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Ahana Varma

Basic Roster

Name: Ahana Varma
Spent OM: 13550
Consumed OM: 450
Proficiencies (4200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialise Proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Area Defence Proficiency (400).
Powers (2900/8000): Basic Super Jumping (300), Master Acrobat (400), Advanced Regeneration (2200).
Moves (1500): The Fires that Consume All Harm; Protections of the Golden Conflagration! (0), The Fires that Forge Endless Spines; Creations of the Golden Conflagration! (600), The Fires that Illuminate Deepest Darkness; Scintillations of the Golden Conflagration! (600), “Bahaal”: The Fires that Devour Nearby Matter; Restorations of the Golden Conflagration! (300), The Fires that Conjure Strange Devices; Communications of the Golden Conflagration! (0).
Super Moves (1200): Offensive Command Word: “Bahaal” (600), Defensive Command Word: “Bahaal” (600).
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (300): Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200).
Bases (0):
Unlocks (3000): Stat Upgrade I [DEF] (1000), Stat Upgrade II [DEF] (2000).
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 6
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

List of Contents

1. Description (Appearance, Personality & Combat Style)
2. History
3. Statistics, Proficiencies & Powers
4. Moves & Super Moves


Name: Ahana Varma

Source: Original

[Image: Ahana_Both3.png]
Left Art: TheRogueRipper
Right Art: Hentaki-kun
Ahana is an attractive, young woman with light brown skin and a lithe, athletic figure. Her irises are gold-coloured. She has long, silky, black hair which reaches her hips, and a bindi (i.e. a red dot) on her forehead. In addition to a normal set of human ears, which are generally covered by her hair, she has a pair of rabbit ears in top of her head, which match the colour of her hair. She stands 5'2” (62”/157.5cm) tall (to the top of her head; her rabbit-like ears are not included in this number) and weighs 8st 5lbs (117lbs/53kg). She generally wears a simple, orange sari (a dress-like garment which leaves her midriff bare) with a gold stripe along the outer edge of the drape portion of the outfit, which is lined with small rubies. Ahana doesn't usually wear socks or shoes, even when entering unsafe environments, as her protective magic makes her more than durable enough to avoid cutting her feet (e.g. on broken glass).

Age: 27y/o
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 8st 5lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black

A Note on Physiology
Many people in Ahana's world have animal features. There is no real consensus on why this is: some believe it is the result of magical contamination; others think that long in the past, humanity tried to alter their own biology but ended up making a mess of it; whilst still more are of the opinion that at some point the gods just got a little bored of plain, old humans and decided to spice things up a bit. Those with animal attributes generally acquire some trait relating to the creature(s) whose body parts they share. In Ahana's case, she gained the ability to jump much higher than a normal human.
Though Ahana comes from a fantasy world, the particular part of that world she belongs to closely corresponds in many ways to India, IRL. This includes their accents.

Ahana was once a good & decent person, before years of exposure to the horrors of war twisted her into who she is today. She now has very little regard for the lives or feelings of other people. In fact, she generally entertains herself by tormenting them. She's rather arrogant, normally, but is also perfectly capable of feeling awe when confronted by someone whose power far exceeds her own. As she has no real objectives beyond simple, hedonistic pleasures, she is perfectly willing to take orders from others, so long as she doesn't find them too boring. If she does, she'll most likely start slacking off before too long, especially if she has little-to-no supervision. Ahana's sexual orientation is 'pansexual', meaning that she can be attracted to people of any gender. Although she tries hard not to be, Ahana is frequently ruled by her emotions, so will sometimes make rash or unwise decisions in times of stress.

Strikethrough/Italics Note
Strikethrough text currently does not apply. After first discovering her own weakened powers in the Omniverse and then meeting King Gilgamesh in Nippur, Ahana has been so awed by him that she no longer behaves arrogantly and is, for the time being, utterly devoted to serving him like a good little peon should. In addition, the italics text is new traits added as a result of these experiences; she wants to serve her king as best she can, so is attempting to be less psychotic for his sake.
In time, though, as she gathers more Omnilium and grows stronger, her usual personality may reassert itself...

Combat Style:
She throws spears at people. She also stabs them with spears too. And flips around and does all that acrobatic shit to keep from getting hit in return.
Or sometimes, when her opponents are weak and/or she's feeling cocky, she just tanks hits for a laugh, to prove that they're not tough enough to harm her.


