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What’s the Omniverse?

The Omniverse is an online play-by-post (PbP) roleplaying game in an original multiverse setting. Basically, it's an RPG where the main form of participation is by writing about your character's escapades and posting on the forum. Our setting is a strange, interconnected series of worlds or 'multiverse', governed by a mysterious godlike being called Omni who draws 'interesting' individuals from countless universes to his 'Omniverse' for unknown reasons. You'll travel between these 'verses', encounter other inhabitants and slowly increase your character's abilities. There is no 'end' to the game, but over time the story will advance, driven by the players and the staff.

Much like any other RPG, characters on the Omniverse have stat sheets that indicate their strengths and what they specialise in. By posting, you'll automatically earn 'Omnilium' or 'OM' (just think of it as experience points and money combined) which you can then use to purchase items or character upgrades by posting on your character's Purchases Log.

Unlike many play-by-post games, there's a great degree of player-staff interaction, much like a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Your character is not in a vacuum! Shoot a soldier in broad daylight and you're likely to get yourself a bounty, which other players can then take up. Get into a fight in a place your character can't defend themselves? They may end up dead, or worse ... banished (but don't worry – neither of these means the end of your character's story). This is still a role-playing game. These elements are meant to make the world more immersive, more interconnected. Although there are elements of competition, the Omniverse is about co-operatively creating a story, not 'winning'.

If you're interested in joining, you should start by reading the RULES. There's a lot of information here, so don't try and read it all in one sitting unless you reaaally like this stuff.

We recommend taking at least a day or two to lurk around the forums before signing up. This might seem like a pretty big time investment, but it will make the joining experience a lot smoother for you and will save yourself a lot of time down the road asking questions. The Omniverse is staffed entirely by volunteers, who only have so much free time to answer questions. Additionally, you will find that 99% of questions have already been answered, either in the rules are on the forums. By taking your time and respecting the work we've already put into answering questions, by searching the rules and forums before asking any questions, you free up more of our time to spend working on awesome new stuff.

All of the joining information is situated HERE. Please take the time to read the sticked topics before submitting a joining application.

To read more about how the site was made and the minds behind it, check out our Staff Page.


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