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Name: Kumoko
Spent OM: 5900
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2000): Physical (1000), Debuff (1000)
Powers (2100/8000): Burst Movement (800), Super speed (1000), Super Jumping – Basic (300)
Moves (1200): Spider Walk (300), Venomous Bite (300), Spider Legs (300), Spider Silk (300)
Super Moves (600): T1SA: Poison Synthesis (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Consumed OM (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
SPD: 5
TEC: 3
[Image: 1NDUEKD.png?1]

History (WIP)

The nameless girl now known as Kumoko was once an average high-school student, if a bit of a shut-in. With a rather bad home life, no friends to really call her own (not that she really cared to have any), and with a rather unremarkable set of skills, she lived a boring life. One that was tragically cut short in a freak accident, one almost to weird to even be real.  She'd been dozing off in class, as she usually did in school when the classroom she was sleeping in simply... disintegrated around her, killing her and all her fellow students. But that wasn't the end for Kumoko. Whether by fortune or misfortune, she found herself reborn, reincarnated, waking up again after death in an unfamiliar world, surrounded only by darkness, webs, and spider. Lots and lots of spiders. After waking up in such a nightmarish world, she only had a few seconds to get her bearings, and in those few seconds, she came to a terrifying revelation. She wasn't just surrounded by spiders, she was a spider. Her mind, her memories, her personality, her life experience, all if it had been torn from her old body and thrust into that of a spider.

As she quickly found out, this was a world ruled by survival of the fittest. Her newfound brethren tore into each other, fighting and dying en masse, every spider out only for themselves and their next meal. One small misstep, one moment of lost concentration, or simply a little bit of bad luck would all bring Kumoko to another early death. Luckily for her, she possessed a weapon to thrust her above the masses, her very own special power to beat the odds and help her survive this massacre: her human mind. And with such a massive advantage over all of her brethren, she did perhaps the smartest thing one could do in such a situation, something none of her fellow spiders thought of. She took off like a bat out of hell. Rather than chancing her life in a giant slaughter, she knew her best course of survival would be to skulk, plot, plan, and of course, avoid confrontation like the plague.

Thus she survived, honing her spidery skills, learning when to fight and when to flee (mostly when to flee). She slowly trekked through the cavern she called home, a sprawling system of twisting tunnels that she eventually found out was the Elro Great Labyrinth, a labyrinth she intended to escape.

Near the end of that quest to grow strong and claw her way out of that cave, Omni took notice of her. Another stroke of either fortune or misfortune by the whims of a god, and she once again found herself waking up in a new world....


[Image: kumoko___kumo_desu_ga__nani_ka___by_sumo...at272m.jpg]

Kumoko is a type of spider known in her world as a Taratect, a type of very large spider that look and act similar to Corner Funnel Weavers, though with several distinctions. They have three segments, one of which being a head, instead of the two spiders have, and rather than fangs, they have a mouth, though being spiders, they’re still unable to use this mouth to communicate. They also have much more color variation to them, ranging from greys and blacks, to Kumoko’s purple and pink coloration.

Kumoko’s body measures about 4 feet from her mouth to the end of her abdomen, and she has a total leg span of about 4.75 feet. From the ground to the top of her cephalothorax is about 2.5 feet. She weighs around 40 lbs. She also has 8 black, beady eyes, as spiders tend to have. Despite being a spider, she’s surprisingly expressive (at least in how she flails all 8 of her spidery legs around), and those adept at reading body language might be able to tell what she’s thinking just by her wild gesticulations.

Size Reference:

[Image: unknown.png]

Personality (WIP)

For better or worse, living as a spider in a video game-esque world has changed Kumoko. She, at one point, had been a normal high school girl. Less chatty and more of a hermit than most, but a high school girl nonetheless. She kept to herself, tried to avoid meeting people, and in general just entertained herself with her thoughts. These traits were perhaps what helped keep her from losing her mind in the Elro Great Labyrinth. With only herself to keep company, she often talked and formulated plans with herself, talking as though with another person. Of course, as useful as these traits were for not going completely batshit, they made her more... susceptible to other things.