The city-state of Bhalaee had long been at peace. This was thanks, largely, to their one-time unquestionable superiority in the magical arts… over the centuries, though, as their people grew complacent and turned their attentions toward less deadly sorts of spellcraft, other powers rose to prominence across the continent. Realising that (at the time) they had no need to field armies, as the less gifted cities did, one of their past Rajas had disbanded their military entirely, a decision which had left much more coin to be spent on infrastructure and development, and so went a long way towards making Bhalaee the economic powerhouse it eventually became.

Nevertheless, though his name was lauded long after his death for taking such a profitable approach, which had led ultimately to the complete absence of any sort of poverty within the city walls (though, admittedly, the overwhelming magical power which many of them possessed also had a lot to do with this), when the state's carefully cultivated alliances and diplomatic links began to fray, the lack of anything more than a simple police force – who had themselves seen very little actual violence, due to the generally genial nature of the city’s citizens – caused concern amongst many of the more ‘paranoid’ denizens of Bhalaee.

When the first true wars in centuries broke out – not mere scuffles over the placement of a border, but genuine, full-scale invasions – diplomats were dispatched with all haste, to do what they could to calm the situations. Even at this point, though, there were still only a handful who seriously considered the possibility that Bhalaee itself could be dragged into the conflict. For the most part, the citizenry dismissed the warring states as clueless barbarians, and went on with their lives as normal.

Ahana was no different. Born to a loving, albeit vast, family – as the Bhalaeese were proud supporters of both polygamy and gender equality, their family trees tended to often more closely resemble hedges – she grew up carefree and encouraged to pursue her dreams… regardless of whether they were at all achievable or not. The city-state was more than prosperous enough to afford a well-funded welfare system for its populace – something which was unheard of almost everywhere else across the continent – so there was no need for her to worry about ending up penniless and starving.

Ahana finished her schooling at the age of fifteen and went on to became an artist; a sculptor, to be precise, using her magecraft to form beautiful statues of pure gold. Given that gold – like almost anything else – could simply be summoned magically, it had little real value in her world, but even so, it was a non-corroding metal which looked pretty, so it had that going for it, at least. She did well enough for herself, though she never quite excelled in her field.

Until the conflicts finally reached their doorstep. It was just two years since she had taken up this artsy career of hers when the first army showed up by the walls. A dozen city guards were dispatched to disperse them, as though they were nothing more than a crowd of angry protesters. Not realising how much their own powers had waned in the time since their city-state last saw combat, or how much their neighbours’ had grown, it came as a great shock to the people when the squad was slain after non-lethally subduing ‘merely’ three times their number. Considering the enemy force numbered almost two thousand, this wasn’t the most devastating of blows.

Of course, as soon as their foes had committed this heinous act of cop-killing, the entirety of the city’s guards filed out through the gates and wiped them off the face of the world… albeit, with a much higher casualty count on their side than anyone was remotely comfortable with. Realising at long last – perhaps too late – that they had no choice but to accept that they too were involved in these wars, the current Raja ordered the reestablishment of the military.

Their first attempt was a complete disaster. No one in the city had any understanding at all of strategy and tactics, and the people had been split into two camps by the declaration; the frightened, who refused to volunteer, leaving their forces significantly outnumbered by those of their foes, and the cocky, who still considered their magic superior to everyone else’s, in spite of recent events, and often took needless risks and got themselves killed as a result.

Ahana, who was among that first wave of recruits, fell into this latter category, though she was a tad wiser than many of the young people her age, and had decided to focus on using her magic in a primarily defensive manner, by summoning great suits of golden plate mail to wear… it wasn’t long before she tired of this approach, though. She endured all of a single battle dressed in one such suit before vowing to do everything in her power to perfect her defensive enchantments, so that she never again had to struggle and sweat beneath that great a weight simply to keep herself safe.

With each engagement she wore less and less of her armour, until finally she ceased to need it at all. Despite her personal progress, though, the army itself was having a bad time, their inexperience allowing them to be outmanoeuvred again and again by foes they ought to have beaten. Eventually, after an extremely close call when they were pushed all the way back to the city walls, conscription was implemented, which helped a lot.

What helped even more, though – at least in the short term – was that another city-state overran the city of Bhalaee’s most powerful neighbour whilst that nation’s armies were out in the field. Devoid of the supplies they would need to continue fighting and with nothing left to protect, those men and women turned to banditry to survive, causing major problems for everyone who tried to get through their territory… and unintentionally shielding Ahana’s people from the worst of the fighting, allowing their generals and strategists the time they needed to actually learn how to lead armies.

