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Drake Oneir

Name: Drake Oneir
Spent OM: 8,700
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600), Remote Control (600)
Powers (1700/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Super Jumping - Basic (300), Super Speed (1000)
Moves (2,100): Plasma Defender (300), Bakahutsu (600), Leg Prosthetics (900), Nano-Solvent Charges (300)
Super Moves (600): Ibis Impact T1 (600)
Transformations (2000): Ibis Series 7 SkyRider (2000)
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 1
SPD: 1
TEC: 3


ATK: 1
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
TEC: 1
[Image: screen_shot_2018_02_16_at_4_33_57_pm_by_...c3dkog.png]

Drake Oneir began his career as a test pilot for a corporation in his home Multiverse, dabbling in various chemical stims and cybernetic augmentations to improve his competitive edge in operating the galaxy's most potent and volatile vehicles. He eventually became so burned out on stims that he was fired, forced into exile on a backwater planet working as an EMT. It was there that he fell into the criminal underworld, specializing as a daredevil smuggler who could out-fly anything the authorities threw at him. Drake also began to branch out into the hacking and weapons trafficking scene, where he gained his more nuanced technical skills, and it was also during this time that he lost his legs and right arm. By the time he was summoned into the Omniverse, Mr. Oneir was quite the entrepreneur.

Of course, Drake had not been summoned by Omni. He had been summoned by the Prime known as Nealaphh, who had basically been the boss of his boss back during his company days. Nealaphh put Drake to work as an agent and spy, doing many dangerous and probably unwise things on behalf of the Enigma. Of course, when Drake heard that Nealaphh had been banished after its assault on Death Mountain, the enterprising young man fucked off to Coruscant's midriff district and began to ply his trade.

Granted, the Omniverse was somehow even more dangerous than his previous universe, so he had been laying pretty low ans trying to stay off any of the big radars. Last thing he knew he had been introducing a young Prime named Pyrrha to some of his employees when he got accidentally choked to death drinking organic kombucha and was  sucked into Omni's dark hole.


[Image: drake_oneir_by_tearen_and_zearen-dc2x6ab.png]

Drake is gaunt, muscly punk that stands about 5'3". The man's face is tall and haunted, with stormy grey eyes that hold a long life of pain and bitterness. He has dark brown skin, a buzz cut fade patterned with circuitry, a goatee, as well as severe burn scars on the right side of his face. Indeed, Drake is horribly scarred down the entire right side of his body, which happened the same time that he lost most of his right arm. It's a long story. He also no longer has either of his legs, though this operation was elective, since removing his biological legs made his tolerance for crushing g-forces much higher. His prosthetics are simple, borderline skeletal, but well-maintained and extremely strong.

People tend not to see them, however, as he is almost always dressed in grey denim jeans, rugged black boots, and a grey tank top. Over this, he wears a light, dark-grey jacket with orange trim. When he's feeling particularly sneaky, he will wear the jacket's hood over a slate-colored newsie cap. Drake also tends to be seen with his black, visually unremarkable satchel-bag worn with the strap across his chest.


Solo Arms Plasma Defender Z500 Series (Requires Ranged Proficiency)  - 300 OM

Drake's personal handgun and standoff weapon of choice. This discreet, semiautomatic energy pistol is small enough to be hidden in a back pocket, but has enough accuracy and firepower to be effective at up a range of 40 meters. Beyond that, the magnetic cohesion of the bright, brass-colored plasma bolts fails and they dissipate almost immediately. Drake can use this move while moving at any speed, though this will naturally hinder his own ability to aim. The plasma bolts travel as fast as normal bullets, and can be fired every half-second.

The Z500 has a battery that can store up to five shots before it requires recharging. Due the compact nature of the weapon, it can only recharge after all shots have been expended, and this process takes five minutes. The plasma is not greatly effective against hardened targets, so Drake prefers to take his time and aim for critical weak points.

Bakahatsu (Requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control, Area Attack) - 600 OM

On the surface, Bakahatsu just looks like a shitty web-order katana, because that is exactly what it is. This astoundingly mediocre blade can cut and parry with passable effectiveness, though Drake is not particularly skilled in its usage. It is pretty shitty, though, so enough direct punishment can shatter the blade.

That's okay though, because Bakahatsu's true threat is the five pounds of C4 rigged into its hilt. By pressing his cybernetic left thumb and fingers in a particular sequence, he can command the sword's hilt to detonate in an immense explosion strong enough to blow out the ass end of your average city bus. Anyone within 10 Meters will get knocked down from the blast, along with suffering heavy injury.

Drake is not immune to his own explosives, nor can he activate them if he somehow loses use of his left hand. The detonation signal is only effective up to 100 meters and takes three seconds to transmit. In addition, detonating Bakahatsu utterly destroys the sword, and Drake needs to summon a new one from scratch before it can be used again.

BioDynamics Heavy-Duty Leg Prosthetics with Manual Articulation Package (Physical Strength, Master Acrobatics, Basic Super Jumping) - 900 OM

While it's not immediately apparent, Drake's legs are actually armored, high power prosthetics that start around his mid-thigh. While they are just as dextrous and supple as human legs, they have the benefit of utilizing high-density materials for maximum durability. Kicks and knee jabs delivered by Drake tend to hit with the speed and power of a small battering ram. They can also block and deflect attacks much more safely than his arms or face, and can generally be considered to have a moderately higher DEF than the rest of his body.

Furthermore, Drake's prosthetic feet are augmented to have prehensile dexterity, and can grip like powerful hands to most surfaces. This allows him to wield any of his weapons or pilot any of his vehicles with his feet. Granted, Drake does wear shoes, so he needs to spend at least 2 seconds kicking them off to be able to use his robot monkey feet.