Long times of total isolation still left Kumoko with some mental afflictions. She's entirely merciless and guiltless towards her enemies, no matter how they beg or plead for their lives. If they wanted to live, they shouldn't have attacked her, after all. Someone who kills must be prepared to die as well. But, while she's all too happy to chase down anything she thinks she can take down with wild abandon, she's not completely homicidal. Perhaps as a left-over from being human, she's still reluctant to fight humans. Of course, that immediately goes out the window if they attack her. Self-defense and all.

Despite being fairly merciless, Kumoko isn't really all that fearless. She tends to get really panicky when her life is on the line. Which, with her usual, emotive attitude, lends to a lot of wild flailing and running about. Her "fight or flight" response defaults to "flight" of course, so it's not like she's about to make any wild mistakes while in this state. Rather, she does a lot of frantic dodging. Of course, this isn't mindless. She's still a thinker, and will desperately try to come up with any plan she can to work around her enemy's abilities with just the tools she has.

When it comes to socializing, she'd rather not. She likes to complain about being lonely, but when given the opportunity, she tends to half-ass things and get a bit grouchy, but she'll typically reluctantly accept them and secretly wants them to stay around. Rarely, she'll outright tell someone to leave her alone, but that's usually only when she's annoyed by them. Though given that she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, with how much she emotes and gesticulates, it can sometimes feel like she is asking someone to leave.

Given that she's a spider, she can't talk normally. When she's given the ability to, however that may be, she speaks slowly, with frequent pauses, as though thinking about every word before she says it. Her tone also tends to come off as curt and vaguely annoyed. This is just because she's a total, socially anxious loner.

Those who communicate with her telepathically, on the other hand, get a healthy dose of her usual train-of-thought. In her mind, she's energetic and loves to talk, going off on tangents, giving her commentary on everything she sees, and so on.

Kumoko's also a huge chuunibyou. It often doesn't seem like it at first glance, or really many subsequent glances because she's fairly reserved about herself, but she loves imagining herself in positiosn where she can be cool/epic/edgy.
[Image: 1NDUEKD.png?1]


Attack (2): While Taratects might be amongst the weakest of the monsters inhabiting the Elro Great Labyrinth, they're still nothing to be taken lightly. Kumoko, in particular, is a fair bit stronger physically than the average human, and her webbing and poisons are not to be scoffed at. That said, Taratects are still among the weakest of the monsters. Thus, she doesn't really have much of an advantage when it comes to ATK.

Defense (0): Defense has never been Kumoko's forte. Though one would assume her exoskeleton would provide some level of defense, it has a tendency to cave in under every blow she receives. Thus, she instead tries to make sure she doesn't get hit in the first place. 

Speed (5): Not only is Kumoko naturally fast as a spider, in her world, all her running away gave her a skill called Idaten, which greatly increased her already-high speed even further. A good thing too. With her measly defense, she wouldn't have been able to survive nearly as long as she did without the ability to run and dodge as well as she can.

Technique (3): Kumoko's second advantage. Without an overwhelming strength to beat down foes, and without the ability to take really much of any sort of hit, she needed to rely on her crafty plans and guile to overcome any challenges in her way. She is a thinker, through and through, and is always planning the next step she needs to take just to survive.


Superspeed and Burst Movement: A very speedy spider. Kumoko's ability to evade just about everything that comes her way is not to be taken lightly. She'll always try to leverage her overwhelming speed to her advantage as much as possible, even against those who are fast themselves. It's one of her only survival tools, after all.

Super Jumping (Basic): Sort of like a jumping spider, Kumoko's capable of leaping surprisingly well. That's really all there is to say on that matter.


Spider Walk (Physical) (300): 
Being a spider, Kumoko’s capable of scurrying along walls and ceilings with ease. Since it comes as naturally to her as walking normally, she’s even able to move at top speed, attack, and in general use all of her moves while clinging to one, but she must always have at least half of her legs holding onto the surface at any given time, preventing her from dodging recklessly or jumping. Additionally, it also takes more energy than walking along the ground due to the fact she has to fight gravity, but it isn’t incredibly difficult, and she’s capable of doing it for a long time.