This warring period lasted seven years, and ultimately ended with no clear victor… rather, it was more that every surviving state had simply reached a point where they could no longer justify going on any further; their peoples were starving, their industries dead, their populations reduced to mere dregs. They had no choice but to cease hostilities before everyone was wiped out.

Nevertheless, when the peace accords were at last agreed and the armies returned home, almost all of the nations aimed to convince their people that they had somehow won… and Bhalaee was no different. The scattered remnants of their media rushed to heap praise upon the sorts of people whom, a decade before, they would have condemned as mass murderers and war criminals without a moment’s hesitation.

Ahana was amongst these people. Though she lacked the raw power that many of the city’s new ‘heroes’ held, her inhuman resilience had allowed her to walk unscathed from melees in which thousands had died, drenched in the blood of friend and foe alike, but without so much as a paper cut herself. The media named all of their greatest warriors, giving them titles that ranged from extremely pretentious (for the most excessively overpowered) to just plain dumb (for the others). Ahana, they chose to dub ‘Unkillabitch’, for her apparent inability to die.

As gloried as they were, though, the wars had left none of them truly unscathed, and Ahana – once possessed of a delicate and artistic soul – had developed a taste for inflicting pain, injury and death… and also she was just kind of an asshole in general now. It wasn’t long before she began to tire of peace.

Given this, she was all too pleased to get on board when another of her nation’s champions – who had been titled ‘the Puppetmaster of Fallen Souls’, for his unparalleled mastery of the art of Necromancy – shared with her his desires to return Bhalaee to its former glory, by any means necessary. Despite the questionable morality of his plot – which involved the assassination of the city’s peace-loving Raja and the installation of his daughter (who was much more supportive of their agenda) as Rani, to rule in his place – she had no objections. And she was not alone; many of the soldiers had had trouble settling back into civilian life, and were able to be persuaded to join his crew.

In the end, the scheme went off without a hitch, and the city-state’s new Rani, along with the Puppetmaster and his elite little club of ‘heroes’, dragged their people kicking and screaming back into conflict, determined to subdue every other nation on the continent and this time, rather than allow themselves to grow weak and complacent in their superiority, they would enslave the other peoples and force them to take on all the menial tasks required for survival, whilst the Bhalaeese served as their ‘benevolent’ overlords and stuck to the martial magics themselves.

Personally, Ahana wasn’t too fussed about these goals, one way or another. So long as she had some excuse to keep being as excessively violent as possible, she was perfectly happy with her place in the world. Before this latest conflict was even close to a resolution, though, her enjoyment was cut short, when – midway through the sacking of a fallen city, just after having finished brutally murdering a man and his wife in front of their wide-eyed young son – Omni chose to pluck her from her realm and drag her into his.

Chosen by God: I Always Knew I Was Awesome — In which Ahana arrives in the Omniverse, sees a gate, and walks through.
The Gifts of God: Omnilium is a Wonderful Thing — In which Ahana crosses the Dunes, almost dies in a car crash, and reaches Nippur.
The King and His Merry Men — In which Ahana gets scared by a skeleton, sleeps with a guard, and encounters a king.
The City of God: Repairs & Rebuilding (In Progress) — In which Ahana follows her king, fixes some walls, and...


ATK: 2
Ahana's years of combat experience in her people's army have left her very strong for a normal human, allowing her to hit pretty hard.
DEF: 6
Ahana's magic is more than powerful enough to easily keep a real-world-strength bullet from penetrating even her bare skin, never mind all the muscle and bone beneath. This effect takes the form of golden flames which appear on her skin whenever she would normally take damage.*
SPD: 2
Ahana's years of combat in her people's army have left her very strong for a normal human, allowing her to run at up to 20 mph.
TEC: 2
Ahana's years of combat in her people's army have made her into a skilled fighter.

*See the Fodder Move 'The Fires that Consume All Harm; Protections of the Golden Conflagration!' for more information.


Physical Strength:
With years of practical experience swinging around heavy javelins in battle, it's fair to say that Ahana has some muscle on her bones.
Ranged Proficiency:
As well as simply stabbing people, Ahana is also strong and skilled enough to throw her javelins at range.
Ranged Materialise Proficiency:
Why own a spear when you can effortlessly summon any number of spears from thin air at any time that's convenient?
Area Attack Proficiency:
What's better than burning one thing? Burning literally everything around you, of course.
Remote Control Proficiency:
Ahana's magic allows her to not only summon golden flames, but to manipulate them as well.
Area Defence Proficiency:
As well as all the other things it can consume, Ahana's fire is able to burn away incoming attacks before they reach her.


