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Alex, 'the Archangel'

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(Proto Man, Shang Tsung, Seventeen, Karl Jak)

Hello, my name is Alex and I hail from the ‘Merican heartland. I’ve always enjoy writing and roleplaying from a young age, whether it was writing short stories in notebooks or playing Dungeons and Dragons with my pimple-faced homeboys. In middle school, I found online chat and play-by-post rpgs. I even ran one for a short period of time before going back to story writing. I joined a play-by-post rpg called Chubbs in 2005, and despite still being new to the method, I like to thing I caught on pretty fast.

During my tenure there, I became a moderator and the leader of the coolest alliance group in the history of forever. With another member, I co-created a multi-verse website called Friend or Foe where I was responsible for the initial system. After that went down the drain, I created Another Destiny, which was a similar concept and would pseudo-flourish through about… eight(?) iterations, several of which were masterminded by Greg, who I ‘met’ back in 2005 (it baffles me that I’ve known that guy this long).

Somewhere around 2008, real life stuff intervened and writing became less of a hobby and more of a chore. It was around this time that Greg took AD under his stead and my career on Chubbs drew to a gradual close, save a last 'ride into the sunset' deal a few year slater. While life hasn’t gotten any easier or less stressful, I still try and make an effort to write, because I thoroughly enjoy the process and the end results. It’s my hope/dream to someday be a published author, and I actually do have a dream of writing a Mega Man novelization. I’m being totally serious. As an update for 2018, I actually am a published author, albeit self-published. My dark fantasy novel "The Heroes' Graveyard" can be found on Amazon for Kindle and Print-on-Demand. Don't let your dreams be dreams.

As the former Archangel, I considered myself Greg's right-hand guy. Following Greg's exit, I've taken on the full administrative position, which means I'll ultimately make the big calls, manage the staff team, and generally ensure the place doesn't burn down. I also like to work a lot with the staff and make sure everyone's content, as well as working with a few others to keep a nice pipeline of potential staff members. On the less red tape-filled side of things, I aconsider myself something of a 'Loremaster'. I'm your go-to guy if you have any questions about the vasty majority of the Omniverse's diverse host of NPC characters and the world at large as the author of many of the NPC and Info Thread pages. Back when I joined staff, Greg gave me a lot of freedom to help add depth and flesh out details for the in-characte world, and that's a passion I still hold. I've also created the majority of the Quests that litter the various In-Character Verse Information threads, so I can help you out with those (or take your recommendations for new ones).

If you want to reach me, you can add me on Steam (Daegwaedos), Skype (AlexJuunanagou), or Discord (AA-Alex#6031). I have Steam open most of the time I'm at a home computer, and I have the Skype and Discord mobile apps. Of course, you can always contact me through these boards. If your question is related to administrative or staff things, I ask you use my HUB account (Alex).


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(Omni, Samus Aran, Enel, Meruem)

Hi! I'm Greg, and I hail from the rainy tarmac plains of England. I'm the dude who made this here inter-web-site. As a kid I was always interested in roleplaying - it went hand in hand with my love of reading and writing - but as with much of that internet generation, as I got older I branched off more into MMOs and other avenues of roleplaying. It was only when frustration with the roleplaying limitations of games like WoW that a friend introduced me to Chubbs DBZ RPG and I returned to try my hand at forum roleplaying again. CDBZ was a site that combined my teenager love of DBZ with a great writing community and a system that made the progress towards power feel truly involved and epic. During this time I got involved with my good buddy Alex's crossover RPG, Another Destiny, and eventually took over the admin position. AD went through several iterations under my stead before I ceded to the time demands of university life. But I never stopped tinkering with the ideas I started there, or thinking about what I would do differently if I ever launched my own site.

Ultimately I decided that I wanted to create a setting that was built around the crossover concept from the story upwards. By this point I'd also formed a lot of strong opinions on what worked and didn't in play-by-post RPGs, and I wanted something that got all the little details right. Something that struck the perfect balance between an outlet for writing creativity and a place for RPG-lovers of all kinds to get their fix of character creation and power progression. Sooner or later, the Omniverse had to happen. This site is the culmination of years of pondering, notebooks filled with scrawling, and endless jumbled folders of word documents of systems and setting ideas. In making the Omniverse I've thrown away far more than I've used. But the result is something that I'm really proud of. I love the Omniverse, and my sincere hope is that you do too!

As of 2018, Greg has stepped away from running and participating in the website, but rumour has it that if you say "Daeg Waedos" three times in the mirror while burning an original copy of The Adventures of Alundra, he will appear to grant you one wish.

Our Choir

The Omniverse is an almost well-oiled machine that only succeeds because we have a lot of dedication faces who are willing to spend a lot of time making this place better, whether that means managing new joining applications, handling move approvals, grading quests, crunching numbers, or assisting with new members.

Staff here at the Omniverse are divided into three tiers -> Angels, Cherubs, and Sprites, each with various levels of responsibility. All staff are also placed into various Departments, which denote their areas of expertise in the grand scheme of the Omniverse. For a full list of staff duties, Department listings, and little blurbs on each of our current staff members, please see this thread.


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