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Handsome Jack

[Image: tumblr_n7blmvienB1qjztgpo1_r1_400.gif]

Name: Handsome Jack
Spent OM: 9700
Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (2800):  Ranged Proficiency(1000), Area Attack(600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency(600), Remote Control Proficiency(600)

Powers (1200/8000): Stealth(1200)

Moves (1500): The Quickie(300), Handy J(300), One-Pump Thump(300), Thot Potato(300), Circle Jack(300)

Super Moves (1200): Acid Pain(600), Ha! You Suck!(600)

Transformations (0):
Assists (0):

Unlocks (3000); Stat Upgrade I(1000), Stat Upgrade II(2000)

Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 5
SPD: 1
TEC: 1

Quick Guide
Appearance and Personality
Combat Style
Moves and Super Moves
Power-Ups and Assists
Items, Artifacts, and Bases
History and Continuing Adventures
Relationships and NPCs

[Image: Handsome-Jack.png]

Handsome Jack is an attractive middle-aged Caucasian male with perfectly-coiffed brown hair and gorgeous blue and green hetero-chromatic eyes. Standing at around average height and slim build, Jack's skin is moderately tanned from exposure to the blazing sun of Pandora, which makes his characteristic mask stand out all the more against his darker, natural skin. Modeled after his pre-scarred visage, it has the ability to mimic his natural facial movements flawlessly and has five small metal clamps holding it in place, one on each temple, one in front of each ear, and one on his chin. No, that isn't a soul patch. Don't be stupid. Underneath this mask, Jack's once perfect face has been marred by a large, blue brand in the shape of the Vault symbol, though none who've seen his actual face are alive to tell anyone what it looks like.

Jack prefers to dress casually, usually sporting a grey jacket and brown vest combo, over an over-sized white collared-shirt and finishing up with a yellow, long-sleeved undershirt. He wears a simple pair of grey slacks which bunch up over the tops of his stylish yellow-striped brown sneakers. There's a leather holster on his right thigh, an Echo-Device on his left wrist, and a Holographic Projector upon his lapel.

Age: Mid 30's
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Right Blue and Left Green
Hair: Brown with flecks of Grey
Identifying Marks: Tribal Tattoo on Right Wrist; Large Blue V-Shaped Scar covering most of his Face, including over his Natural Left Eye


Let's just get this out of the way: Handsome Jack has issues. He's a megalomaniac with borderline-personality disorder and a narcissist. But if you think that's all there is to him, then you don't know Jack. Here's the deal: Jack sees himself as a hero. He honestly believes that to change a dark, violent, and chaotic world, you need to be every bit as dark, violent, and chaotic yourself. He can't afford to feel pity, mercy, or compassion for anyone in his quest to create utopia. But, that doesn't mean he can't have a good time while he's at it; be it via taunting those who'd stand against him, showing off his wealth and/or intelligence, or even just laughing gleefully as he gouges someone's eyes out. However, it's important to note that he can go from joking to choking you in a blink of an eye. (Check the video to the right for guides on Jack dialogue.)

[Image: Jack2.png]
Physical Traits and Skill

Atk: 5
Def: 5
Spd: 1
Tec: 1

Despite being the most gorgeous man in the history of the universe, physically speaking Jack isn't much stronger, tougher, or faster than your average guy. To survive in the harsh, violent wasteland of Pandora, he's resorted to using technology to give him an edge. He sports a variety of high-powered munitions and he's enhanced his toughness with a custom-made Hyperion Energy Shield, which projects a barrier just above his skin to protect him from attacks. Not much he can do about moving more quickly, without grabbing a vehicle, however, and his preference for relying on others to do his dirty work hasn't done him any favors in regards to skill. Of course, when the bullets start flying, Jack'll take overwhelming firepower and unbreakable defense over cheap tricks and reckless speed any day.

Combat Strategies

Ranged: Jack prefers to fight from a distance, leaving close-quarters combat to the lesser minds.

Area Attack: You know what's better than killing one person? Killing a bunch with the same amount of ammo.

[Image: Jack3.jpg]
Ranged Materialize: Dropping attacks without warning, or throwing out some Holo-Jacks for back-up? Yes, please!

Remote Control: Much of Jack's equipment requires his direct input to function correctly. Never trust a machine to do a man's job.

Stealth: Utilizing advanced light-bending technology, Jack's Stealth Field can render him invisible to most foes. Now you see me, now you don't!