Basic Super Jumping:
As a result of being born with rabbit-like ears, Ahana somehow gained the ability to jump ten metres high... just... don't question it. Magic is weird, okay?
Master Acrobat:
Using gymnastics in combat looks cool. For someone as vain as Ahana, that was more than enough reason to learn how to do it.
Advanced Regeneration:
In her home world, Ahana could passively heal no faster than an average person, though she did possess a spell named "Bahaal" which could instantly close wounds. Currently, this spell is the only way she is able to use the SP-spending function of Advanced Regeneration. Its passive healing effect is something totally new to her.


The Fires that Consume All Harm; Protections of the Golden Conflagration! (RP Fodder Move)
Whenever Ahana is attacked or otherwise comes into contact with anything that would hurt a normal person (e.g. stepping on broken glass), small, golden flames will instantly appear on her skin/clothing/hair/etc. where the the harmful object/effect touches her. These flames will seem to produce no heat from the perspective of anyone whose DEF is at least twice her ATK. For anyone with DEF lower than that, they will feel warm. This fire can never be hot enough to deal damage, though.

The fires will extinguish immediately if she ceases to touch the object, and in the case of some attacks, such as if being hit with a club, the flames will vanish after a second even if she is still in contact with the weapon, since clubs are blunt and therefore cannot harm a normal person whilst stationary. In other cases, though, such as if grabbing a sword by its blade, the fire will remain for as long as she remains touching it, since doing that would cut a normal person.

This move is an IC representation of her DEF, nothing more.

The Fires that Forge Endless Spines; Creations of the Golden Conflagration!
(Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialise Proficiency)
Reference image for the javelins’ shape and approximate size in relation to her:
[Image: Jav_Scale_Small.png]
A thin, straight line of golden fire, 3 cm thick, shoots (at a speed of 22 m/s) from one point within 3 metres of Ahana to another point just a little over 2.2 metres away from the first. This fire cannot deal damage, though anyone with DEF less than twice her ATK will feel some warmth emanating from it. After an additional 0.4 seconds (i.e. it has half a second total summoning time), the fire vanishes, revealing a javelin made of pure gold. Creating one of these is almost effortless and requires some concentration, but not complete Focus, meaning she can still move about as normal (the fire follows her if she does, maintaining its position in relation to her body) and she can use Physical Strength defensively (e.g. to bat away a sword if someone tried to stab her). Alternatively, she can choose to summon two at once, in which case she can move at no faster than walking speed whilst summoning and cannot defend herself. It is entirely possible for her to wield one of these in each hand, if she wishes, or she can opt to use only one at a time.

The javelins are 220 cm long, 2.5 cm thick at their widest, and have sharp points on either end. Due to being made entirely of gold and being completely solid, they weigh far more than sporting javelins, which are hollow. As a result of this additional weight, they can only be thrown at about half the speed and a quarter as far as someone with her ATK would be able to throw a regular javelin, though this extra weight does also mean that they deal a fair bit more damage than normal ones. They can be used for either melee or ranged attacks, though due to being made from such a soft metal as gold, they can be dented, bent and broken much more easily than most weapons. Ahana has no limit to the number she can summon in total and no method of un-summoning them. This makes it entirely plausible for anyone nearby to get their hands on one of her javelins and use it as an Incidental Weapon.

The Fires that Illuminate Deepest Darkness; Scintillations of the Golden Conflagration!
(Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency, Ranged Materialise Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency)
Ahana can summon golden flames anywhere within 3 metres of herself and can manipulate them by gesturing with her arms and/or hands. They can be moved no further from her than 3 metres away, but will always automatically move to keep in place relative to her position. This fire cannot deal damage, though anyone with DEF less than twice her ATK will feel some warmth emanating from it. Also, the flames cannot actually set things on fire. Smaller streams of flame can be created almost instantly, but to expand these enough to fill the entire area would require half a second of Focus.

Whilst Focusing on summoning and/or maintaining the flames, she can do everything else she normally can, except use other Moves which require Focus (e.g. she could stab someone with one of her javelins, but couldn’t summon more javelins). Also, because the fire requires continued Focus, if her concentration is disrupted, it will vanish immediately. The Fatigue cost of this Move is small enough that she can use it liberally, but if she keeps employing it often throughout a fight it will eventually add up.

