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Kaleigh Dactomb Nox

Name: Kaleigh Dactomb Nox
Spent OM: 4200
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (2000/8000): Survival (2000)
Moves (600): Black Omen (600)
Super Moves (600): Kinetic Overdrive (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Consumed OM (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

[Image: 1a7fa7ae2996df4a69051c973d4c337f.jpg]
Source: Original, from modern day Earth, with a few twists.
Species: Human by most standards.
Gender: Female
Age: With no memories of her early life, her exact age is unknown. Appears around 20.
Height: 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)
Build: Slim and Fit; Lots of walking has also given her a nice butt
Hair Color: Long, black hair that is surprisingly well kept.
Eye Color: Orangish-Red. Staring into them for too long produces images of a fire burning.
Alignment: Neutral Good/Evil. Kaleigh is good-hearted, actively seeking to right wrongs with no requests for payment or recognition. Nox seeks the opposite.

History V1:
Kaleigh’s earliest memory was waking up in the center of a rain soaked four-way intersection, clothed in tattered rags and unable to leave on her own. The only fact she knew was her name, it’s exact spelling burned into her mind. As time passed, she slowly learned details about who and what she was, her quirks and the rules of her life. She never aged, neither grew hungry nor thirsty, and though her physical body had its limits, she never tired. She had achieved immortality, and her memories had been the lesser of two costs for it. The second was the dark spirit that now resided within her. His name was Nox, but she called him The Black Dog.

She was not the first to bond with Nox; if she closed her eyes for too long, she would see visions of other people that had been in same situation as her. Each had housed the same spirit that was in her now: some for a short a time as a few days, others for hundreds of year. Each time, the spirit had inevitably left them behind to die and moved to the next host. It was the spirit’s power that granted everlasting life, and it gained its power in a macabre way.

Of the rules she now followed, the most important was to never sleep, never fall unconscious. Doing so released Nox from within her, allowing it to roam free. Those who met the gaze of its fiery eyes would be marked for death, doomed to die a gruesome death in exactly one year. Portions of whatever time they would have had left in the world was given to her, extending her cursed life. When she finally awoke, she would find herself caught in a crossroads, unable to leave without guidance.

As the years went by, she sought to atone for the lives she had unintentionally taken. Each place she visited, she did what little good she could before moving on. She deliberately avoided highly populated areas, taking whatever route was available to her and never staying in one place for too long. Superstition followed her wake, and even deaths that were not her fault were often laid at her feet.

As her borrowed years finally started to run out, she hid herself into the most remote areas she could find. As she wandered the lonely paths of the wilderness, her path suddenly took an unexpected turn. In a single blink, she went from a heavily wooded forest to a black void, and then she heard a voice.


ATK: 4
If the sword doesn’t cut you in half, it’ll crush you instead. Even a normal punch feels like a sledgehammer blow.
DEF: 1
Having been immortal, Kaleigh has never had to care about damage to her body. Without the natural impulses to avoid blows, attacks on her tend to hit more critical areas when they do land.
SPD: 2
While naturally faster than an average human, Kaleigh has never cared to improve this talent.
TEC: 3
Thousands of years have honed the instincts of the black dog that dwells within Kaleigh. Flashes of this experience trickles down to her, allowing her to fight at a level far higher than expected, despite her having no actual training.

Combat Style
Kaleigh fights in a very instinctive and reactionary way, lacking any formal training. Her movements and attacks can seem random, even counterproductive, to a trained swordsman. In reality, this makes her hard to predict, often creating situations that even experiences warriors have never encountered.

In battle, Kaleigh nearly always wields her greatsword, but is very reserved with her actual use of it. In general, she keeps herself between her opponent and her blade, holding it in the hand furthest from her opponent. Her attacks are mostly kicks and punches, with occasional swings from her sword thrown in when she feels there is an opening. If she manages to corner her opponent, or is fighting someone who is mostly stationary, she is much more aggressive with her blade, letting its power put a quick end to anyone unable to get out of the way.

Much of her fighting style has been lost since her transition to Omniverse. Her blades power has dwindled significantly, locking away many of her techniques and strategies.

Weapons and Attacks

Black Omen (requires Physical Strength) - 600 OM
Authors note:
Black Omen is written like a separate entity for ease of understanding, but is as much a part of Kaleigh as her arm or leg would be. Therefore, it has all of the same powers and proficiencies she has, has the same stats as her, and they share a health pool. Damage to the sword is damage to her. The blade is neither sentient nor sapient.