All of this power and dexterity comes at a cost. Though his prosthetics are armored, the bone and ligaments that they are grafted to are still human. Drake must take care not to do excessive lifting or striking at the risk of shattering what remain of his femurs. Additionally, if the legs do somehow become damaged, they cannot be repaired by normal healing moves. Drake must spend time mending them manually outside of combat, or, be administered by a move that specifically repairs machinery.

Nano-Solvent Charges (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control, Area Attack)

Drake can pull up to four, soda-can sized nanite dispensers out of his man-bag of holding and apply them directly to surfaces he can reach with one of his limbs. It takes four seconds to attach and arm a nanite charge to a surface, after which, a colony of ablation nanites will dispense from the charge over ten seconds. This will appear as a dull-silver coating that travels along walls and floors up to a seven foot radius from a given charge.

Using his cyberneric fingers, Drake can then issue commands to the four charges to detonate their colonies. He can send this command individually or across all armed dispensers. Once the detonation signal is sent, the spread nanites will ignite in a burst of withering fire and microwave radiation, utterly destroying whatever non-Prime structures and objects they were spread across.

The signal can only travel up to 100 meters from Drake before losing cohesion. Nanite charges cannot be armed directly onto a Prime, as any sort of consistent motion will disrupt the nanite lattice's functionality. If someone is in direct contact with a nanite-coated surface, they will take some light damage, but nothing more than bad burns. The primary purpose of the Nano-Solvent is as a demolition tool. Once all four satchels have been used, Drake must summon more between fights to use this move again.


Ibis Impact – T1 Super Attack (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Super Speed, Remote Control Proficiency) – 600 OM

Either while riding his Ibis or while on foot, Drake can select one target he can see and either command or pilot his hoverbike to careen towards them. The sleek, black sky bike screeches as its engines kick into overdrive, and a flash of blue afterburner floods from its exhaust. Drake has modified the Ibis with a deployable battering ram, which slides into position moments before impact to deliver a powerful blow. Unless the target is truly massive, the Ibis will continue on its path of travel to a safe distance. The Ibis suffers no damage from this maneuver.


Alternate Form - Ibis Series 7 SkyRider - 2000 OM

Drake calls his beloved flying motorcycle to his side and hops on. Though it is technically a hoverbike, the Ibis 7 is actually about as large as a small coupe, just long, instead of wide. It is a sturdy, agile and fast way for Drake to get around the battlefield. Moving at high speeds and within the Ibis 7's cockpit makes Drake much harder to hit, but also throws his own aim off.

ATK: 1
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
TEC: 1
[Image: screen_shot_2018_02_16_at_4_33_57_pm_by_...c3dkog.png]


The Tier 3 Suburban Women's Club

The Tier 3 Suburban Women's Club, or SW3 for short, is a group of bored housewives and NEETs that Drake hires to acquire and track open source intelligence on potential business opportunities and threats across the Omniverse. By following events and people's activity on the Dataverse's social media and public websites, SW3 is able to provide Drake with fairly reliable, up-to-date intelligence on almost anyone who is doing anything notable in the OV.

Granted, information on less habitable locations is harder or impossible to come by. Contrary to popular belief, SW3 is actually the group that holds the power in this business relationship. While the ladies of the club like to butter Drake up and treat him well, they will never hesitate to remind him that he is their client, not their boss.

SW3 has about two dozen members, but their more notable participants are:

Marjorie 'Madge' Hinchey, President: A sweet old lady in her mid seventies. Despite her frail looks, she was actually a gangster and drug runner in her 'artificial' past. She knows her way around firearms, and it was her idea to take Drake on as a client in the first place. Drake and Madge are very tight, and acknowledge each-other as friends outside of their business relationship.

Helen Stroikczana, Head Cook: A large, boisterous woman of proud Greek heritage. She loves to make inordinate amounts of food for people, and if it weren't for her, Drake may well have starved a long time ago. Ever since her husband, a stormtrooper, got killed on a Nexus patrol, she's been quite leery of Primes. As such, she has mixed feelings about Drake's new status, but still loves him and the rest of the girls like they were her children. May or may not suffocate with hugs.

Monika, Intelligence Supervisor: Monika is the genius behind the operations of SW3. She is a polite, demure, kind young lady of approximately 16 years. She doesn't talk much about her past, other than the fact that SW3 took her in when she had nowhere else to go after graduating highschool. Monika is the member that organizes and devises new ways to track and skew events on the Dataverse. She has respectable skills as a slicer, and has even made a few trips into the DV on a virtual level.

Gloria Adams, Treasurer: Gloria does not like Drake Oneir, and she does not like that Madge chose to take the Women's Club in the direction of information retrieval. Still, she is loyal to her friends in the organization, and will continue to monitor SW3's funding and spending...though she has concerns about the Empire coming down on their non-profit status one of these days. After all, Drake tends to pay the ladies well. Perhaps a little too well.


This Dataverse site is a place where secondaries around the Omniverse can post and share their candid photos of Primes they see in their daily lives. It functions both as a way to gossip about celebrity Primes, and as an early-warning system in the case of dangerous Primes. Incidentally, the site is funded and administrated by Drake and SW3, giving them full access to live archives of tagged and sorted snapshots of Primes in the wild. As usual, it tends to have better results in more populated and modernized areas of the Omniverse.


This social media network was set up as a joint effort between Yandere Lover, Drake, and the women of SW3 as a community and discussion board for subjects of King Gilgamesh. Users can submit and share photos, comments, articles, and their stories about life in and around Nippur. Obviously, Drake datamines all of these for use by the Gilgamesh's government, and personal business ventures.
[Image: screen_shot_2018_02_16_at_4_33_57_pm_by_...c3dkog.png]

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