Writing Guide
In combat, Ahana will generally use this Move in one of three ways:
• To attempt to distract opponents and give herself an opportunity to attack them while their guard is down, either by shooting fire at them and hoping they think it’s actually dangerous, or by throwing it into their face to cover their eyes for a moment.
• To make it harder for others to attack her by surrounding herself with fire, blocking their vision of her... though as she has no way of seeing through the fire herself, doing this means obscuring her own vision as well.
• To draw attention to herself and generally look cool and/or threatening. This would be mostly done in an attempt at convincing enemies to attack her rather than any allies she had nearby… or if she just feels like showing off. She can be pretty vain.

“Bahaal”: The Fires that Devour Nearby Matter; Restorations of the Golden Conflagration!
(Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency, Area Defence Proficiency, Advanced Regeneration)
Ahana speaks the word “Bahaal” and then golden flames are projected outwards from her body at a speed of 6 m/s, until (after half a second) they fill a 6-metre-wide sphere centred on her location, at which point they stop advancing, though will still burn. This Move can be maintained for up to 10 seconds, during which time it drains Ahana’s energy quite slowly. After she ceases fuelling the flames they vanish instantly, leaving the affected area utterly charred.

This move technically deals very high damage, however it cannot be used against Primes (or Secondaries of comparable strength to Primes, e.g. Space Marines) without an accompanying Super Move (see ‘Accompaniments’); only against Minor Secondaries, inanimate objects, terrain and weak projectiles (more powerful attacks will only be weakened a bit by the flames, rather than stopped outright). Whilst maintaining this Move, Ahana must remain stationary, cannot see through the flames herself, and cannot use any other Moves or Powers except those listed as Accompaniments below.

• The basic, SP usage variant of the Advanced Regeneration Power.
• Any Super Move with the word ‘Bahaal’ in its name.

Each time this Move is used, Ahana must use at least one type of Accompaniment. Only one Super Move Accompaniment can be used per usage of this Move, however the amount that she can use Advanced Regeneration is limited only by her remaining SP.

The Fires that Conjure Strange Devices; Communications of the Golden Conflagration! (RP Fodder Move)
(Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator)
A small, roughly cuboid, golden fire (which can’t deal damage but feels warm to anyone with DEF less than twice her ATK) appears somewhere within 3 metres of Ahana (and keeps its position in relation to her body if she moves), lasting half a second before winking out to reveal a small, plain tablet made of pure gold. None of its edges are sharp, but the bottom corners are more rounded than those on the front face. The object’s dimensions are 15cm x 7cm x 1cm. These are almost effortless to create and there is no limit to the maximum number she can have, though she can only summon up to two at a time. She has no method of un-summoning them, so will typically just throw one away when done using it. Using this in combat would be extraordinarily inefficient, though, as they would deal extremely low damage even compared to other Incidental Weapons.

The real purpose of these things is that they serve as Dataverse Devices for her. They are magical rather than technological in nature, but still function much like ordinary smartphones; with the front face being covered by an ‘illusion spell’ (i.e. a monitor) when in use (they’re also able to do other phone-like things such as produce sounds and take photos, despite having neither speakers nor cameras). They only work as Dataverse Devices when Ahana herself is touching them, though; in anyone else’s hands they are just small blocks of gold.

Super Moves

Offensive Command Word: “Bahaal” [Tier 1 Super Attack]
(Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency)
This Super Attack can only be activated in conjunction with the Move “'Bahaal': The Fires that Devour Nearby Matter; Restorations of the Golden Conflagration!” and cannot be used on its own. Activating this Super Attack will deal normal Super Attack damage in place of "Restorations"' default damage to any Primes (and Secondaries of comparable strength to Primes) other than Ahana within the affected area (split between them), regardless of whether they are allies or enemies.

Defensive Command Word: “Bahaal” [Tier 1 Super Defence]
(Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency, Area Defence Proficiency)
This Super Defence can only be activated in conjunction with the Move “'Bahaal': The Fires that Devour Nearby Matter; Restorations of the Golden Conflagration!” and cannot be used on its own. Activating this Super Defence will burn away any Tier 1 Super Attack that enters the affected area of “Restorations” (in the case of melee Super Attacks, the attack will seem to collide with something solid within the fire, which will repel the attacker back from the fire so that they are not harmed by it). If this Super Defence is used when there are any Primes (or Secondaries of comparable strength to Primes) other than Ahana within the affected area then they must all be written as being able to get out of the way in time to avoid being harmed.


Mobile Dataverse Device & Communicator
In Ahana's case, these two Items are just separate functions of the same object. For more information see her RP Fodder Move "The Fires that Conjure Strange Devices; Communications of the Golden Conflagration!".
[Image: Ahana_Sig_V3.png]

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