Fighting Style

Jack prefers to fight from mid-range, a position in which his average skill with firearms can be balanced with his aversion to getting punched in the face. He takes advantage of natural obstacles for cover, when there is any around, but adopts a "hit-and-run" strategy in open areas. In particular, he'll rely heavily on his Stealth Field and Holographic Jacks when he's unable to take cover. He'll only adopt a direct attack tactic when he feels he clearly has the upper-hand or his foe is on their last legs.


The Quickie 
[Image: SMG.png]
"Sometimes its all you have time for." 

Jack's custom Submachine Gun. It possesses an extremely high-rate of fire, and while it has a range of about 100 meters, it's far too inaccurate to use beyond 20 meters. Its magazine boasts an impressive 50 round capacity, which it can empty in about 10 seconds of sustained fire, and it takes about 3 seconds for Jack to reload after expending the last round. Like all of his weapons, Jack can summon The Quickie to his hand in about 1 second, and it likewise vanishes about 5 seconds after leaving his grip. Both the appearance and disappearance is accompanied by a strange digitizing of the air where it will appear or disappear.

Handy J
[Image: Pistol.png]
"Nothing like a good one." 

Jack's custom semi-automatic Pistol. This beauty sports a 500 meter range, though it's only reasonably accurate within 100 meters, and deals an average amount of damage to anything it hits. As a semi-automatic, it fires as quickly as Jack can pull the trigger, or about twice every second or so. It possesses a fair amount of ammunition at 13 rounds, and it takes about 2 seconds to reload after expending the last round. Like all of his weapons, Jack can summon Handy J to his hand in about 1 second, and it likewise vanishes about 5 seconds after leaving his grip. Both the appearance and disappearance is accompanied by a strange digitizing of the air where it will appear or disappear.

One-Pump Thump
[Image: Shotgun.png]
"Hey, look... it's been awhile, ok?" 

Jack's custom semi-automatic Shotgun. Though it only has a 5 meter range, it fills a 90 degree cone within this range with around 50 small pellets. At point-blank range, the damage this baby can dish out is massive, though at further ranges this damage drops off as less projectiles hit a single target. One-Pump Thump may be semi-automatic, but the recoil means it can only be fired about once every two seconds. It's magazine is a paltry 6 rounds, and it takes about 4 seconds to reload after expending the last round. Like all of his weapons, Jack can summon One-Pump Thump to his hand in about 1 second, and it likewise vanishes about 5 seconds after leaving his grip. Both the appearance and disappearance is accompanied by a strange digitizing of the air where it will appear or disappear.

Thot Potato 
[Image: Grenade.png]
"Better have protection..."

Jack's custom grenades. Unlike normal grenades, which are thrown at their targets, these grenades are controlled via a device mounted on Jack's wrist. Using a series of small thrusters, Thot Potatoes can be directed to a target within 60 meters of Jack; though, if he's unable to control it for whatever reason, they simply continue on in the last direction he entered. Controlling a Thot Potato requires the use of both Jack's hands and occupies enough of his attention that he can do little more than hunker down in cover. Each of the 4 grenades Jack carries has a 10 second fuse, with 60 meters being the maximum distance they can reach within that time-frame, and deal substantial damage to targets caught in their 2.5 meter radius explosion. Like all of his weapons, Jack can summon Thot Potatoes to his hand in about 1 second, and, if inactivated, they vanish 5 seconds after being released. Both the appearance and disappearance is accompanied by a strange digitizing of the air where it will appear or disappear. After using the 4 grenades Jack carries into a fight, he needs to spend time outside combat to summon more.

Circle Jack
[Image: Holo-Projector.png]
"Ring around the Rosie..."

A special device created by Jack which projects holographic dopplegangers of himself. It takes about 5 seconds to power up Circle Jack, after which it will project up to 10 copies of Jack within a 10 meter radius, generally surrounding around an opponent. These duplicates look and sound like the actual Jack, and are controlled via a series of conductors embedded within his left hand. Controlling the actions of a large group of dopplegangers can be mentally taxing for Jack, and as such he'll usually set them a simple task to perform and leave it be. As they aren't physical copies, they're unable to interact with the environment like he would, and savvy combatants may notice small errors such as duplicates moving through obstacles or their weapons not actually firing anything. Jack cannot maintain Circle Jack for extended periods of time, due to the drain on its battery, and they will abruptly disappear after about 30 seconds. It takes about 3 minutes for the battery within the device to recharge and allow its use again.

Super Moves

Acid Pain 
[Image: Relic.png]
"Climate change IS real."

