enhanced sense power, regardless of tech, as the forms seem to defy reality. Only one form can be used at a time, the forms take a half second to create, another half second to dissipate, and no part of the weapons can be more than 50 meters from the pendant unless otherwise stated.

When viewed with enhanced senses, all aspects of the weapon, except the actual pendant, give off a look of absence. What is there cannot be seen through, has no discernable look, and no clear way of being described other than a spot of nothing taking a shape. As such, the eye inherently drifts away from what it cannot comprehend, requiring double Taloc’s tech or the telepathy skill to completely negate the effect.

Sword- A three-foot straight sword with a simple crossguard. Average in most aspects with a slightly higher than average speed.

Spear- A somewhat slower weapon, it more than makes up for it with reach and power. A 6-foot shaft with a 2-foot blade on one end and a couple inch spike on the opposite, it strikes with a moderate force.

Throwing knives- Little more than small knives honed to be thrown, these knives are capable of being used even when a different form is in use. He can have no more than six summoned at once, three if another form is in use, though the dissipation time does not apply to these weapons. They hit with decent force and automatically dissipate upon coming to a stop. 

Bow- A long-range weapon, the bow form ignores the normal range limits on Koro Memoria. The arrows travel far faster than normally expected and strike with a strong force up to 150 meters, though they steadily lose speed and power until they dissipate harmlessly at 200. Due to the higher than normal strain this form takes, only one arrow can be summoned at a time, limiting its fire rate to one shot every few seconds at most.

Improvised- This form is not set in stone, rather it takes the shape of any kind of improvised tool or weapon Taloc can think of. All forms took this way function normally as if it were summoned, though possess a lower force than would be expected if used in battle.

Void Walker (300 OM): Telepathy, Stealth, Suppression, Area Defense Proficiency

Taloc wraps himself in the void, wearing it as one would wear a cloak, enabling him to enter a stealthed state even when being directly observed by others. To those around him, it appears as if his form shifts and fades into obscurity until nothing remains. Further, when viewed with enhanced senses, he has the appearance of absence. What is there cannot be seen through, has no discernable look, and no clear way of being described other than a spot of nothing taking shape. As such, the eye inherently drifts away from what it cannot comprehend, requiring double Taloc’s tech and enhanced senses or the telepathy power, enhanced senses, and Taloc’s tech in order to pierce his stealthed state after using this ability.

It is worth noting that, while this skill is fairly simple to perform, it requires a noticeable amount of concentration to maintain and, as such, denies him the use of many extremely taxing skills and fighting styles. Because of this, the powers required by this move are unable to be used in their base form so long as this is maintained, I.E. he cannot use telepathy normally but moves that have it as a requirement aren’t affected.
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

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