Weapon Description
For beings of sufficient power, it is trivial to craft items out of the even most exotic materials. By reaching through the threads of existence, one can forge a item out of the very essence of a being, resulting in something truly unique. Being made literally from the person themselves, these items form a permanent bond with their users, becoming an extension of themselves rather than a separate entity. Over time, they slowly grow and adapt into a reflection of their innermost person. These changes are subtle at first; decades pass before anything is noticeable, and lifetimes go by before they reach their true potential. It is possible there is a way to speed up this process, though it has never been accomplished without serious consequences to the owner.

Kaleigh’s tool is a greatsword. The blade portion is made of incredibly dense bone, bound to the hilt by ligaments and sinew and decorated with tufts of jet black fur. Inside of it are functioning organics, complete with a heart like organ just above the hilt. The weapon pulses lightly in rhythm with Kaleigh’s heartbeat.

The blade is roughly five feet in length and 8 inches wide and weighs about 25lbs. It has the ability to manipulate the momentum and energy of each swing, either absorbing or discharging this energy through different modes. This does not affect the actual weight of the blade, and long fights can exhaust the user quickly. Though typically wielded with both hands, Kaleigh is capable of using her weapon effectively with just one hand as well, although with a slight loss of control and precision.

If the blade is ever more than 5m/16ft from Kaleigh, it will start disappear. When this happens, the blade dissolves first into a viscous black liquid before evaporating completely. This process takes about 6 seconds, and can be prevented if Kaleigh maintains line of sight with her blade and focuses on it. Kaleigh can also purposefully cause this effect by concentrating on it until the blade has fully dissolved. Once the blade has completely disappeared, intentionally or not, it merges back into Kaleigh’s body, where it can then be resummoned.

To regain her blade, Kaleigh has to physically tear the blade out of her. She begins this process by placing a hand on any other part of her body and willing the blade to appear. The weapon begins to form handle first in her hand as she draws it out of herself.  This process takes 1 second to form the hilt of the weapon and then an additional 4 seconds to form the blade. This is not a draining process. If this process is interrupted, the blade will start to disappear as if it was 5m away from her and is subject to all the rules of the blade disappearing. The process can be continued from where it was stopped as long as the blade hasn’t completely disappeared.

Energy Absorption Mode
Attack Stats:
Activation time: Instant
Speed: Slow as expected from a common greatsword
Power: Significantly heavier than a greatsword.
Mobility: No restrictions
Accuracy: As expected of a common greatsword
Range: Melee
Area Of Effect: Single Target
Attack Description:
The default mode of the weapon. Slow and powerful, this modes main advantage is its ability to absorb recoil and wasted momentum, allowing it’s user to stay mobile. Attacks while running, dodging or even jumping are all possible without throwing the user off balance. Kaleigh uses this mobility to mix in other attacks, such as punches and kicks, in order to create openings for her swings.

Blade Acceleration Mode
Attack Stats:
Activation time: Instant
Speed: As fast as a common long sword
Power: About as much as a common greatsword
Mobility: Stationary until after swing
Accuracy: As expected of a common greatsword
Range: Melee
Area Of Effect: Single Target
Attack Description:
This mode is activated by Kaleigh’s thoughts rather than a mechanical device, and has two primary differences from her default mode. The first is that she loses all mobility, having to plant her feet and remain in place until the blade stops after each swing. The second is that the blade’s acceleration is increased enough that the swing is as fast as a long sword, while still having the length and size of a greatsword. This speed does not translate into extra damage, it only makes the swing harder to dodge. Unless she wills it otherwise, the blade reverts back to absorption mode just before impact, which also reduces the damage to that of a normal greatsword.

Kinetic Override, Blade Acceleration Mode – Tier 1 Super Attack – 600 OM (requires Physical Strength)
Attack Stats:
Activation time: Instant
Speed: As fast as a common long sword
Power: Super level 1
Mobility: Stationary until after swing
Accuracy: As expected of a common greatsword
Range: Melee
Area Of Effect: Single Target
Attack Description:
Identical to blade acceleration mode, except the mode is not released before impact. Kaleigh loses all mobility, having to plant her feet and remain in place until the blade stops after the swing. The blade’s acceleration is increased enough that the swing is as fast as a long sword, while still having the length and size of a greatsword. The first time the blade connects with an intended target during this attack, all of the stored energy in the blade is discharged in one attack. This attack can only be used once, due to the stress it inflicts on the heart of the blade. The blade must heal before the attack can be used again, following the normal rules for healing (The damage is equivalent to a moderate injury, 3 points of damage. This is NOT inflicted on Kaleigh, it’s just a benchmark to use to determine how long the weapon takes to recover for another attack).

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