After years of dedicated research, Jack has discovered the means to create Eridium Relics of his own design. Acid Pain is one such Relic. When activated, it bestows a Corrosive element to all of Jack's basic weaponry (standard Moves which deal damage). This Corrosion provides  no benefit when used against an opponent's actual body, but munitions with this coating deal approximately twice as much damage to the environment and to protection barriers (standard "shield" type Moves, but not Super Defenses or Utilities). It takes roughly one second to activate the Relic and it lasts for a short duration (approximately 1 round),  though Jack can maintain the effect by continuing to power the Relic (spend SP).

Ha! You Suck!
[Image: Miss.jpg]
"Wait... did... did you seriously just miss me? 
How the fuck did you miss me!?"

In response to a Tier 1 Super Attack, Jack pulls out his ultimate defensive ability... and does nothing. His opponent is just so awful at this, they somehow miss him entirely, despite there being every reason they should have hit. More powerful Super Attacks (of Tier 2 or higher) seem to be unaffected by this spat of bad-luck.




Dem Digits
[Image: Handsome-Jack.png]
Lemme hold em...

Though created via the same Holographic Projector as his Holo-Jacks, the Digi-Jack is a far more complex construct. This process even grants it a rather complex artificial intelligence system, allowing a Digi-Jack to act on its own. Because it possesses not only Jack's appearance, but his personality and knowledge as well, a Digi-Jack can utilize his full arsenal of weaponry as it chooses. However, because of the drain a Digi-Jack places on the Holo Projector's battery, it isn't quite as powerful as Jack himself.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 0
TEC: 1







[Image: latest?cb=20160217192752]

The man who would one day become known as Handsome Jack, began his life as simply: John. Born on the planet of Tantalus, his father passed away while he was very young, causing his mother to give custody of Jack to his grandmother. While being raised by his grandmother, on the wasteland planet of Pandora, he was subjected to physical and mental abuse. But, even so, he maintained a kind and friendly personality, and when he became older, he found a job as a computer engineer for the Hyperion Corporation. Eventually his stunning good looks and affable personality helped him to get married and have a daughter, Angel, whom was one of the universe's six sirens; women who were gifted with immense powers. He was happy for some years after this, until his own daughter killed her mother when her powers went out of control.

Handsome Jack then connected Angel to Hyperion's Control Core, a device which would keep her powers under control and would allow him access to the communication systems on Pandora. Using Angel, he worked to guide the actions of the populace of Pandora. After the vault is opened and the Destroyer within was defeated, he managed to persuade his superiors to build the Helios space station in order to keep watch on Pandora. During this time, Jack hires six vault hunters to help him with finding a vault on Elpis, Pandora's moon, and to battle back against an enemy force known at the Lost Legion.

Jack has his vault hunters assist him in retaking the station as well as calling in assistance from Roland and Lilith; two vault hunters who opened the vault on Pandora. After fighting through the Lost Legion, Jack and his vault hunters manages to defeat Zarpedon. Before being killed by Jack, Zarpedon explains that the vault on Elpis has been opened. With Helios back under Hyperion control, Jack then decides to use the Eye of Helios to attack the Lost Legion forces on Elpis. Jack activates the laser weapon; only for it to destroy itself. Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betrayed Jack in order to prevent him from getting too powerful. Hurt by such actions, but not dissuaded from his mission, Jack then orders the vault hunters he hired to go after the vault on Elpis. After his group succeeds in seizing the vault, Jack arrives to claim the treasure, which was information on another vault on Pandora known as "The Vault of The Warrior". While taking in this information, Lilith arrives and destroys the artifact, scarring Jack's face in the process.

After donning a mask and killing his superior, Jack becomes Handsome Jack; president and CEO of the Hyperion Corporation. Handsome Jack then began operations on Pandora to carry out his vengeance and his plan for planetary peace. Stealing the vault key from Patricia Tannis, and using the rare mineral known as Eridium to increase Angel's power in order to charge the vault key, he sought to bring the Warrior under his control. In order to prevent someone else from possibly finding and opening the vault before he can, he tricks bandits and vault hunters into coming to Pandora and attempts to kill them.

After a group of vault hunters survive Jack's trap, they manage to join up with the resistance created by the original vault hunters. Though Jack plays with them for some time, using them to give him access to the resistance stronghold of Sanctuary, once they killed his daughter he finally began to truly wish them dead. A grand show-down occurred at the Vault of the Warrior, which contained an ancient bio-weapon which could raze planets. But, despite every sign pointing towards his victory, somehow the vault hunters were able to destroy the Warrior. They would have killed him as well, had not Omni chosen that very moment to whisk him away.

Continuing Adventures

None yet


(Key: Hate/Dislike/Neutral/Like/Love/It's Complicated)

Factions and Places


Primes and Secondaries




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