Spider Legs (Physical) (300):
As a spider, Kumoko also has 8 spider legs. Each of these is fully mobile and way more flexible than one would expect of spider legs, allowing her to even reach things on her back (with some difficulty). Since they're sticky in the way spider legs are, they can all be used to grab hold of things, whether it's an object, a person, a wall, etc. Though since she lacks hands and fingers, she's not really dextrous. Additionally, 8 legs mean losing 1 hinders her less than normal, but losing one still hinders her, and more importantly, still hurts as much as one would expect.

Venomous Bite (Physical, Debuff) (300):
As a member of the Taratect species, Kumoko carries their innate venom, which she can deliver with a solid bite from her serrated jaw. Her venom isn’t the paralyzing type a lot of spiders have, but rather brings about pure pain. Those who are bitten and receive a dose experience intense agony in the wound, the sort that makes one wish they’d rather lose their arm rather than continue experiencing it. This overwhelming torment completely disrupts their concentration for the 5 seconds that it lasts before it fades away. Due to limits in physiology, she only has enough venom for about 2 bites before they become normal, non-venomous bites. Her body does synthesize more venom as time goes on, however. She passively regenerates enough for 1 more bite every 30 seconds, though she can not go over her max of 2.

Spider Silk (Physical Strength, Debuff) (300):
Kumoko can produce a centimeter-thick rope of sticky silk from her abdomen at a rate of one meter per second. The stickiness will not affect Kumoko herself, and so she can safely manipulate the threads to her heart's content, attaching them to people, objects, or themselves.
Anyone or anything that touches the webbing will that the silk sticks to them very firmly, with a grip equivalent to Kumoko's own ATK + TEC. Thus, if someone gets themselves wrapped up in it, they'll have a much easier time breaking free (whether by tearing the strands or by tearing them off of themselves) if their ATK + TEC is greater than hers. Those without Physical Strength have a disadvantage when trying to break free. When it comes to things that can cut it, it's as durable as normal rope. Anything that could cut a rope can cut the silk, though since it's sticky, failing to sever it in one swing leaves the weapon stuck, and it again comes down to normal struggling to break it free.
Kumoko’s body can produce a theoretically inexhaustible supply of silk, but the act of doing so is slightly draining and requires most of her concentration, preventing her from using other moves that require concentration, though she can still move as normal, allowing her to connect it from place to place easier if constructing a web or something. Since she can only spin 1 meter of silk per second, she can't actually construct a full-on spider web in a fight unless someone leaves her alone for minutes.

Spider Eyes (Fodder):
Having 8 eyes means that Kumoko has a larger field of view than a normal human. Given that she has two "main" eyes she relies on, which are larger and more advanced than the other 6, this effect isn't super drastic, but it is enough to be noticeable. Notably, the arrangement of Taratect eyes put 4 nearer the top center of the head and 2 below and off the side of the main eyes (basically making an upside-down V), expanding her peripheral vision greatly. While she can only see the usual cone in front of her clearly, her other 6 eyes give her weak vision above her and slightly behind her (though not directly behind her). She's capable of vaguely seeing and reacting to movement within that greatly expanded FoV, but it doesn't allow her to make out anything specific. She can only tell that there's something moving and the general proximity to her. Additionally, since her 6 smaller eyes are more disposable than a normal person's would be, she can lose them without loss in her main vision (though it still hurts to lose them).

Super Moves

T1 Super Attack: Poison Synthesis (Physical) (600):
Extending at least two of her legs out, Kumoko concentrates and synthesizes a ball of deadly poison, measuring about half a meter in diameter, in the air between said two legs. She's capable of moving around as normal as she creates it. Once formed, it simply... falls. Nor more than 12 feet before the liquid evaporates away. Since she can't throw it, she needs to be in a position where it can just fall on an enemy. Thus, Kumoko typically tries to put herself in a position where she can force it down their throat, but they don’t need to ingest it for it to do damage. Instead, if it only hits their skin, it simply takes a few more seconds for the poison to actually seep into them and do the damage.
[Image: 1NDUEKD.png?1]

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